True Martial World Chapter 1556

Chapter 1556: Ninth Staged Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 1556: Ninth-Staged Lightning Tribulation
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Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord had a nasty expression. He believed that he was the only person in the entire Sinkhole to have cultivated lightning laws to the extremum, but he still felt tremendous pressure facing Yi Yun.

At that moment, due to the Azure Wood Divine Tree's shocking presence, all the Sinkhole warriors and demonic servants had ceased fighting. The entire pocket world was very quiet as they waited for the battle to spark off!

"Oh? Nine stages of lightning tribulations? That's something I would like to see!" Yi Yun stood there in black, facing everything without any fear.

"Something you would like to see? How arrogant. Yi Yun, you mentioned that you have the blood of an Ancient Fey running in you? Unfortunately, I know that there are many family clans in the Sinkhole who have the blood of Ancient Fey running in them. It's nothing special!"

What Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord said was true. Just the number of people Yi Yun had met, such as Old Snake's disciple, Snake Girl, Nanxuan Luoyue, and even Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu of the White Lunar Divine Empire had an Ancient Fey bloodline.

"Now in the Sinkhole, there are family clans who pride themselves because of the negligible bloodlines they have. It's truly laughable. Do they not know that truly powerful ancient Fey have bodies that can rip apart the cosmos? Their bloodlines are not anything any of the ancient family clans in the Sinkhole can compare with. Today, I'll let you know what a tragic outcome will befall you when you experience the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation meant for powerful ancient Fey with that dilute bloodline of yours!"

As Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord spoke, the iridescent clouds in the sky slowly dispersed. Replacing them were countless nomological beams of light.

People looked up and saw the worldly laws naturally condense into runes. The sizes of these runes ranged from the size of beans to the size of fists. They coruscated divine light and appeared infinite and boundless.


Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence. Upon seeing this scene, people turned appalled. Despite Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's powerful strength, burning his blood essence was still required. It made it apparent how terrifying the ninth-staged lightning tribulation was!

The ninth-staged lightning tribulation was indeed not a power which Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord would easily use. If not for him being helpless against Yi Yun, he would definitely not have paid such a tremendous price. A warrior at his age would find it extremely difficult to replenish any loss of blood essence. Burning blood essence was equivalent to burning his potential!

But Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord had the Ancestor God backing him. He knew that Yi Yun was marked by the Ancestor God for death. If he could kill Yi Yun, he would have rendered meritorious service. Burning a little blood essence was definitely worth it!


The lightning boomed as the nomological patterns in the sky automatically coalesced together, forming a dazzling divine cloud.

This was a nomological cloud formed from the Heavenly Dao!

"This is"

Everyone shuddered. They could already sense the terrifying pressure brought about by the divine cloud simply by standing beneath it. They were not even in the vicinity of the Heavenly Tribulation's range.

"Yi Yun! Don't get goaded by him! The ninth-staged Lightning of Heavenly Punishment is too terrifying!" Bluefeather shouted.

She knew that Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord had belittled Yi Yun's Ancient Fey bloodline in order to goad him into confronting the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation.

Yi Yun had barely survived the first one, but the Heavenly Tribulation's might this time far exceeded the previous one! If Yi Yun tried pushing it, he would be heavily injured even if he did not perish. And under the present circumstances, any heavy injuries was equivalent to death.

It was clearly a goading strategy. Bluefeather believed that Yi Yun would not fall for it, but in her fluster, she still could not help but remind him. After all, Yi Yun was now their hope, the hope of all humanity.

"Don't worry. Yi Yun will handle everything well. He will not act on impulse with lives at stake," said Eclipse Arhat. Back when Yi Yun wasn't a Divine Lord, he had caused Primordial Chaos Daolord to flee from him in a wretched state across the primeval universe. That scene had left a deep impression on Eclipse Arhat.

He had zero worries about Yi Yun's ability to handle dangers.

"Yi Yun, I will burn that tiny bit of bloodline of yours with the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment to nothing!"

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord finally attacked

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thousands of lightning were directed downwards by Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord. At that instant, it felt as though the world was collapsing. The world saw an Ancient Fey Heavenly Tribulation once again!

Yi Yun was the first one to bear the brunt of the Heavenly Tribulation. His pupils constricted as his eyes burned with fighting spirit!

