True Martial World Chapter 1564

Chapter 1564: Boundless Sea Of Stars
Chapter 1564: Boundless Sea of Stars
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"Your Excellency! What are your instructions?"

The moment the Ancestor God opened His eyes, a man dressed in red robes appeared in front of the Ancestor God's glabella like a ghost. He stood two meters tall and had a head of crimson-red hair. It matched his red clothes, making him look like a burning flame.

The Ancestor God did not reply to him. His massive eyes seemed to tear through the layers of space to look in a particular direction.

And that direction was where Yi Yun had just departed the Sinkhole.

He knew that Yi Yun had left this universe just moments ago. He felt his tracing mark weakening across the multiverse barriers.

He had no idea where Yi Yun had gone, but it was highly likely that Yi Yun would seek out means to completely seal off the tracing mark.

"Summon the demonic servants to capture some human warriors for me in the Sinkhole" Ancestor God spoke in an ancient tongue, His voice resounding like an ancient bell that reverberated from billions of years ago.

"Your Excellency? Do you plan to"

"A blood sacrifice to the Heavenly Dao!"

Upon hearing the Ancestor God's words, the red-haired man was alarmed. The Ancestor God was continuing his devouring of the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao!

During the ancient battle, the Ancestor God had already devoured a corner of the Heavenly Dao, and now, the Ancestor God was naturally about to devour the Heavenly Dao in its entirety. His strength would then reach an unfathomable realm!

"Your Excellency, but your injuries"

"It's fine. The preparations required for the devouring of the Heavenly Dao should take about a century. By the time that happens, I should have recovered"

Ancestor God was not worried about Yi Yun's plans. Regardless of Yi Yun's growth, it was impossible for him to match Him after He devoured the Heavenly Dao.

Time passed without the knowledge of seasons or even day and night.

Traveling across the multiverse was not only fraught with danger, but it was also an extremely long ordeal. It left one feeling a baffling sense of despair.

Yi Yun now understood that the primeval universe in the Sinkhole was indeed a remnant of the universe's formation. However, 'the universe' in this case referred only to the universe where the Sinkhole resided in.

And these universes that neighbored the Sinkhole, they could also be known as 'parallel universes' in Earth terms before his transmigration.

The universe where Earth resided was extremely vast. The 'observable universe' seemed like an untraversable universe by human standards, but even so, scientists still suspected that there were several parallel universes that ran parallel to the universe where Earth resided. And these universes had different laws of physics.

The physical laws of Earth might therefore not be suitable for describing them.

Yi Yun had been traversing the void for nearly two decades.

During these two decades, he had encountered dangers that numbered in the hundreds. Furthermore, each ordeal was truly suspenseful.

He encountered gigantic black holes that could devour everything. Such black holes had event horizons that remained invisible. Once they entered the visible event horizon, even a Godly Monarch would forever be trapped inside. They would only be able to plummet into the black hole's center without knowing it, only to be eventually reduced to nothingness.

Yi Yun had also encountered terrifying energy fluxes. They were ten times stronger than the spatial storms he encountered in the primeval universe. According to Bai Yueyin, they were the energy fluxes that blasted out after a universe's final destruction. They finally swept over after countless years and crossed Yi Yun's path.

Even with Yi Yun's comprehension of the spatial dimension laws, he was injured after being swept up by these energy fluxes. He nearly got thrown off course.

He had also encountered massive and keen universe rifts. These rifts required immense focus to probe. To maintain such focus for as long as twenty years was practically impossible, so the only solution was to endure them head on.

Yi Yun originally used the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to withstand the rifts without much pressure. However, after years of this, Yi Yun did not dare use it again.

The reason was that powering the Ascending Dragon Cauldron drained his Yuan Qi at several times the rate he used for flying.

There was no Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in this universe, so he could only rely on spirit herbs, relics, and Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli to replenish his reserves.

And contained in these spirit herbs and relics were minute traces of medicinal toxins. Consuming too much of them would only harm his body.

Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli also shared similar problems. They were just not as pure as Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, containing mixed energy characteristics.

Yi Yun did not have the luxury of time to refine away these medicinal toxins in the vast void.

All he could do was rely on his powerful Dragon Emperor bloodline to forcefully repress the medicinal toxins and mixed energies. It allowed him to last all this while.

Now, Yi Yun's situation was getting from bad to worse. The void in his dantian was suffering the inundations from chaotic energies, making him feel like he was a candle in the wind.

He had already tried his best to reduce his depletion of energy.

But after all these years of traveling, Yi Yun could not avoid injury. Once he was injured, his energy would rapidly drain and he would require spirit herbs. This resulted in a vicious cycle.

"How much further is the Chaos Heavens?" Yi Yun questioned Bai Yueyin through his mind.

"I can't be certain. Perhaps a year or three, or even longer" answered Bai Yueyin. Having entered this new passageway, Bai Yueyin felt adrift, but the person carrying her across the passageway was not the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch and she was no longer the Bai Yueyin of yesteryear.

Upon hearing Bai Yueyin's answer, Yi Yun's heart sank. He could probably last another year, but three years was pretty much the limits of what he could endure. Any longer would be dangerous.

