True Martial World Chapter 1554

Chapter 1554: Divine Tree
Chapter 1554: Divine Tree
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"Oh!? Who's the one acting all mysterious!?"

Upon seeing the green vine appear out from the clouds, Perfected Hou roared. His will was already unstoppable. It was really 'if God was in the way, I'll slaughter Him. If Buddha stops me, I'll slaughter him too."

"Burn it!"

Perfected Hou gave the order. Tens of thousands of demonic servants which surrounded the White Jade Phoenix Palace immediately surged towards the vine.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The demonic servants did not hesitate to self-destruct as the terrifying demonic flames raged up the vine!

However, the thin vine was unaffected at all. It remained unperturbed to the demonic flames' burning.


Perfected Hou was slightly taken aback. The situation had exceeded his expectations. What exactly was this vine? The thin vine was completely unfazed by the self-destruction of the demonic servants.

"Charge up into the clouds and destroy the bastard who's trying to act all mysterious!"

Perfected Hou guessed that the green vine was some powerful artifact and the person hiding in the clouds was attacking with a potent artifact. They would be silly to waste their efforts on the artifact. It would be a meaningless sacrifice of the demonic servants.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

More than thirty thousand demonic servants joined the assault. The strongest was at the early-stage Supremacy realm, and the weakest at the Dao Palace realm. This was definitely a terrifying force that could leave any Sinkhole sect in horror. Even the hegemonic factions in the Sinkhole were about this strong if the strength of their upper echelons were excluded!

This was equivalent to having the core strength of a major faction turn out in full force!

No one could withstand such demonic servants that showed no fear towards death!

Upon seeing this situation, the hearts of the Sinkhole warriors tightened. The sudden appearance of the expert was their savior. If he was also defeated, the land they were standing upon was likely their grave.

"Hold back those demonic servants!"

Eclipse Arhat had sent the bronze giant phantom retreating with a palm strike as he roared out loudly. At that moment, the only outcome was death if they did not work together.

"Go with them!"

Bluefeather was already severely injured, but she continued to persist. She looked up into the sky, her clothes stained with blood as her long hair fluttered.


The Sinkhole warriors charged into the sky. Against the tens of thousands of demonic servants, their numbers were far fewer. They were like raindrops beneath a swath of dark clouds.

And then

Whew! Whew! Whew! Whew!

Hundred of vines flew out from above. These vines were emerald green and appeared menacing!

The hundreds of vines were like the whips of a god, as they lashed out freely in the sky!

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Every vine's strike tore apart space itself. The sky soon cracked from the vines' lashings, and when the demonic servants clashed with the vines, they split apart like they were made of mud. Some were even directly penetrated!

In seconds, hundreds of demonic servants were dead!

Not only so, but the dead demonic servants also did not dissipate to nothingness. Instead, they hung on the vines and their remnant bodies were rapidly withering at a discernible pace before vanishing.

In just a few seconds, the demonic servants had been sucked dry by the vines!

"What!?" Perfected Hou's eyes turned bloodshot. What artifact was this? How did it have such terrifying power? It was as though it was a natural nemesis of the demonic servants!

"Charge up and blast him to pieces!" Perfected Hou bellowed!

And at that moment, another few hundred spirit roots flew out from the clouds, close on the heels of the vines. These roots emitted radiant sunlight as they wantonly spread apart, tearing through large swaths of demonic servants.

The numerous demonic servants were skewered like meat sticks. The demonic servants which had been penetrated by the vines could not even self-destruct. Their energies rapidly depleted and soon, they were absorbed clean by the spirit roots.

And in contrast, the tree roots turned thicker and more robust! Roots that were just the thickness of two fingers had thickened to the size of a wrist.

"What's the matter!?"

Perfected Hou was not the only one dumbfounded; many of the human warriors who were pursuing after the demonic servants were collectively dumbfounded as well.

What sort of power was this?

They had witnessed the prowess of the demonic servants previously. The demonic servants were unafraid of death and were difficult to handle. But when pitted against the divine tree, they were like fertilizer. They couldn't even withstand a single strike!

"Who is it? Did a Sinkhole Godly Monarch come?"

Everyone was alarmed and elated. The might of a Godly Monarch was terrifying! Was this the power of a Godly Monarch?

"The White Jade Phoenix Palace!"

At that moment, Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord noticed that the White Jade Phoenix Palace, which had turned black, was rapidly being cleansed after that single vine penetrated deep in. The corrosive demonic flames that eroded the White Jade Phoenix Palace were being absorbed by the vine.

The vine that had probed the White Jade Phoenix Palace was growing at a rapid pace. It went from the thickness of a wrist to the size of a water bucket. Finally, it became as thick as a water vat!

Such a huge vine was like an ancient anaconda. One look at it left the hearts of people shaking!

"That's not right. Could this be"

This scene triggered a terrifying memory that was buried deep in Perfected Hou's mind

Before he could think carefully, the sky was torn apart as a gigantic tree crashed down like a giant.

The vine did not come from the clouds, but from a spatial passageway!

Someone had opened a spatial passageway, and before the perpetrator arrived, he had delivered thousands of vines and spirit roots across tens of millions of kilometers!

And just the vines along had obliterated more than ten thousand demonic servants!


The divine tree which had a diameter of the combined arm length of a hundred people slammed heavily on top of the White Jade Phoenix Palace. The hundreds of thick anaconda-like spirit roots clung closely to the White Jade Phoenix Palace, and right at the top of the spirit tree's crown was a man and woman who appeared like descending gods from the highest heavens.

The man held a tiny gray cauldron in hand. He wore black and stood erect in mid-air like a javelin.

The woman wore fluttering white clothes. She held a sword in hand, and released a snow lotus above the tree. She was as clean as ice and as pure as jade, looking completely otherworldly.

Yi Yun!

Lin Xintong!

And it wasn't only Perfected Hou who was stunned, all the human warriors were alarmed as well. They originally believed that it was a Godly Monarch who had taken action, but they never imagined that the ones who had taken action were Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

How did Yi Yun have such terrifying strength? Wasn't this strength already at the level of a Godly Monarch? He had not shown such terrifying strength back when he clashed with Divine General Skyjade.

"Damn it!"

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's expression sank. He had planned on tearing open the void to leave after gaining possession of the White Jade Phoenix Palace.

However, Perfected Hou was eager to perform deeds of merit. He was bent on exterminating the human elites of the Sinkhole.

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord had agreed to his wishes. He originally did not think that Yi Yun would not be of any concern even if he returned. He had fifty thousand demonic servants at hand, which made him completely unafraid of Yi Yun. He never imagined that even before Yi Yun arrived, he had sent a divine tree over across tens of millions of kilometers away, and had destroyed more than ten thousand demonic servants!

"So it's you. Heavenly Cosmic"

Yi Yun took a deep look at Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord. "I found you somewhat odd to begin with, but thought nothing of you. I never expected you to have submitted to the Ancestor God. If that's the case, you can forget about leaving here alive!"