True Martial World Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Traveling to the Divine Wilderness
Chapter 157: Traveling to the Divine Wilderness

“Yun’er, that Divine wilderness campground… do you have to go?” Jiang Xiaorou bit her lips and looked at Yi Yun with complex emotions.

Yi Yun did not tell Jiang Xiaorou about the mortality rates in the Divine wilderness campground, but Jiang Xiaorou still found out everything about the Divine wilderness campgrounds.

A 15% mortality rate and a 5% disability rate was too disturbing.

“I’ll be fine.” Yi Yun said seriously.

Hearing Yi Yun’s words, Jiang Xiaorou’s lips moved. She wanted to say something but did not say anything in the end.

Finally, she just gave Yi Yun a gentle hug. She knew Yi Yun had the life he wanted. What he had decided on, she had no way of changing his mind.

A wild horse was destined to belong to the prairie…

Jiang Xiaorou gave everything that Yi Yun could bring with him. She sewed a bag that suited Yi Yun, with a “Rou” embroidered on it. There were well wishes the people of the vast wilderness believed in sewn on the back. She also sewed the protective charm Su Jie had given to Yi Yun within, hoping it would keep Yi Yun safe…

With that, Yi Yun embarked on his journey…

The third day, at the appointed time, the sky had just lit up. Yi Yun carried a beast skin bag that was half the size of a human. He had been waiting in the Jin Long Wei’s square for a long time.

Not long after, Song Zijun’s figure appeared in Yi Yun’s vision.

Both of them nodded at each other. There was not much to say, as they both looked towards the Divine wilderness’s direction.

The two upright figures were like two straight javelins.

When the first golden ray of the Sun appeared, a emerald green speckle appeared in the distant horizon. Its figure grew and soon, it covered the sky.

Yi Yun looked up and secretly clicked his tongue. It was an airship. He had previously seen Lin Xintong in one back in the Cloud Wilderness.

This was a military airship. It was much bigger than the one Lin Xintong was on, but it was less sophisticated.

Airships were the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s air transports that were worthy of praise. Especially the airships that could cross the divine wilderness, they were also called divine ships. They were made by several of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s refinement masters. The metals used were all engraved with runes and arrays. They had strong defenses and many offensive measures. They could overcome the flying desolate beasts in the Divine wilderness.

The famous divine naval fleet of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was comprised of divine boats. It was a national symbol of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s strength.

The divine ship slowly lowered its height. Round droplets of water under its cold metallic belly flashed with the early morning sunlight. A few mysterious ancient runes inscribed on it shrouded the airship in a sacred halo.

Seeing such a mighty airship, Yi Yun’s was pumped. This was the first time he was flying on such a huge flying treasure.

He squeezed the certificate of proof needed for entering the Divine wilderness army.


The airship roared as it suspended itself a hundred meters above the ground. It had stopped its descent.

A thick, black metal chain the size of a water bucket fell from the airship’s belly, crashing into the ground in front of Yi Yun and Song Zijun.

The heavy iron chains stirred up a dust storm.

A cabin door opened in the flying boat’s body. A thin, bald middle-aged man stood there with his hands crossed within his sleeves. Commanding from above, he looked down at Yi Yun and Song Zijun.

“Are you the Divine wilderness campground students that the Divine Capital Jin Long Wei have chosen? Show me your proof!” The man said authoritatively, sending the voice into Yi Yun’s ears, as if he was beside Yi Yun.

Yi Yun and Song Zijun answered and threw the certificate of proof upwards.

After examining the certificate, the middle-aged man nodded, “Good, use the chain to come up here.”

Yi Yun and Song Zijun immediately began climbing up the chains, but they realized the metal chains slid within their hands. It seemed like it was covered in layers of China wood oil.

Thinking about it, it was a small test.

But this test was nothing to Yi Yun and Song Zijun. With their flexibility, they climbed up the chain agilely like monkeys.

Yi Yun was especially outstanding. He climbed up it as if he was walking on flat ground. It made the middle-aged man give him a few more glances.

Upon entering the airship, the leader brought them to the northeast corner of the airship. After explaining some of the rules to be observed in the airship, he left.

When the leader left, Yi Yun took a look around carefully.

Within the airship, there were more than twenty people sitting down.

It came to him that these were participants from neighboring cities. There were many people just around the Divine Capital.

These people were all gallant and manly.

Some of them did not stop cultivating even on the airship. They sat down meditating. Some exhaled heavily, sending out punches. None of them looked relaxed.

This made Yi Yun realize that the people chosen to enter the Divine wilderness campground were not ordinary people!

Yi Yun did not say much to anyone. He sat down on his spot and began regulating his breathing.

Soon, the divine boat flew out of the Divine Capital’s influence. There were about a dozen people who boarded the divine boat in the neighboring cities of the Divine Capital. After flying to more than ten cities in a row, more than 100 people had boarded.

