True Martial World Chapter 1562

Chapter 1562: Chaos Heavens
Chapter 1562: Chaos Heavens
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Yi Yun knew that Lin Xintong had burned at least thirty percent of her blood essence from the battle. It was bound to affect her future accomplishments, and that was something Yi Yun could not tolerate.

Lin Xintong had burned her blood essence because of him. In return, he planned to seek the best divine medicine for Lin Xintong. He wanted to ensure that there were no repercussions from the burning of her blood essence and that she would be physically enhanced.

Under normal circumstances, the better a warrior's talent and the higher their cultivation level was, the more difficult it was to replenish their blood essence. The requirement of the treasures needed was naturally even higher.

There was no need to describe Lin Xintong's talent. She was a future Godly Monarch and she cultivated in the Grand Reincarnation Technique. She had undergone a few reincarnations and her body had metamorphosized from her multiple incarnations.

The difficulty of replenishing thirty percent of her blood essence was obvious!

"Senior Eclipse, Senior Bluefeather, I have a question. Do you have any lifeblood spirit medicine, treasured bones, or relics at the Godly Monarch level? Or do you have any relevant information about them? I wish to buy them to refine some pills."

Eclipse Arhat had already guessed Yi Yun's intention as he shook his head. "If we are talking about treasured medicine, I do have a strand that can be barely considered at the Godly Monarch level. Young Master Yi, you have saved so many lives and it's only right to gift it to you instead of selling it, but I'm ashamed to say that I have no hope of breaking through to the Godly Monarch realm at my advanced age; therefore, the treasures I collect are meant for extending my life. They are likely of little use for Fairy Lin."

"Young Master Yi, I do have a strand of Azure Descendance Grass. You can have it if you need it," said Bluefeather Divine Lord.

A strand of Azure Descendance Grass was an extremely precious divine medicine no matter where it was. However, in terms of grade, it was only barely at the Godly Monarch level. Most of the time, it was used to refine Godly Monarch pills that improved the chances of a breakthrough from the Divine Lord to the Godly Monarch realm.

Having read the Chaos Gem slip which was left behind by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch, Yi Yun knew that there was divine medicine that exceeded Azure Descendance Grass in the world. The problem was that he could not find them!

He cupped his fists at Bluefeather and said, "Senior Bluefeather, thank you for your good intentions. This strand of Azure Descendance Grass is of great worth both to you and Fairy Yourou. But to me, it is of little use. What I need is divine medicine that can restore lifeblood. The effects of Azure Descendance Grass are less than thirty percent in regards to this aspect."

"Then, I do not have anything else" Bluefeather said somewhat apologetically.

"It's alright."

This outcome was within Yi Yun's expectations. He had only asked in passing, not really expecting that Eclipse Arhat and Bluefeather Divine Lord had anything he required.

Lin Xintong gently tugged Yi Yun's sleeve and said, "Yi Yun, there's no need to worry about me. I cultivate in the Grand Reincarnation Technique. Even if I burn thirty percent of my blood essence in this life, I'll have it restored once I reincarnate again. It doesn't matter too much."

"Xintong, there's no need to continue. I know about your Grand Reincarnation Technique. It accumulates with every incarnation. By burning thirty percent of your blood essence, it is equivalent to having one incarnation wasted. In the future, your nine reincarnations would become eight. Your cultivation technique will not be perfect."

Eclipse Arhat said, "Young Master Yi, Godly Monarch Heavenly Buddha has some ties with the Mahayana Monastery. Back when Godly Monarch Heavenly Buddha was cultivating in martial arts, his early heritage stemmed from the Mahayana Monastery; therefore, he owes the Mahayana Monastery a favor. If Young Master Yi requires anything, I can take you to Godly Monarch Heavenly Buddha. Perhaps he can help you."

Godly Monarch Heavenly Buddha?

This was the first time Yi Yun was hearing the name of another Godly Monarch apart from Bai Yueyin.

The price of a Godly Monarch's favor was obvious. In fact, Yi Yun really had no other solution. It was impossible to seek out such divine medicine in a timely fashion only when there was a need for them. Furthermore, it was imperative to remedy Lin Xintong's situation as soon as possible.

