True Martial World Chapter 1559

Chapter 1559: True Dragon Nirvana
Chapter 1559: True Dragon Nirvana
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"Oh? What's going on"

Perfected Hou, who had charged into the Sinkhole disciple crowd, also sensed the changes Yi Yun was undergoing. He turned his head and looked at Yi Yun in astonishment.

The present Yi Yun had already been reduced to a nearly inhuman state. Why was he able to release such terrifying strength?

"Heavenly Cosmic! What's happening!?" Perfected Hou roared angrily.

At that moment, Heavenly Cosmic's hair was disheveled and his expression was pale. He, too, was suffering while attacking Yi Yun with the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment!

Casting the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation was very demanding on him. He needed to burn his blood essence in order to do so.

He was no longer young, and burning his blood essence placed immense stress on his body. His teeth were clenched as he endured, adamant that Yi Yun was on his last legs and would not hold out much longer. However, he never expected Yi Yun to suddenly release such a terrifying aura. Even the powerful Ancient Fey who transcended the tribulations in ancient times never showed such power!

This suppressive might seemed divine. It made him feel a deep, primal fear!

"He's transforming! I can sense a power awakening in him. We must not let him succeed!" Perfected Hou said loudly.

Heavenly Cosmic knew that Yi Yun was already at a critical life-and-death moment of his transformation. If he was given time to succeed, they would suffer an abject defeat!

"Punk, don't go thinking I can't burn you to death! Lightning of Heavenly PunishmentMyriad Lightning Surge!"

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord roared out loudly as he struck his fist into his chest. This strike forced out the blood from his heart!


Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord spat out a large mouthful of blood essence that came from his heart. As he burned this crucial blood essence, it felt like all the vitality in him had been drawn out. His face was as pale as wax paper, and the lifeblood powers in him were rapidly decreasing. His flames of vitality were like a candle in the wind.

In just that instant, Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord had sacrificed forty percent of his blood essence! By doing so, he was bound to suffer a drop in cultivation level, but he no longer had a choice!


In the high heavens, infinite laws gathered together as a crack appeared in mid-air. The crack spread, as if the sky itself had suffered a gruesome wound.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

The cracks increased in number as they spanned a wider space. The ground was trembling as though the world was on the brink of collapse.

"This this pocket world is about to collapse!"

Eclipse Arhat was alarmed. The pocket world in the hundred thousand pavilion palaces had been in existence for tens of millions of years. It was augmented and fortified by array formations constantly. This pocket world was the main world of the hundred thousand pavilion palaces, and Bai Yueyin herself was involved in its creation.

But now, the hundred thousand pavilion palaces' main world was on the brink of collapse!

This world could no longer withstand the surging Yuan Qi and Heavenly Tribulation's might!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The heavenly lightning surged towards Yi Yun like dragons! The power of the world's very destruction was trained on Yi Yun!

"Be careful!"


Everyone raised their barriers. Even if the world's destructive powers were not targeted at them, just the fallout alone was something they could hardly defend against.

"Yi Yun, I"

Amid the vehement storms, Lin Xintong could not hold on any longer. With a ripping sound, the white tapestry which was imbued with Lin Xintong's blood essence was torn apart by the bronze giant!

A Godly Monarch numinous treasure had failed to withstand the bronze giant's overwhelming strength!


With a grunt, Lin Xintong was thrown backward. She was swept up in the storms, but at that moment, the bronze giant did not pursue Lin Xintong. Instead, it charged straight into the middle of the Heavenly Tribulation, throwing its fist at Yi Yun!

Killing Yi Yun was of utmost importance!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The collapse of space muted the world. The punch had stirred up terrifying energy waves; after all, the Celestial's body was a top-grade numinous treasure in and of itself. It's fist and palm strikes were even more terrifying than a sword beam.

"Yi Yun!"

Everyone's hearts tightened. Fairy Yourou already had her heart in her mouth. At that moment, even Perfected Hou did not dare move an inch. Only the bronze giant's avatar could sweep through everything with its indestructible body.


