True Martial World Chapter 1560

Chapter 1560: Im Giving You A Choice
Chapter 1560: I'm Giving You A Choice
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"Perfected Hou!"

Yi Yun finally looked at Perfected Hou with killing intent raging in his eyes. Although Yi Yun had been transcending the tribulations, he was aware of what was happening outside. It was the existence known as Perfected Hou who had ordered the bronze giant to attack him and the demonic servants to attack the divine tree. It resulted in Lin Xintong burning her blood essence, causing her to not only deplete her lifeblood, but also nearly fuse with Bai Yueyin again.

Upon making contact with Yi Yun's eyes, Perfected Hou was gripped with horror.

The present Yi Yun was simply too terrifying. Not only did he have the suppressive might of a god, but he was also decisive at killing. He did not give anyone a chance at pleading for mercy.

The present Perfected Hou did not dare fight Yi Yun in a head-on clash.

"Explode! All of you self-destruct!"

Perfected Hou roared as the remaining demonic servants which numbered more than ten thousand charged at Yi Yun collectively!

However, with just a mere thought from Yi Yun, Yuan Qi and laws were infused into the Azure Wood Divine Tree.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

Thousands of the Azure Wood Divine Tree's vines shot out wantonly, and in terms of speed and strength, they were more than ten times stronger than before!

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu

With a series of light hums, countless demonic servants were being penetrated by the divine tree. Large amounts of demonic auras dissipated and were absorbed by the divine tree. Most of the demonic servants did not even self-destruct in time!

The divine tree absorbed the demonic servants' energies and constantly grew. Its trunk thickened and its roots grew in number. Even the vines that had been blasted apart were restored by the Azure Wood Divine Tree as it continued fusing and absorbing.

Upon seeing this scene, Perfected Hou's face turned ashen. In his despair, he roared vehemently and charged Yi Yun.

The difference in their strength was disparate. Furthermore, the Azure Wood Divine Tree was strongly effective against the demonic servants. His charge at Yi Yun was practically a suicidal move.

"Be careful! He's going to self-destruct!" Eclipse Arhat shouted.

Perfected Hou was clearly going to engage in self-destruction. Even if an internecine outcome was unlikely, he wanted to heavily damage Yi Yun!

"Yi Yun, don't think you will be having it good even if I die!"

Perfected Hou's face wore a frenzied and grotesque look. He had already burned all of his demonic blood in him as the energies in him erupted. His muscles bulged and at that moment, he looked like a swollen toad. He had already gathered all the energy needed for a self-destruction!

"Yi Yun, quick dodge!"

Eclipse Arhat was appalled. Even though Yi Yun's strength was unfathomable, Perfected Hou was still a Sinkhole hegemon expert. If he spared no expense to self-destruct, the destructive force would be more than ten times stronger!

No matter how strong Yi Yun was, it was impossible to withstand the self-destruction of a Sinkhole hegemon.

But at that moment, Yi Yun did not dodge. He watched Perfected Hou charge towards him.

"Yi Yun!"

Fairy Yourou was panic-stricken. There was no time for her to react since Perfected Hou had already arrived in front of Yi Yun.

He revealed a maniacal smile, but at that moment, his smile froze. The Yi Yun in front of him had vanished, and in his place was the huge black cauldron.

This was the divine cauldron that appeared during Yi Yun's tribulation transcendence!?

Perfected Hou had seen the miracle the Ascending Dragon Cauldron had played during Yi Yun's tribulation transcendence. The divine dragon that flew out had appeared from inside the cauldron. But now, Yi Yun had hidden in it, allowing Perfected Hou to self-destruct in the face of the indestructible divine cauldron!

"Your blood is too dirty. Go ahead and self-destruct!" Yi Yun's voice transmission entered Perfected Hou's ears.

"Ah! You are ruthless!"

Perfected Hou let out a heart-wrenching cry as he had already activated all the Yuan Qi in him. He could no longer stop the self-destruction.


With a tumultuous boom, the terrifying demonic energies swept through the area in every direction like a tsunami. And at that moment, the Azure Wood Divine Tree went counter to the energy flow as it extended thousands of its vines and greedily absorbed the energy.

The Ascending Dragon Cauldron only trembled violently, but remained undamaged. The explosion's energy finally calmed down about thirty seconds later.

Yi Yun then flew out of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. Other than the scuffs he had while transcending the tribulations, Perfected Hou's self-destruction had not affected him in any way.

He could sense the indignation and hatred Perfected Hou had before his death.

Yi Yun was not into masochism. Withstanding the Heavenly Tribulation was required since the Heavenly Tribulation's powers stemmed from the supreme nomological Heavenly Dao. Even if he had hidden in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, the Heavenly Tribulation would still be able to enter the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's pocket world.

But Perfected Hou was different. Withstanding his self-destruction was meaningless.

People were at a loss for words as they watched Yi Yun fly above the cauldron. A hegemon's self-destruction had been so easily resolved by him.

He had killed three powerful experts one after another, while the Azure Wood Divine Tree had slain tens of thousands of demonic servants. In addition, Yi Yun had further improved himself in combat. This man was already the overlord of the Sinkhole!


Ancestor God!

Eclipse Arhat had mentioned the Ancestor God. He was an existence that lived in legends, someone from a distant past. Now, He was suddenly back and making an uprising. Everyone felt lost, unsure about what the future entailed.