Following that, there was no one else. The divine boat flew higher and higher into the clouds, and with the array activated, it whistled through the air as it left behind a thunderous roar.

Yi Yun could not help but open his eyes and look out the window.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s scenery was a spectacle!

For a person like Yi Yun who came from a small tribal clan, it was a form of training and accumulation of experience to enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains and rivers.

Outside the airship, Yi Yun soon saw a huge roaring river. This river was several hundred miles wide and there were dark shadows within the river. Suddenly a shadow billowed out the waters. It was a giant beast many times the size of a whale. It leaped out from the water and grabbed a giant bird in the sky before diving back into the water.

Yi Yun could not help but be shocked. He had never seen such a murderous water beast.

He also saw there were flocks of strange birds that blocked out the sky in the endless desert. Their wings spanned a hundred feet and their flaps caused the airship to experience turbulence.

Also in the vast ocean, there were many tiny islands appearing out of the water for air. It spit out rainbows. They were actually colossal giant tortoises.

Many wonderful beasts amazed Yi Yun as it was an eye-opening experience.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was extremely vast, but after flying for a few days, the airship charged into a towering giant fortress.

The fortress had a magnificent array within it with countless numbers of crystals that radiated brilliant energy into the sky.

These were the super long-distance arrays.

As the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was too big, and the Divine wilderness was too far away, just flying in the airships were take an extremely long time. Hence, they had to rely on ancient arrays to travel.

Yi Yun counted and they had entered three such magnificent fortress arrays. They had been teleported three times, which was a distance on tens of millions of miles.

Finally, they reached a barren wasteland near the Divine wilderness.

The Lian tribal clan was originally in the Cloud Wilderness, which was beside the Jing state. But the Divine wilderness was at the other end of the Divine Kingdom. Traveling from the Jing state to the Divine wilderness covered a large area of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

The journey was too far.

The setting sun was blood-red as its glow spilled on the airship.

At the top of the airship, there were a few potholes. They were arrays embedded within the extraordinary metal to protect the divine boat. On their journey, they had been attacked twice by desolate beasts. And they left some traces on the metal.

“Divine wilderness! We’ve reached the Divine wilderness!” In the divine boat, someone shouted. Everyone rushed to the hall and looked out.

Yi Yun raised his eyebrows as he looked through the airship’s glass window. He found that in the distance, the fog was dispersed.

It seemed like a jungle’s atmosphere had surged over.


The roar shook the world.

Below them, there was dust all over. There were many large behemoths running on the dust plains. Their hooves rumbled on the ground like thunder.

In the distant horizon, a black jungle spanned across. Each huge tree was like a beam rising into the blue sky.

There were sharp cries in the sky. They were numerous flying beasts swooping around and their razor sharp claws were like blades. A beast that looked like a lion had been grabbed from the chaotic dust storm as its blood smeared the sky.

Even further away, there was a mountain that towered into the clouds. There was a bright light circulating around it like a heaven realm. But this divine realm would shoot out black web-like silk capturing monsters that passed it…

Some of the mountain peaks were also bare and lifeless. A mountain was shrouded by a huge lion in a prone position. Its snores was thundering.

When the airship reached this area, it began to fly more carefully. It flew to an even higher altitude.

Below the airship was endless mountain stretches.

Occasionally, a large black swamp or sweltering desert could be seen.

There were mountain piles of white skeletons in those places.

“This is the Divine wilderness…” Yi Yun took a deep breath for the Divine wilderness was too mighty and dreadful.

“Look, isn’t that a Crackling Fire Beast?!” Someone suddenly said as Yi Yun looked down. He saw in the wilderness plains below the flying boat were small mountains of bones. Within these bones, there was something flowing like lava. It was apparently a Crackling Fire Beast.

But now, the Crackling Fire Beast had been killed. Its innards were exposed and a colorful huge bird was sitting on it, devouring its flesh.

Yi Yun’s eyes twitched. He knew that the Cloud Wilderness also had Crackling Fire Beasts, and was a well-known beast in the Cloud Wilderness. But in the Divine wilderness, it had became the prey of the colorful huge bird.

There was danger at every turn in the Divine wilderness. It was daunting. Compared to the Cloud Wilderness, it was at a totally different level.

The Cloud Wilderness was a barren land with little Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Hence, it could not give birth to treasures or strong desolate beasts.

There was a lack of types like grand giant beasts that were of the primordial species.

The Cloud Wilderness’s strongest desolate beasts would enter desolate wastes to the north of the Desolate Human Valley. The desolate wastes were two completely different places from the Cloud Wilderness.

But the Divine wilderness was different. It had countless numbers of grand giant beasts within it.

Normal people could survive, with great difficulty, in the Cloud Wilderness, but in the Divine wilderness, there were no normal people. Very few people treaded these lands. There were legends that there were mysterious tribes within that had special blood heritage. They were mysterious and powerful!