Power ancient Fey had to survive the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation before they could undergo a metamorphic life change and the subsequent soaring.

And Yi Yun did not have an ordinary bloodline of an ancient Fey, but the bloodline of the Dragon Emperor, one of the twelve Fey Gods!


Yi Yun let out a roar as a black wheel appeared beneath his feet. The wheel was patterned with thousands of gods and demons. The wheel expanded rapidly the moment it appeared, and in seconds, all the Sinkhole warriors present were nearly enveloped by it. They retreated quickly and looked at the black wheel in horror.

The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence spanned a diameter of nearly half a kilometer!

The tremendous destruction powers surged into Yi Yun's body through his feet!

The sole purpose of the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment's existence was to destroy. It destroyed the Ancient Fey who attempted to overcome the Heavenly Dao with their physical bodies!

And the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was the Dao of Major Destruction which encompassed everything!

Now, Yi Yun was using the Dao of Major Destruction and his Dragon Emperor bloodline to withstand the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation!


Eclipse Arhat widened his eyes. Yi Yun was really using his body to withstand the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation!?

An ordinary Heavenly Tribulation had already dealt damage to Yi Yun's body.

He was bound to be heavily injured with a ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation!

One had to know that other than Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord, there was still Demonic General Perfected Hou who had yet to take action! Was Yi Yun mad!?


Innumerable bolts of lightning struck Yi Yun's body as his body convulsed. As his flesh and blood were being tempered by the lightning, they almost appeared transparent.

At that instant, Yi Yun's meridians, blood vessels, and veins could be clearly seen under the lightning's tempering.

Excruciating pain surged through his body like a tidal wave, turning Yi Yun faint. He bit the tip of his tongue in a bid to remain conscious.

Was this the power of a ninth-staged lightning tribulation!? It was indeed extremely terrifying!

"Puah Puah Puah!"

Even with the Dragon Emperor bloodline, Yi Yun's body found it impossible to withstand the terrifying lightning catharsis. His body ruptured and exploded in various spots.

Blood splattered as his flesh was burnt into crisps.

Some of his meridians which were not resilient enough were severed from the lightning fires!

His meridians were damaged!

Yi Yun clenched his teeth. He obviously knew Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord was goading him. Even if it was unlikely he would remain undamaged if he had chosen to dodge the attack, he believed he could dodge Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's strongest strike at an acceptable price.

But that was not what Yi Yun wanted. His opponent was not Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord or Demonic General Perfected Hou, but the Ancestor God!

Now, the Ancestor God was in recuperation. Yi Yun no longer had much time.

He had to dig out all the potential in him!

After Yi Yun obtained the Chaos Gem slip which the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had left behind, his 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was closing in on perfection. However, his Dragon Emperor Technique was ultimately lacking. It was something that allowed him to possess an extremely powerful body. It was crucial!

All these years, Yi Yun had been gathering natural treasures across the universe. He had consumed all the prized collections of the two Sinkhole powerhouses, Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord, divine herbs that they had prepared for their future Godly Monarch breakthroughs. However, the Dragon Emperor Technique failed to reach the strength Yi Yun had hoped for.

Now, he finally understood that he was lacking in the tempering of the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation of ancient times.

With the Heavenly Dao flawed, Yi Yun could no longer experience the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation in the Sinkhole. Then, the only way was to borrow Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's strength!

Desperate times called for desperate solutions! At that moment, Yi Yun ignored Perfected Hou for he was going to make a gamble!

"Yi Yun!"

Fairy Yourou's heart tightened. When she saw Yi Yun's body in a bloody mess, her heart was gripped by anxiety and pain. Why did Yi Yun forcefully take on Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's strike?

She looked up at Lin Xintong and saw that Lin Xintong was looking equally anxious. However, Lin Xintong shared the same thoughts as Yi Yun. She knew Yi Yun's plan, but it was just too dangerous.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

Yi Yun's body cracked as his skin ruptured to reveal his flesh. Copious amounts of blood spewed out from his body. He had already turned into a body of blood.

If it were any ordinary person, they would have been long dead after suffering such heavy injuries. Furthermore, Yi Yun was still experiencing the continued catharsis from the ninth-staged lightning tribulation.