Just the Ancestor God's subordinates were already this powerful. There was no doubt that the Ancestor God wouldn't spare Yi Yun. How could he allow such a huge threat like Yi Yun continue its growth?

"Yi Yun might be in the limelight now, but he will likely be pursued by the Ancestor God"

People discussed in private. The ancient battle which Eclipse Arhat had mentioned made a small number of people turn pessimistic about the future of humanity. After all, in a war with Godly Monarchs as generals and Divine Lords as soldiers, together with the flawed Heavenly Dao, what did humanity have to withstand the Ancestor God?

"West River!"

At that moment, Yi Yun bellowed out sharply. His eyes were trained on West River Divine Lord like a bolt of heavenly lightning.

West River Divine Lord's heart sank as his heart skipped a beat. However, he forced a smile and asked, "Young Master Yi, is there anything I can do for you?"


With a flash of his figure, Yi Yun appeared in front of West River Divine Lord.

"You are a double-sealed Divine Lord, a Sinkhole powerhouse, but I noticed that you did not even make a single move in the battle from before. You didn't even kill a single low-leveled demonic servant. Even members of your faction had responded to the call to arms with pessimism!"

Everyone knew of West River Divine Lord's lack of action, but Yi Yun had directly called him out on it. West River Divine Lord's disciples nearly lost their composure. They had originally believed that Perfected Hou was bound to win. Furthermore, with West River Divine Lord's inaction, which one of them would dare charge forward on their own accord?

West River Divine Lord continued smiling. He believed that Yi Yun would not do anything to him for his inaction in battle. Now that they had a powerful enemy at hand, humanity required experts. Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Eclipse Arhat were heavily injured, while Divine General Skyjade's injuries were worse, so bad that he might not even survive his injuries. There were only a handful of Sinkhole powerhouses at present.

West River Divine Lord said, "Young Master Yi, you misunderstand. It's true that I did not take action. However, there are many juniors in this pocket world. Their cultivation levels were too low, and battling with the demonic servants would be a meaningless sacrifice. They are all young geniuses, hope for humanity's future. Since all of you charged ahead in battle, the responsibility of protecting them fell on me. There's also the injured Sacred Horizon Divine Lord that required someone to protect, right?

"Young Master Yi, rest assured. If the Ancestor God were to really attack, I, West River, will definitely fight valiantly."

"Shameless!" Fairy Yourou could not help but cry out. West River Divine Lord had stood with his hands down the entire time. If he had provided any protection, it was aimed at protecting his own faction's juniors. He ignored the lives of others. "If you were willing to help, would my master and Senior Eclipse have been so heavily injured? Young Master Yi would not have been in peril and Fairy Lin would not have needed to burn her blood essence!"

"Oh?" West River Divine Lord knitted his brows. Yi Yun was a junior, but his politeness towards him was a result of his strength. Fairy Yourou was nothing in the grand scheme of things. She was just Bluefeather Divine Lord's disciple and he thought nothing of her. Who gave the likes of a junior the right to reprimand him? Furthermore, she had accused him of being shameless in public.

"Is this how your Nethersky Divine World teaches its disciples? Do you think you have the authority to speak? How improper!" West River Divine Lord grunted coldly. He needed to maintain his authority as a Sinkhole powerhouse in front of his subordinates. If not, things would be ridiculous if the juniors came forward to ridicule him.

But the moment he said that, West River Divine Lord's expression changed. He sensed immense killing intent surge out from Yi Yun.

In a split second, Yi Yun moved. Like a powerful dragon, he punched at West River Divine Lord's face.


West River Divine Lord's heart palpitated as he retreated quickly. However, Yi Yun's punch was too terrifying. The punch seemed to lock the celestial bodies in space. Even the surrounding space compressed towards Yi Yun. There was no way of dodging!

In his panic, West River Divine Lord extended his hand and threw out a divine talisman. It lit up in flames and conjured a black shield. Simultaneously, West River Divine Lord opened his mouth and spat out an ancient green mirror.

With the mirror in hand, it expanded when it met the wind. But simultaneously, the black shield in front of him had shattered.

Surrounding Yi Yun's punch was a swirling black wheel. Thousands of demons and gods roared as they charged towards West River Divine Lord.

In his fluster, West River Divine Lord released a divine beam from his ancient mirror, but it melted like snow upon contact with the black wheel. It was completely no match for the wheel!

At that instant, West River Divine Lord had a deep understanding of Yi Yun's terrifying powers. He was like a god!


The final divine light shattered as Yi Yun's punch slammed heavily into West River Divine Lord's protective Yuan Qi.

It shattered immediately as West River Divine Lord spat out a mouthful of blood in mid-air. His body flew like a kite with a broken thread.


West River Divine Lord slammed heavily into the cracked ground, shattering the area. His chest was stained with blood as he looked at Yi Yun in horror. He never expected Yi Yun to only say a single sentence before attacking him!

"You" West River Divine Lord was alarmed. If not for the protective talisman and the bronze mirror's defense, he would probably be laying on the ground motionless. Yi Yun was bent on killing him! "Yi Yun! Why are you injuring me with the enemy before us? How am I to participate in the calamitous battle?"

"You wish to participate in the calamitous battle with that character of yours? Are you helping humanity fight the Ancestor God or are you helping the Ancestor God kill your own kind?"

"What do you mean?" West River Divine Lord's expression changed.

"I'm giving you two choices. Either you have a slave mark planted in you, or you die!"