True Martial World Chapter 1555

Chapter 1555: Lightning Of Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 1555: Lightning of Heavenly Punishment
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Yi Yun had verbally given a top expert who had managed to heavily injure a Sinkhole hegemon a death sentence. Instantly, all the warriors present drew a cold gasp. Yi Yun was way too domineering!

At that moment, Yi Yun's aura, the strength he demonstrated, and the shocking presence he had rivaled that of a Godly Monarch's even when he wasn't one!

"You don't want me to leave alive?" Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's expression was grotesque. "You are indeed powerful, but you are not at the level where you are powerful enough to easily slay me. The reason why you can destroy more than ten thousand demonic servants so easily is all because of that tree, isn't it? If I am not wrong, that tree is a nemesis of the demonic servants!"

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord remained extremely calm. He had watched Yi Yun's defeat of Divine General Skyjade carefully. He had an idea of Yi Yun's strength, for he did not believe that Yi Yun still held back under those circumstances.

"Is that so? You can give it a try." Yi Yun smirked. When he said the final word, the aura he emitted changed abruptly. All the energy of his mind, body, and spirit spewed out from his dantian, lending its suppressive pomp to his already impressive might!

Yi Yun was dressed in black, with a tiny cauldron in hand. All his lifeblood and nomological powers were converged in him. He looked like an unsheathed sword, and although he was known to be a sharp blade that was not to be messed with, one could not acutely sense the threat he possessed.

But the present Yi Yun had Yuan Qi brimming in him. He was like the radiant sun in the sky, preventing anyone who looked straight at him from opening their eyes.


Yi Yun slammed the Ascending Dragon Cauldron out as it crashed down like a falling star right at Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord!

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord felt a jolt in his heart. Back when he watched Yi Yun's battle with Divine General Skyjade, he had observed carefully, but he ultimately did not engage in a frontal clash with Yi Yun. Only when he faced Yi Yun's overwhelming attack did he realize how terrifying Yi Yun was.

With such strength, was he really just a junior?

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord found it unbelievable, but at that moment in time, he did not have the luxury of time to think. He raised his arms high and at that instant, lightning surged in the sky as Yuan Qi gathered from every direction, blanketing the world with it.

And these clouds were not a gloomy black, but iridescent. The iridescent clouds spewed out golden bolts of divine lightning!

"Yi Yun! Witness my true power!"


The golden divine lightning weaved into a golden net that shielded the area right above Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron slammed down with indomitable might and collided with the net without any gaudy display.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The lightning net was torn through by the Ascending Dragon Cauldron as the iridescent clouds in the sky constantly surged with the powers of lightning, constantly replenishing the net with its powers.

Finally, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron lost its momentum after tearing through the fourth lightning net. It was finally stopped before it was enveloped by infinite golden lightning.

Despite the Ascending Dragon Cauldron being as heavy as a star, the golden lightning net above it prevented it from escaping!

"Is that the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment!?"

Eclipse Arhat was alarmed. He knew that Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord cultivated in lightning laws, but he never expected him to cultivate the lightning laws to such a stage!

Legend had it that powerful Ancient Fey would experience a Heavenly Tribulation when they approached the strength of human Godly Monarchs. These powerful Ancient Fey would experience nine counts of Heavenly Tribulation before they could experience a metamorphic life change. And now, what Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord was casting was the divine lightning which Ancient Fey had to withstand for their transcendence!

Such golden lightning could reduce the powerful bodies of Ancient Fey into smithereens, much less a human's body.

Eclipse Arhat was knowledgeable, but even so, he had never seen anyone cultivate the lightning laws to such a stage after all these years!

Could it be that

"Hahaha! Old Bald Donkey, you are right. This is the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment! Such divine lightning only existed in ancient times that go back billions of years ago. Back then, Ancient Fey had to transcend the tribulations as a test of life and death! But ever since the Heavenly Dao became flawed, powerful Fey were no longer able to experience the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment. All they could experience was ordinary Heavenly Lightning. Without the catharsis of the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment, how are they to establish their indestructible bodies?"

When Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord said that, the hearts of everyone who heard him sank. Indeed, the disappearance of the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment was due to the missing chunk of the Heavenly Dao. Without the existence of the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment, warriors who cultivated in the lightning laws naturally had no way to gain insights into it.

But Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord was different. He had been bestowed with an opportunity of studying the missing Heavenly Dao by the Ancestor God. He possessed that strength!

This was fatalistically enticing for warriors who had reached a bottleneck like Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord. It was no wonder Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord chose to submit to the Ancestor God!

"Yi Yun, you are a genius, but you are limited by the missing Heavenly Dao. You are destined never to surpass me. This Lightning of Heavenly Punishment is what I will rely on to become a perfect Godly Monarch. Today, it's your honor to die under the divine lightning that no longer exists in the Sinkhole."

As Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord spoke, he pressed his hands together as the golden lightning net surged forward like a golden fountain!

At the same time, the iridescent clouds in the sky began stirring vehemently. Thousands of golden lightning, each the thickness of water buckets, smote down!

It struck Yi Yun from top to bottom, leaving him without room to dodge!

"Yi Yun!?"

Fairy Yourou's heart skipped a beat. At that instant, Yi Yun had been struck by thousands of bolts of lightning!


Yi Yun's body was sent flying out from the powerful blast. He shattered the massive protective array that enveloped the surroundings into pieces before boring through seven mountains in the pocket world. Finally, he crashed heavily into the ground!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The earth quaked. A huge crater ten thousand meters across appeared where Yi Yun had crashed. This was the most resilient pocket world in the hundred thousand pavilion palaces, but it was as weak as paper under Yi Yun's and Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's skirmish.

"Yi Yun!"

The Sinkhole warriors were alarmed. Yi Yun had been struck by so many bolts of golden lightning; it was possible that he was reduced to smithereens no matter how powerful he was.

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord was too powerful. He was just a mere subordinate of the Ancestor God; yet, he was already sufficiently strong to push all of them into a corner.

"Yi Yun, he"

Fairy Yourou held her breath. She suddenly felt something as she looked up at Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong stood in mid-air with her white clothes fluttering. She was looking in the direction where Yi Yun had crashed. Although she had a pained look in her eyes, she did not appear worried at all.

Could it be that


The earth blasted apart as Yi Yun flew out of the massive crater with his feet on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!

His top was tattered, and his exposed muscles were damaged in many places. Blood was seeping out of his wounds.

Yi Yun looked at his body that was covered in wounds and said slowly, "Is this the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment? Did powerful Fey undergo such lightning in ancient times when they had to transcend the tribulations?"

As Yi Yun spoke, the wounds on his body rapidly healed at a discernible pace. The blood automatically stopped flowing as his tendons and muscles regrew. His skin was soon restored to normal.

In just a few seconds, he did not appear damaged apart from his tattered clothes and remnant blood stains.

"What!?" Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord had an appalled look.

Yi Yun wiped away the remnant blood strand from the corner of his lips as he said, "Ancient Fey relied on the Heavenly Tribulations to attain their indestructible bodies. Even when Ancient Fey perished, their bodies remain timeless for billions of years. I have the Dragon Emperor bloodline in me, but I have never had the chance to experience the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment. I had the intention of using your Lightning of Heavenly Punishment to help me temper my body, but it seems your Lightning of Heavenly Punishment is still far inferior to the true lightning tribulations of the past."

What Yi Yun said was obvious. Although Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord had the opportunity to draw on the powers from the flawed Heavenly Dao through the Ancestor God, the Ancestor God naturally held back some of His power. What Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord received was definitely inferior to mighty figures who had gained their own independent insights from the Heavenly Dao billions of years ago.

Besides, it was just too difficult to reproduce the might of the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment through mortal means.

"This Yi Yun was actually hoping to use the divine lightning produced by Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord to temper his body!?"

Upon hearing Yi Yun, everyone stood stunned. Yi Yun was way too arrogant. Of course, he had what it took to be arrogant. He was only superficially injured against the terrifying divine lightning.

"Well done The ancient Lightning of Heavenly Punishment has nine stages. Same for my tribulation lightning. Do you think that was all I had?"