True Martial World Chapter 1570

Chapter 1570: Resolving A Major Issue With Little Effort
Chapter 1570: Resolving A Major Issue With Little Effort
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"What did you say? Me seeking help from the likes of you?" Songyue looked at Yi Yun as though he was mad.

She had endured through immense difficulties in the cultivation of the Crystal Refinement Technique by tightening her belt to spend money on incomplete heritage. She began training from ore slag and, with perseverance and consistency, she finally accomplished her present-day achievements. And now, a guy who was new to the Chaos Heavens and knew nothing was making such a bold statement?

"If you are that impressive, I guess joining our team has really been a burden on you," said Songyue sarcastically as she glared at Tie Mu. What sort of person did Tie Mu acquaint himself with? It was no wonder he offended Cang Gu. Such a person with grandiose aims but puny abilities would be the first batch of cannon fodder to be eliminated in the Chaos Heavens.

Tie Mu was at a loss as to what to say. What had gotten into Yi Yun's mind? Why was he spouting words that made less and less sense?

"Get to work! Ignore him!"

Songyue gave the command. This was the second time she was beginning the crystal refining. The Crystal Refining Furnace was filled with ore, but this time only about half of what her previous attempt entailed. This was because Songyue had expended too much energy previously, so refining that much was already a challenge of her limits.

Taishan, Tie Mu, and Chuan went through the prescribed order by injecting their energies into the Crystal Refining Furnace as Songyue began forming the marks.

Although Songyue did not believe one bit of Yi Yun's words, she was especially careful when forming the marks. Her speed at forming the marks also slowed down drastically because she could not afford to fail.

These few days were critical for her future!

Master Duanmu was recruiting apprentices, an extremely rare opportunity for her! Faced with intense competition, Songyue had little chance, so she needed to do well.

If the furnace really exploded, not only would she have to pay the high cost of compensation, but her hopes of becoming Master Duanmu's apprentice would be nothing but a dream.

Songyue was fully focused as she entered an ethereal state. Her eyes were only filled with the ores and the Crystal Refining Furnace.

As such, Taishan, Tie Mu, and Chuan seemed to face a test. Songyue was giving her all, so they did the same.

As time passed, Taishan and Tie Mu's bronze skin was covered in sweat. Yet, they they could not afford the time to wipe it off.

Yi Yun watched by the side idly. He could tell how focused Songyue's attitude towards the crystal refinement was and that she was a diligent woman. Unfortunately, many a time in the martial world, the outcome of putting in immense efforts would still be failure.

Yi Yun's perception was locked onto the piece of ore inside the Crystal Refining Furnace that had been tampered with. The ore's array formation was very intricately designed, allowing it to perfectly hide itself inside the cauldron's flames. It was already beginning to accumulate its energies.

The heat from the flame, the Yuan Qi from Songyue, and the energies from the Chaos Ores were seeping into the concealed array formation bit by bit. The energy it consumed was extremely minute, something that Songyue could not detect at all.

Once the concealed array formation had gathered the sufficient energy, it activated. It was not very strong and, in fact, very weak, but it was like a drop of water that dripped into a pot of boiling hot oil.

The outcome was like the spurting of oil!


The cauldron flames turned fervent as the tongues of flames began sweeping. The entire Crystal Refining Furnace began to quiver as the ores inside jumped vigorously like frying beans.


Songyue's expression changed. What's happening!?

At that instant, she sensed that the energies gathered in her marks were turning chaotic. The Yuan Qi in the ores were like horses that had escaped their reins, galloping freely in the Crystal Refining Furnace.

"Ka Ka Ka!"

One Chaos Ore after another began to crack!

The cracks constantly widened, and once they completely cracked, the energies would be released like a flood. Then, there was only one outcomethe explosion of the furnace!

Just the mere thought of a furnace explosion drained the color from Songyue's face.

The next few days were critical for her future. She absolutely could not afford such a huge mistake.

However, why did the energy turn chaotic? Songyue had been very careful with every step she took in her second crystal refinement process. She believed that she did not make any mistakes, and even if the refinement failed, it would not have led to the explosion of the furnace. This was definitely abnormal.

Songyue naturally remembered what Yi Yun had said. He said that refining the ores would result in a furnace explosion.

At that moment, Songyue was high strung. She used all her energy to control the chaotic energies within the Crystal Refining Furnace, so much that she did not even dare turn her head to look at Yi Yun. All she could do was look at him through the corner of her eyes. Her face was filled with anxiety.

Tie Mu and company had also sensed something amiss. Their energies were connected to the Crystal Refining Furnace's array formation, so they could clearly sense the chaotic energies inside.

Once it exploded, not only would it destroy the expensive Crystal Refining Furnace, but it would also injure them!

And with the next mining expedition happening shortly, any injuries now would no doubt bring them one step closer to death.

"Senior Sister Songyue, what's happening!?" Taishan asked anxiously. If he had not been taken care of by Songyue usually, he would have abandoned the furnace and fled.

"Senior Sister Songyue!" Tie Mu said as well, while looking towards Yi Yun.

All of this had really developed as Yi Yun had said

"Yi Yun You You knew that the Crystal Refining Furnace would explode?"

