True Martial World Chapter 1561

Chapter 1561: Deserted By All
Chapter 1561: Deserted By All
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Yi Yun's tone was extremely domineering and left no room for doubt. Instantly, everyone was stunned by what they heard. Yi Yun was enslaving a Sinkhole hegemon!

Once a slave mark was implanted, Yi Yun could take West River Divine Lord's life with a mere thought. Furthermore, there was no possibility of betrayal as Yi Yun would have complete control over his soul sea. This was an extremely humiliating matter for warriors; many people would rather die than have a slave mark implanted.

"Yi Yun, your bullying has no bounds!" West River Divine Lord's voice trembled in anger. At his level of stature, he was an almighty existence no matter where he went. Yet today, he was to be enslaved. As a sect master of a powerful faction, becoming enslaved was a ridiculous joke!

"I'll give you thirty seconds. Submit or perish!"

Yi Yun could not be bothered to waste his breath on West River Divine Lord.

"Yi Yun, you are acting overbearingly because of your strength. You show complete disregard to the other factions in the Sinkhole. That's with you not having broken through to the Godly Monarch realm. And even a Godly Monarch doesn't act in such a despotic manner! When you break through to the Godly Monarch realm, wouldn't the entire Sinkhole be yours? Other factions would probably be living an ignoble existence under your oppression, to the point of not being able to breathe!"

West River Divine Lord raved angrily. He had delivered the words in a bid to pit everyone against Yi Yun.

However, be it Eclipse Arhat or Bluefeather Divine Lord, none of them echoed West River Divine Lord's words. Bluefeather Divine Lord and Fairy Yourou even stood behind Yi Yun, expressing their support for him.

"You All of you" West River Divine Lord's expression turned grim. He never expected that a Sinkhole powerhouse like him would ever end up in such a state.

Even his disciples behind him fell silent. His sect's Elders were even looking away to avoid eye contact. Clearly, they did not plan on supporting West River Divine Lord! In fact, West River Divine Lord's subordinates felt that they no longer had the moral high ground against the other warriors after their inaction during the fight. Furthermore, Yi Yun's strength already made him overlord of the Sinkhole. Resisting him was nothing but a joke.

"The thirty seconds are up," said Yi Yun nonchalantly. "It appears you have chosen death."

"What?" West River Divine Lord was taken aback. He had taken at most ten to fifteen seconds to speak his piece. Yi Yun did not even begin his countdown but the time was already up?

"I see that you have chosen to die in glory than live in dishonor. But, I suppose you don't deserve the word glory. It is an insult to that word. You have already been deserted by all that is close to you. Since you have no worth left, die."

As Yi Yun spoke, his lifeblood surged like billowing flames into the heavens. Simultaneously, the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence's phantom appeared behind Yi Yun.

Such might stifled West River Divine Lord. Facing Yi Yun was no different from facing a god.

West River Divine Lord knew very well that Yi Yun showed no mercy. He had no way of surviving more than three attacks, so death was certain!

"Wait Wait" West River Divine Lord's forehead was covered in sweat. He bit his lips till it turned ghastly pale. "I I submit."

Each of the last two words was enunciated by West River Divine Lord through gritted teeth. When he said that, he felt like he had been drained of all his strength.

The fact that a lord of a major Sinkhole faction had to submit to someone in the midst of a grand event filled with all the elites of the Sinkhole was an absolute humiliation!

From that moment forth, West River Divine Lord and the sect he belonged to, would forever be inferior to others in the Sinkhole. It would even be difficult to recruit in the future!

At that moment, even the West River Sect's disciples looked at West River Divine Lord contemptuously.

Caring for nothing but saving his own skin was West River Divine Lord's nature. He could not accept dying before enjoying his life. After all, he had gained his present strength through arduous cultivation over years, one that gave him a lifespan which spanned tens of millions of years. And it was for this reason that he chose to desert the battle. He even had plans to watch idly and submit to the Ancestor God if humanity suffered an abject defeat.

Yi Yun glanced at West River Divine Lord with contempt. With an enemy of humanity at hand, every bit of strength counted. He despised West River Divine Lord, but he still wanted to make good use of his combat strength.

He flicked his finger and shot a soul mark into West River Divine Lord's glabella.

West River Divine Lord nearly shattered his teeth from gritting them, but he could only open up his soul sea and allow Yi Yun's soul mark to be implanted deep within his soul sea.

"Poison Demon, he will be your subordinate in the future."

As Yi Yun spoke, a black tiger flew out. It was none other than Poison Demon, who had been sealed by Divine General Skyjade. Naturally, releasing the seals posed no difficulty for Yi Yun.

"Hehehe!" Poison Demon let out a nasty cackle as he surrounded West River Divine Lord and observed him as though he was inspecting received goods. The look Poison Demon gave agitated West River Divine Lord. He could ignore the fact that he was now Yi Yun's slave, but he never expected to become the subordinate of Poison Demon. Although Poison Demon wasn't weak, he was no match for him at all.

"In the future, you shall be my slave and I'll make do with it!"

West River Divine Lord even had thoughts of dying. Yi Yun thought nothing of him and had gotten one of his minions to watch over him. It was too humiliating.

But with the slave mark present, he had no means to resist against what Yi Yun had to say.

He knew that his status as sect master was over. How could a major faction allow their sect master to become the slave of someone else?

But even if the West River Sect were to choose another sect master, it was destined to decline. Perhaps, it would be removed from the ranks of a top faction in time to come, becoming a second-rate faction.

"Everything is settled."

Yi Yun looked at the completely shattered pocket world and sighed. The calamity for humanity had only just begun!

This battle was only the prologue.

"Young Master Yi."

Eclipse Arhat walked over and pressed his palms together while bowing to Yi Yun. Eclipse Arhat felt deep respect for Yi Yun. He had saved them all.

"Young Master Yi!"

Bluefeather Divine Lord also bowed at Yi Yun.

In response to the two Divine Lords' bowing, all the disciples present automatically bowed towards Yi Yun. Many juniors bowed a juniors' bow despite their ages being almost the same as Yi Yun's.

Fairy Yourou also bowed towards Yi Yun. Of course, she was considered a friend of Yi Yun's. She smiled while bowing, hardly capable of hiding the playful look in her smile.

In the martial world, strength reigned supreme. Yi Yun had already won the respect of everyone present.

At that moment, Lin Xintong had landed beside Yi Yun.

Yi Yun looked at Lin Xintong's pale face and felt his heart ache for her. Lin Xintong had expended a great deal of blood essence in the battle. It was too difficult for her to trap a Sinkhole hegemon expert with her strength alone.

Although Lin Xintong was young, it was still very difficult to replenish her lost blood essence. She needed excellent treasures and all the treasures that Yi Yun had accumulated in the past had been expended.