True Martial World Chapter 1558

Chapter 1558: Blood Infused Dantian
Chapter 1558: Blood Infused Dantian
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The vines which had the thickness of bowls plummeted as green juices flowed out of the damaged spots. It was shocking to the senses.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Batch after batch of demonic servants charged towards the Azure Wood Divine Tree without fear of death. The tree flailed its vines, tearing through large numbers of demonic servants, but there were just too many. Without Yi Yun's energy injections and directions, the tree's actions were much slower than before. It was unable to wipe out all the demonic servants.


With a loud boom, three demonic servants at the level of human Supremacies gathered together and self-destructed. And this explosion was directed at the primary root of the Azure Wood Divine Tree!

A gigantic hole blasted open in the thick primary root. It resembled the bite from the primordial Fey beast as more than half of the root was gone!

Trapped inside the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment, Yi Yun was aware of all of this!

However, he could not divert his attention. His flesh, skin, and tendons were being tempered by the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment! The weaker meridians were directly destroyed by the burning of the heavenly lightning's fires.

If the average person had most of his meridians destroyed, they would have their cultivation damaged, to the point of becoming a cripple. But Yi Yun was different. He had the Dragon Emperor blood in him and he cultivated the Dragon Emperor Technique. The ancient Dragon Emperor was one of the twelve Fey Gods. Those powerful Ancient Fey were completely incomparable to the Dragon Emperor!

Although Yi Yun had only inherited a wisp of its bloodline, just this was enough to revitalize him. Now, all the lifeblood powers in him were circulating according to the Dragon Emperor Technique. Each circulation was like a raging tidal wave.

The burnt meridians were constantly being reborn under these powers.

The new meridians were more resilient and crystalline than before. It was like beautifully carved jade. And this process depleted Yi Yun's blood essence forces rapidly.

Back in the primeval universe, Yi Yun had consumed a large number of natural treasures, and in turn, they were transformed into energy that was stored inside his body. It could be said that no warrior in the entire Sinkhole had consumed as much as he did.

But even so, Yi Yun found it insufficient! One had to know that powerful Ancient Fey relied on hundreds of millions of years of preparations and the absorption of the worldly essence to have the sufficient energy required to transcend the tribulations. And Yi Yun had cultivated for too short a time.

The lifeblood and energy in him were drained so rapidly that he would soon be left dry.

Yi Yun clenched his teeth and took out all the remaining natural treasures, Spirit Pills, and elixirs in his interspatial ring to place inside his body. Without the need of him refining them, the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment would completely refine them into energy which would be absorbed by Yi Yun.

However, that wasn't enough!

Realizing that his energy was about to be completely enervated, Yi Yun burned with anxiety.

"Oh? This is"

Yi Yun suddenly saw that among the treasures stored within his body, there was an unadorned spatial jade bottle. It contained a large amount of blood.

Yi Yun's mind lit up. It was the blood of the Ancestor God!

Back in the primeval universe, Yi Yun had encountered the Ancestor God and at the critical moment of life and death, the black spear which was left behind by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had penetrated the Ancestor God's chest, inflicting heavy damage to Him!

Large amounts of Ancestor God blood spewed out and all of that blood came from the Ancestor God's heart!

The blood was as heavy as a mountain as they pounded the lands. Yi Yun found the blood extraordinary and had used the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to gather them all together.

Later in the primeval universe, Yi Yun discovered that the blood did not rot or damage. It was difficult for him to refine it.

But now

Yi Yun looked up. His lifeblood reserves were empty, and by borrowing the power of the Heavenly Tribulation, he believed that it was possible to refine the blood. It was his only chance at transcending the tribulation.

With a thought from Yi Yun, the jade bottle exploded as the Ancestor God's blood surged out like a river. The blood shimmered with Dao patterns as they contained astounding strength!


Yi Yun roared loudly as the blood immediately inundated his dantian like boiling lava. Yi Yun's dantian was in excruciating pain as it convulsed. He felt that his body was a burning furnace that would fall apart at any time!

Meanwhile, the battle in the pocket world was like a raging fire!

Eclipse Arhat and Bluefeather were heavily injured. They could not even use thirty percent of their strength.

But even so, they still defended the Azure Wood Divine Tree!

All the Sinkhole warriors charged at the demonic servants, but the numbers were too disparate!

"Die, die all of you!"

All of Perfected Hou's joints crackled as his muscles bulged. His body which resembled a metallic tower grew ten feet taller suddenly!

He charged straight into the crowd and was like a tiger in a flock of sheep. None of the Sinkhole disciples was his match!

With a wave of his hand, eight Sinkhole warriors would be sent flying out.

Just a graze dealt immense damage and a direct strike meant death!

Upon seeing this situation, Lin Xintong turned anxious. However, she was unable to divert her strength. All her powers were injected into the white tapestry in her hands. Even though she was burning her blood essence, she was unable to last long. The bronze giant's strength was too formidable.


Lin Xintong called out to Bai Yueyin in her soul sea.

Bai Yueyin met her calls with silence.

"Master, I can't last much longer. Lend me your powers"

Bai Yueyin knew that Lin Xintong was referring to the fusion of their souls.

Lin Xintong was worried about Yi Yun's safety, and with things on the precipice of full collapse, she could only make this choice.

But once their souls fused, it would be difficult for them to separate.

And this was what Bai Yueyin had been longing for all this time. But at that moment, she was surprised that she was hesitating. She never expected that the man would make such a choice considering the situation. He had chosen to temper his body with the Heavenly Tribulation to force out all his potential. He wanted to obtain strength that could allow him to resist the Ancestor God before the Ancestor God fully recovered.

This drive alarmed her.

Bai Yueyin had heard from Empress Sheng Mei stories of the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch's martial path. He had undergone various obstacles in life and come so far after great difficulties. It was all because of his extremely firm Martial Dao heart.

And now, Bai Yueyin seemed to see the shadow of the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch hanging over Yi Yun.

"He sent me a voice transmission" Bai Yueyin whispered. "He said that if I were to fuse with you, he would travel to the highest heavens or to the deepest depths of the netherworld to find a solution to wipe out my soul's memories from yours"

"What?" Lin Xintong was stunned, but at that moment


There was a resounding dragon's roar that reverberated across the firmaments. It shook the world!

Everyone looked in shock as they saw the gigantic Ascending Dragon Cauldron spinning above Yi Yun's head. Above the cauldron, the Dragon Emperor sculpture seemed to come alive as it emitted blinding divine light!

At that instant, people could sense a supreme suppression from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. This suppression seemed to tear through the world, leaving them stifled.

And at that moment, Yi Yun was genuflecting on the ground. His head was lowered and his body was covered in blood. He looked like he was heavily injured and on the brink of death, but people sensed an unhuman power inside his body. It was as though a god had awoken inside him!