Songyue managed to split a wisp of her psyche energy with great difficulty as she sent Yi Yun a voice transmission. She could not bear the consequences of an exploded Crystal Refining Furnace.

"You went through such great efforts to divert your attention and send me a voice transmission, only to say such pointless words to me?" said Yi Yun in an unhurried manner.

His sentence made Songyue choke back on the remaining words she had to say.


"What about me? I already warned you, but you were the one who refused to listen. And now, you are asking me something that has obviously happened? You still had about thirty seconds left, but you have less than fifteen seconds now. By the way, as you were attempting to bind the energy within the Crystal Refining Furnace, those energies were becoming increasingly accumulated. The explosion's might will likely not be something you can withstand."

When Yi Yun said that, Taishan and Tie Mu were dumbfounded.

They would be heavily injured from the explosion in fifteen seconds!

But if they were to flee now, the Crystal Refining Furnace would explode immediately. Songyue's outcome was obvious!

"Brother Yi, what should we do now?"

Tie Mu burned with anxiety. Although the pocket world had a Godly Monarch Crystal Refinement Master presiding over it, he was a person of higher stature than Master Duanmu. He was in charge of making sure the rules were followed, so how was it possible for a Godly Monarch to help them?

"Yi Yun, you previously mentioned that you can help when you are required?" Songyue suddenly recalled Yi Yun's words. Now, all she could do was seek Yi Yun's help as a desperate attempt in a hopeless situation.

"I said that you need to pay the appropriate price." Yi Yun answered unhurriedly.

Now, there were less than six seconds. They were on the brink of an explosion!

"I'll agree to any price you want!"

Songyue nearly shouted that out. Her eyes were already bloodshot for she was already at her limits!

"I want all the ore slag in your interspatial ring as well as five kilograms of refined ores!"

Songyue was taken aback when she heard that. Yi Yun was gorging her!

"You are fishing in troubled waters!"

Yi Yun did not reply as Songyue was close to tears. However, she knew that this was all a result of her own choices. She had ignored Yi Yun when he warned her; now, the price for seeking Yi Yun's help had naturally gone up. He had made it clear from the beginning.

With regards to this, Songyue could only accept the outcome of her poor choices.

Even if she risked the end of the greatest opportunity of her lifetime, she did not wish to see Taishan, Tie Mu, and Chuan implicated.

"I will compensate you in the future, but I need these now," said Yi Yun tersely.

It was as though this sentence gave Songyue confidence. She gritted her teeth, took off her interspatial ring, and flicked it straight at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun phased away and appeared in front of the Crystal Refining Furnace. Simultaneously, he allowed the interspatial ring to enter the God Advent Tower space within him.

He grabbed the Crystal Refining Furnace with one hand!

"What are you doing? Don't you want your hand anymore!?"

Songyue was alarmed. The temperature the Crystal Refining Furnace had was unimaginable. Even warriors would be instantly burnt from placing their hands on the furnace's surface.

However, Yi Yun did not seem to hear Songyue as his hand pressed onto the Crystal Refining Furnace.

Immediately, his Yuan Qi surged into the Crystal Refining Furnace!

Yi Yun was extremely weak at the moment and his Yuan Qi appeared to be on a completely different level when placed on the backdrop of the Crystal Refining Furnace's chaotic energies. It looked like a puny attempt by an ant to shake a tree. Upon seeing this, Songyue felt despair. How could they stop the explosion?

Yet, purple points of light suddenly lit up the next moment around the Crystal Refining Furnace. Each point of light was a tiny nomological mark. Before Songyue could identify the nomological marks, the marks were injected into the Crystal Refining Furnace.

At that moment, it was as though an ice-cold sea had been splashed at boiling magma. The chaotic energies suddenly cooled down and were absorbed by a formless energy

This is

Songyue found it unbelievable. How did Yi Yun do it? How did he calm down such chaotic energies with his weak Yuan Qi!?

"You are a Crystal Refinement Master?"

Songyue subconsciously came to a possibility that left her astounded; however, why would he ask Tie Mu what a Crystal Refinement Master was if he was one?

"I'm not."

"But how did you"

"It's simply resolving a major issue with little effort. What's so strange about it? Someone was able to use a tiny array formation to stir the ores' energy in the furnace to make it explode. On the contrary, I used a small and weak amount of energy to calm it down. That's all."

How how was that the same?

Songyue was left completely speechless. It was possible for a tiny spark to set a prairie ablaze, but was it possible to use a single drop of water to put out a prairie fire?

Of course, there was no way for Songyue to know that Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal. His ability to control energy was unparalleled.

And at that moment, Yi Yun had already found the source of the explosion, which was also the concealed array formation that was planted by someone. Although the array formation was intricate, it did not possess much might. Yi Yun reduced it to ashes with a mere thought!

"It's done!"

After Yi Yun completed this feat, he immediately retracted his Yuan Qi and psyche energy. After all, he had only borrowed the powers of the Purple Crystal. It was alright if he only ameliorated the explosive situation, but if he were to absorb the energies within the Crystal Refining Furnace, he would likely garner the attention of the Godly Monarch who presided over the area. He would then be in danger.

If not for his lack of Chaos Ores and low Yuan Qi, he would not have taken action at all.