If this went on, he could very possibly become a corpse that floated forever in this boundless void.

"The multiverse's barriers are so difficult to cross. How did the Celestials and other races come to the Chaos Heavens?" asked Yi Yun again.

Bai Yueyin answered, "The Chaos Heavens was once very close to the world where the Celestials hail from. It was much easier to reach. Besides, they also have divine gems that can replenish Yuan Qi. They are called Chaos Crystals. These Chaos Crystals were harvested from the multiverse's void. Each Chaos Crystal was obtained in exchange for the lives of many warriors. Using these Chaos Crystals to replenish Yuan Qi would not lead to the impurity problem. Furthermore, they can be used directly for cultivation."

"Oh? There are such divine gems?"

Yi Yun's eyes lit up. When the mighty figures of the Sinkhole cultivated, Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli were only occasionally used. It wasn't because they could not bring themselves to use them, but because of the numerous side effects. However, Chaos Crystals clearly did not possess this problem. They definitely sounded like a top-grade natural treasure.

"Back when the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch brought me to the Chaos Heavens to break through to become a Godly Monarch, I had a few Chaos Crystals remaining. Unfortunately, after the ancient battle from billions of years ago, I have already finished using them. If not, even giving you just a few Chaos Crystals would make your journey a lot easier."

As Bai Yueyin spoke, Yi Yun suddenly felt a quake in the God Advent Tower's space.


Yi Yun's heart stirred as he extended his hand. He saw a stream of light shoot out from the God Advent Tower and a plump worm appeared in his palm.

It was the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm!

Yi Yun was taken aback as his eyes revealed a look of pleasant surprise.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm had been obtained by Yi Yun in the Nine Li Magus Empire when he first entered the Ancient Ruins world. It was a descendant of the True Dragon, and its blood was very beneficial to Yi Yun's cultivation of the Dragon Emperor Technique.

Later, Yi Yun met Nanxuan Luoyue when he went to the White Lunar Divine Empire. He had also relied on a drop of the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm to stimulate Nanxuan Luoyue's bloodline, extricating her from the torment of consuming pills for decades.

In order to thank Yi Yun, Nanxuan Luoyue had given Yi Yun a teleportation jade slip for entry into the ancient battlefield.

During that period of time, Yi Yun had extracted quite a bit of the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's blood, and as compensation, Yi Yun gave it a lot of precious herbs. It fell into a evolutionary slumber and formed a cocoon inside the God Advent Tower.

The silkworm had been in that state for sixty over years, and with the Azure Lamp of Time's time barrier effect, that equated to centuries.

Finally, the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm had awoken.

This delighted Yi Yun greatly, especially when he was like a tourist who was starving and dying of thirst in a desert to suddenly find an oasis.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm clearly wasn't aware of the situation. It looked at Yi Yun's glimmering eyes and suddenly felt something amiss. Also, where were they? Why was the Yuan Qi so thin?

It shrank its neck backwards and was just about to shrink back into the God Advent Tower when Yi Yun caught it.

"Uh Little guy, let me get some of your blood" Yi Yun said embarrassed.

Ever since the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm decided to follow him, he had been extracting its blood. He had not been very nice to it.

The little guy blinked its eyes, looking extremely aggrieved. It had undergone an evolution, going from the second transformation to the fourth transformation after spending centuries.

Yi Yun caressed the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm and felt that its lifeblood was in a somewhat weak state. He could not bear to take more.

Finally, Yi Yun shook his head and said, "I won't take it. Have a good rest"

Yi Yun discovered that the little guy was extremely frail. It had probably consumed all the energies it had gathered to aid its evolution. If he were to extract its blood now, he would only damage it. And in this area with overly thin Yuan Qi and his little remaining spirit herbs, the blood lost by the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm would be be impossible to replenish.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm looked at Yi Yun with blinking eyes. After a long while, it seemed to figure out something as it lowered its head, ruminating for a very long while before it spat out a tiny bit of blood essence. After that, it shrank back into the God Advent Tower's space.


Yi Yun felt his heart wince when he felt the warm blood essence in his palm.

He knew that the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm had sensed his dilemma. After its transformation, it was in a state of extreme hunger and weakness, but not only did it not replenish its energy, it had even spat out a blob of blood essence. The damage to it must have been unimaginable.

The tiny blob of blood essence was as heavy as a mountain.

Yi Yun did not say a word as he gritted his teeth before swallowing the blob of blood essence.

He shared the same blood lineage as the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm, so its blood essence naturally fused perfectly with Yi Yun. There were no energetic incompatibilities.

The help it brought was truly timely!

"I never expected you to have such a loyal contracted beast. Furthermore, it's a descendant of the True Dragon" Bai Yueyin's voice sounded in Yi Yun's ears.

"Your contracted beast's bloodline is extremely precious. Even when I toured the Chaos Heavens, it was rare to see a precious beast of this pedigree"

Yi Yun fell silent. He was determined to finish the journey and arrive in the Chaos Heavens be it for himself, Lin Xintong, or anyone else!

He transformed into a stream of light as he flew towards the Chaos Heavens!

Amid the boundless expanse, Yi Yun's body was as tiny as a grain of sand; yet, he continued forging forward bravely