The bronze giant charged into the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment sea. There was a split second of silence before the resonating clang of a cauldron was heard!

Out flew a hundred-thousand-foot long dragon from the black Ascending Dragon Cauldron!

The divine dragon swirled through the sky as it flew against the lightning!


The divine dragon completely tore through the lightning. At that moment, the pocket world exploded utterly. Even the nomological clouds in the sky were swept clean!

The dragon had torn through the highest heavens!


The bronze giant let out a tumultuous roar as it punched the divine dragon. However, the dragon swished its tail. This seemingly-simple motion pummeled downwards like a galactic arm. It slammed the bronze giant's body with a mighty lash.


With a loud boom, the bronze giant's body quaked. The body that seemed indestructible began crumbling immediately as large amounts of dark golden blood sprayed out wantonly.

The divine blood tainted the sky as the dragon flew past it. Amid the chaotic energies, they saw a man's figure appear above the divine cauldron with his hair disheveled. Behind him was a black wheel and above the wheel were 10,000 demons, but none of them had a bloodlust as terrifying as the man's!

He was like a devil incarnate that swept through the world. This man was none other than Yi Yun who had transcended the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation!

At that moment, the hundred-thousand-foot long dragon's body rapidly shrank as it transformed into a stream of light and entered his body!

Yi Yun fused with the divine dragon as his energy erupted out of him like a volcano, spewing out redoubtable might!


Suddenly, Yi Yun threw a punch at the bronze giant!

This punch rent the world asunder!


The bronze giant was struck heavily in the chest by Yi Yun, and compared to the bronze giant's massive body, Yi Yun's body appeared tiny. But the punch was such that it depressed the bronze giant's chest.

"Ka Ka Ka!"

As though space itself was shattering, cracks began spreading from the bronze giant's chest cavity. The giant widened its eyes as it stared at Yi Yun in disbelief.

Although it was only an avatar, it could think.

Yi Yun withdrew his fist, but the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence's destructive forces had already permeated the bronze giant's body. The cracks continued widening as the giant's body disintegrated. It was reduced to chunks under the watchful eyes of everyone!

It was dead

Yi Yun had killed the bronze giant with one punch!

Everyone held their breaths, especially Eclipse Arhat and Bluefeather. They had crossed swords with the bronze giant, and even ignoring its terrifying strength, just its body had far exceeded a Godly Monarch numinous treasure.

But such a formidable foe had been killed by Yi Yun with one punch!

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly looked up into the sky at Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord.

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's expression was pale. His aura was weak, and the casting of the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation had drained him of his lifeblood. Now, his strength was at a nadir.

But all his efforts had only served to benefit Yi Yun!

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord recalled what Yi Yun had said before he took on the Heavenly Tribulation. He said that he had an Ancient Fey bloodline in his body and he wanted to temper his body with the Heavenly Tribulation. He shrugged it off, thinking Yi Yun was just engaging in fool's talk and that he was incorrigibly deluded.

However, he never imagined that Yi Yun would rise from the ashes and attain a tremendous increase in strength!

He had sacrificed all his cultivation only to aid Yi Yun in making a breakthrough. It was truly a tragedy!

"You should die as well!"

Yi Yun instantly appeared in front of Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord like a ghost. He struck Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's forehead with his palm.


With a light crack, blood splattered as Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's head was sent flying from Yi Yun's strike. Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's decapitated body flew backward as well.

He had been decapitated with one palm strike!

Upon seeing this scene, everyone drew a gasp. Although they knew Yi Yun would definitely kill Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord, the speed and decisiveness he had shown in killing him left them alarmed.

Yi Yun was too terrifying. He was already the absolute overlord of the Sinkhole! Even taking into account the Bai Yueyin of yesteryear, someone they only felt fearful reverence towards, Yi Yun stood above all. After all, they had witnessed the strength and decisiveness of Yi Yun's fatal blow with their own eyes.