Yi Yun planned on meeting Godly Monarch Heavenly Buddha, but he was not confident that Godly Monarch Heavenly Buddha would give him any of the natural treasures. After all, efficacious medicine was definitely very helpful to Godly Monarch Heavenly Buddha. Was the favor owed to the Mahayana Monastery from a long time ago worth that much?

Yi Yun had plans on making the attempt and just as he was about to agree, a voice sounded in Yi Yun's mind. "Yi Yun, I know Godly Monarch Heavenly Buddha. He has cultivated to the Godly Monarch realm, but due to the limitations of the Heavenly Dao, he is unable to use his strength freely. He is indignant about it, which results in him cultivating in body-tempering techniques. In his early years, he had sought out body-tempering resources that could enhance his lifeblood, but they were not very effective. He probably does not have any Godly Monarch medicine that can replenish lifeblood. Even if he had any, he would have likely consumed them."

The voice came from Bai Yueyin.

Yi Yun's heart sank when he heard Bai Yueyin. He did not suspect her words since there was no reason for her to lie about something related to Lin Xintong.

At the end of the day, natural treasures at the Godly Monarch grade was just too difficult to find.

Bai Yueyin read Yi Yun's mind and said, "Yi Yun, it is very difficult for natural treasures at the Godly Monarch grade to be produced to begin with. Besides, the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao is still flawed. Under such circumstances, not only is it difficult for warriors to become Godly Monarchs, but it is also difficult for natural treasures to take form. If you really wish to restore Xintong's lifeblood, I do know of a place"

"Oh? Where?" Yi Yun's eyes lit up.

"Somewhere very distant. Furthermore, it's a place fraught with danger" Bai Yueyin paused when she said that. "Do you still remember how I became a Godly Monarch?"

"Yes. You said that the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch brought you to the universe where the Celestials originate. There, you broke through to the Godly Monarch realm. Wait, are you telling me"

Yi Yun suddenly realized what Bai Yueyin was implying. He looked in astonishment at Bai Yueyin within Lin Xintong's soul sea.

"That's right. The place I'm telling you is the place where I broke through years ago! But to be precise, that isn't a universe that belongs to the Celestials; however, it is somewhere relatively easier for Celestials to reach. That place is called the Chaos Heavens"

"Oh? Chaos Heavens?"

Yi Yun pricked up his brows. Just the name made him feel a sense of apprehensiveness.

"The Chaos Heavens is located very far away. From the Sinkhole, we need to cross over the multiverse barrier. Back then, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch found the multiverse node along the barrier before finding a passageway. The Chaos Heavens is fraught with danger, but the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had protected me back then, making it very safe for me.

"However, you are different. You will have to rely on yourself. I remember the general direction in which the Chaos Heavens is. You will meet with danger on the path you take. Furthermore, the void between the multiverses has extremely thin Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. You will not be supplemented with any Yuan Qi. You will need to bring at least twenty years worth of supplements in the forms of pills or relics. I did not hold any hopes for you before you transcended the ninth-staged Heavenly Tribulation, but now, you have some chance of success"

Crossing the multiverse?

Yi Yun felt a jolt through his mind and body. Although he long knew that the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch came from the 33 Skies and that it was a universe that stood independent from the Sinkhole, Yi Yun never imagined that he would be able to travel the multiverse so quickly!

He would follow the path opened up by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch from years ago to seek the Chaos Heavens!

"Yi Yun, the Chaos Heavens definitely has the body-tempering spirit herbs you need, and the qualities will far exceed your expectations. However, you must be able to leave with them alive. Those that can head to the Chaos Heavens are absolute experts. Back when I accompanied the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch to the Chaos Heavens, I got a deep understanding that life-and-death battles could happen there. You have to be mentally prepared. Besides, you will also encounter Celestials there."

Encountering Celestials?

Yi Yun felt pangs of fighting spirit surge in him when he heard that. He had long been holding back his anger against the Celestials.

It was likely common to murder and plunder in the Chaos Heavens. Then, it was truly a place where the strongest survived upon making encounters.

"Bai Yueyin, how injured is the Ancestor God. How long will He take to recover? Will He be able to pursue me across the multiverse barriers?"