True Martial World Chapter 1563

Chapter 1563: Universe Node
Chapter 1563: Universe Node
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"The Ancestor God has unfathomable means. There is almost nothing impossible to Him. I do not know how long he will need to remain in recuperation. However, the multiverse barrier's existence blocks Him from sensing the tracing mark. In addition, I can teach you the mystic technique to seal the tracing mark. With your present strength, you should be able to barely manage it."

Previously, Bai Yueyin had helped Yi Yun seal the Ancestor God's tracing mark.

"Alright" Yi Yun took a deep breath. At present, Bai Yueyin was neither friend or foe. On the one hand, Yi Yun did not fully trust her, and on the other hand, he knew he needed to cooperate with her.

It was impossible for Yi Yun to independently cultivate to a realm that allowed him to match the Ancestor God in such a short period of time.

Yi Yun bade Eclipse Arhat and company farewell as he began to make sufficient preparations for his trip. As for the calamity that was looming over the Sinkhole, he too was helpless to stop it as he was.

The Ancestor God was an absolute mighty figure even among the Celestials. Such an opponent had strength that far exceeded the comprehension of Sinkhole warriors

Yi Yun activated the Azure Lamp of Time, created a time barrier, and placed Lin Xintong within it.

Yi Yun was already adept at time laws. With a divine artifact like the Azure Lamp of Time's aid, time within the barrier was slowed down by five hundred times.

As such, ten years outside would only be a couple of days for Lin Xintong inside the Azure Lamp of Time.

Now, Lin Xintong was depleted of her blood essence, so her cultivation speed would naturally be lacking. Yi Yun did not wish for her to waste her talent.

Following that, Yi Yun used the next few months to prepare large amounts of Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli and spirit medicine which could replenish Yuan Qi for his journey's expenses.

After doing all of this, Yi Yun followed Bai Yueyin's guidance to seek out the multiverse barrier's universe node.

Although it was something from a very distant era, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had left behind a mark back then. Yi Yun took a year to travel across the massive Sinkhole and find the Sinkhole universe's boundary.

The Sinkhole's layout was like a gigantic honeycomb. Each chamber was an independent world. These worlds varied in sizes. The large ones, such as the places where the White Lunar Divine Empire, Nethersky Divine World, Great Cosmic State, etc. rooted themselves, were all taken up by the major factions.

As for the smaller worlds, they were as many as the grains of sand in a river. If one's comprehension of spatial dimension laws was insufficient, traversing the countless Small Worlds around the Sinkhole's periphery would be extremely dangerous. If one was not careful, one might be lost in a spatial maze, never to exit it forever.

The periphery of the Sinkhole was filled with similar Small Worlds. Some of the Small Worlds only spanned fifty thousand kilometers and were devoid of life. There were only asteroids floating amid the desolate space. Yuan Qi was extremely thin and sparse as well.

Perhaps, in the billions of years since the Sinkhole was formed, these places had never seen life.

Yi Yun traversed these uninhabited worlds for half a year and flew to the deepest point in the Sinkhole. There were not even signs of asteroids here, just an empty, desolate void. If not for Bai Yueyin's guidance, Yi Yun would have never imagined stepping into such a place.

"So this is what the periphery of the Sinkhole is like"

The closer to the Sinkhole periphery, the smaller the worlds. Here, the worlds had been compressed to only several kilometers across. Their ends could be seen at a glance.

Bai Yueyin said, "Senior Lin once said that the number of humans in the Sinkhole's Small Worlds far exceed the number of humans in the Sinkhole"

Yi Yun drew a cold gasp. He knew that it was likely not an exaggeration. He had been flying for such a long period of time, traversing through countless Small Worlds, and all of that was just the tip of the Sinkhole iceberg. It was difficult to imagine that the boundless Sinkhole had worlds such as these at its periphery.

"It's here. This is where Senior Lin left his mark," Bai Yueyin said with certainty after carefully observing a Small World that did not span more than fifty kilometers in diameter.

"How did Senior Dao Originator find this place?" Yi Yun found it fascinating. A universe node that was located in the sextillion Small Worlds should have been incredibly difficult to find!

"Senior Lin did not find it, he actually came from it. He first arrived in the Chaos Heavens before finding the Sinkhole. Back then, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch spent a very long time seeking out Empress Sheng Mei"

As Bai Yueyin spoke, she appeared in front of Yi Yun. She was in the form of a translucent, incorporeal body. She wore thin, white veils and looked pure and untainted.

"Use your 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence to strike this space."

"Got it." In fact, even without Bai Yueyin's instructions, Yi Yun could sense the minute abnormalities of the space around him. However, without Bai Yueyin's guidance, it would have been difficult for him to notice this amid the countless Small Worlds.

He circulated his Yuan Qi as the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence appeared in front of him. A smiting from the demons and gods!

The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence stemmed from the Dao of Major Destruction. Once these demons and gods gathered together, space began to collapse!

The shattered space vanished and turned formless. It was as though a gigantic vortex was pushing forward, as it obliterated layer after layer.

This was a passageway that the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch created years ago. Yi Yun's actions could be considered more as reactivating it, but even so, it was extremely demanding on him. His Yuan Qi was quickly draining.

If not for Yi Yun's inheritance of the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch's heritage or his strength that came infinitesimally close to a Godly Monarch's, it would have been impossible to reopen the passageway.

Time passed as the spatial destruction increased. At a particular instant in time, there was an immense suction force that appeared in the form of a spatial storm and swept up everything in an indomitable fashion.

Yi Yun knew that the multiverse's passageway had finally been opened. This passageway was extremely long and also extremely perilous!

He did not resist the suction force. He even suspected that he was incapable of resisting it.

He felt the world spin around him as his entire person felt like a tiny leaf that was fluttering in a hurricane. He was soon swept into the massive passageway.

After Yi Yun left, the collapsed space began restoring again. It did not take long before everything vanished. There were no signs of damage anymore

Meanwhile, a lofty man with skin suffusing dark golden colors was meditating inside a silent independent space billions of light years away.

This man was completely naked. He had a perfectly proportioned figure. He let down his long purple hair while his muscles appeared sculpted.

And behind this man was a massive body. The body's abdomen and chest had two severe injuries that went deep. The flesh around the wounds was squirming as blood that resembled liquid bronze kept flowing out. It was quite a shocking sight.

The giant was none other than the Ancestor God!

The man was sitting at the Ancestor God's glabella. Suddenly, the purple-haired man opened his eyes. The next instant, his body transformed into stellar light that fused into the Ancestor God's glabella. The Ancestor God opened His eyes.

Those gigantic eyes were like two worlds that were slowly opening. They contained immense mysticism.