True Martial World Chapter 1557

Chapter 1557: Blood As Ink
Chapter 1557: Blood As Ink
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"Yi Yun, I never expected you to be this foolish. Even if you had thoughts of escaping the ninth-staged lightning tribulation, I would still have means of dealing with you. But now, things have only been made easier!"

The corners of Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's mouth was already stained with blood. His hair was disheveled and he looked like a devil.

He had expended a great deal of his lifeblood, but when he saw Yi Yun's tragic state, he laughed maniacally. The service he rendered would bring him a tremendous opportunity!


Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord pressed his palms together and sealed space with the ninth-staged lightning tribulations. At that moment, Yi Yun was already completely within the confines of the Heavenly Dao's restraints. It was impossible for him to escape even if he wanted.

"Heavenly Cosmic, that old bastard. He's stealing credit." Perfected Hou frowned. He led the mission of taking over the White Jade Phoenix Palace, but he had never expected Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord to steal the best credit. He naturally felt displeased.

Of course, he was not dumb enough to spoil Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's plans.

"It's most dangerous for Ancient Fey when they attempt to transcend the tribulations. They would definitely choose an extremely obscure area or choose a companion to defend them since they will be at their weakest while transcending the tribulations. They would perish if they were to be discovered by their enemies. Yi Yun, your wishful thinking of emulating the tribulation transcendence of Ancient Fey with your dilute Ancient Fey bloodline is truly amusing. Although death is certain for you, I'll give your end a hand. I'll be able to gain some credit for that."

With this thought in mind, Perfected Hou grinned sinisterly. A bronze giant phantom appeared behind him with a mere thought. Its body was burning with black auras as it charged towards the Heavenly Tribulation where Yi Yun was!

Once entry was made into the Heavenly Tribulation's vicinity, the worldly laws would be agitated, he would then be indiscriminately attacked by the Heavenly Tribulation!

However, Perfected Hou thought nothing of it. The bronze giant behind him was bestowed by the Ancestor God. The bronze giant was a Celestial, and Celestials had bodies which were far more powerful than the Sinkhole's Ancient Fey's. It was unlikely to be overly damaged after being struck by a few lightning tribulations.

Since Yi Yun was heavily injured, all he needed was a single strike to kill him!

"Yi Yun!"

Fairy Yourou turned appalled when she saw the bronze giant charge towards Yi Yun. The present Yi Yun was definitely unable to survive a strike from the god's avatar!

"Damn it!"

Bluefeather was feeling anxious and angry. She could not fathom Yi Yun's choice. His moment of foolhardiness had placed him in a precarious situation.

She gritted her teeth and charged toward the bronze giant. She was unlikely to survive if she fought the bronze giant in her severely injured state!

"Master!" Fairy Yourou's eyes welled with tears. She could sense that her master was prepared to sacrifice herself. Was today's battle the day she parted with her master?


At that moment, a white beam of light flew out like a white dragon. It wrapped around the bronze giant phantom numerous times!

Fairy Yourou focused her eyes and realized that the white beam was none other than a tapestry that came out of Lin Xintong's hand!

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

The bronze giant was stopped and its joints issued an explosive sound while he attempted to escape the tapestry!

Although the white tapestry was a Godly Monarch artifact, the beam buckled under the bronze giant's mighty strength.

At that critical moment, Lin Xintong's cut the tip of her index finger with her right thumb and forced out her blood essence.

She tapped her blood essence on the white tapestry and gathered boundless laws together, leaving behind nine-petaled red lotuses on the white tapestry.

The red lotus coruscated with divine light as though it was shaded by a faint blood mist. It was the most beautiful embroidery, one constructed with her blood essence as ink, and laws as needle and thread!

"Ka Ka Ka!"

The tapestry tightened, squeezing the bronze giant which had originally broken free. With the red lotus tapestry on him, the bronze giant was unable to break free quickly.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone was astonished. All of them knew that Lin Xintong was an extraordinary genius. She was a future Godly Monarch, but after witnessing how much a freak of nature Yi Yun was, they realized that Yi Yun was truly the number one freak of nature in the Sinkhole.

Yi Yun could obliterate Sinkhole hegemons and he was invincible beneath the Godly Monarch realm. This had already exceeded their imagination. As a result, they felt that Lin Xintong was much more inferior to Yi Yun no matter how much of a genius she was. Now, they realized that Lin Xintong was capable of restraining the bronze giant!

Although Lin Xintong was evidently barely holding up after burning her blood essence judging from her pale face, it was already astounding enough!

"Bluefeather, let's attack together!"

Eclipse Arhat flew up as his robes flared. He was injured, but he could not be bothered by his injuries. He struck out with both palms while a hundred-thousand-foot tall golden Dharma Aspect suffused behind him. The Dharma Aspect looked lifelike, as though Buddha Himself had descended.


Bluefeather spared no expense as well. With sword in hand, she slashed out. All her Yuan Qi was gathered into an azure-colored Peng.

The Peng spread its wings and soared into the highest heavens!

Bluefeather had a Godly Monarch Royal Seal in her body which came from a Great Peng Ancient Fey.

Boom! Boom!

The two Sinkhole hegemons attacked without holding back, their attacks inundating the bronze giant. No matter how powerful the bronze giant's body was, he was still inflicted with heavy damage! His body cracked as he bled darkened gold blood. It was like bubbling liquid bronze.

"It seems you have forgotten that I still exist!"

At that moment, a gnarling voice sounded. Perfected Hou appeared behind the two Sinkhole hegemons like a specter!

Bluefeather and Eclipse Arhat had lost all their momentum and were at their weakest. Perfected Hou had chosen the perfect opportunity to deliver a fatal blow!


Perfected Hou roared as he struck out with his fists, slamming into the backs of the two Sinkhole hegemons!


Space exploded as Bluefeather and Eclipse Arhat were heavily injured. The powerful demonic forces tore through their bodies as they surged all across their bodies.

The both of them spewed blood as they flew like a kite with a broken thread.


Perfected Hou let out a maniacal laughter. He, too, would gain credit by wiping out the Sinkhole experts in this intense battle.

But at that moment, Perfected Hou's expression changed suddenly as he turned around abruptly. A thick vine shot straight at him like an arrow!


Perfected Hou was alarmed. He never expected that the Azure Wood Divine Tree was capable of attacking autonomously even without Yi Yun's direction.


Perfected Hou crossed his arms in front of his chest to forcefully block the strike. He was sent retreating as his arms turned numb.

"Blast it! Blast this tree apart!"

Perfected Hou roared as the remaining twenty thousand demonic servants surged towards the Azure Wood Divine Tree's main trunk and roots like locusts as they began their crazy self-destruction sequence!

The Azure Wood Divine Tree was Yi Yun's. It had grown in his dantian and had been nourished by the Yuan Qi there. Its strength came from Yi Yun and was one with him.

Without Yi Yun's direction and Yuan Qi injections, the Azure Wood Divine Tree was greatly weakened as well.

At the moment the tens of thousands of demonic servants attacked the Azure Wood Divine Tree, it showed damage for the first time. Some of its vines had been blasted apart by the demonic servants!