True Martial World Chapter 1571

Chapter 1571: Ambrosia
Chapter 1571: Ambrosia
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"Brother Yi Yun, did you just say that everything is okay now?"

Tie Mu was taken aback. The terrifying explosion that nearly left him in despair had been resolved by Yi Yun in just a simple move or two? The entire process did not even take him ten seconds. Was he dreaming?

But when he looked at Songyue, he knew deep down that Yi Yun had really resolved the problem since he saw Songyue clearly heave a sigh of relief.

If not for Songyue's need to keep controlling the Crystal Refining Furnace, she would probably have slumped to the ground.

"Brother Yi Yun, how did you do it?" Tie Mu's shock only kept increasing. He had seen Yi Yun arrive on this ore mining spirit cruiser in a seemingly wretched state, an existence that looked no different from cannon fodder. He never imagined that Yi Yun could be this capable.

"Are there Crystal Refinement Masters from the universe you come from?" asked Tie Mu out of curiosity.

Yi Yun shook his head. Back in the lower realms, there were Desolate Heaven Masters. In the 12 Empyrean Heavens and the Sinkhole, there were alchemists. Both lineages shared several things in common; their differences stemming only from the variations in available material between the worlds.

The name 'Crystal Refinement Master' was the only thing that Yi Yun was hearing about for the first time. He had never even imagined that ore refinement would become a profession.

"I don't think so either. Only the crevices in the multiverse have Chaos Crystal ores"

"But that's impossible. If you don't know the Crystal Refinement Technique, how are you" Tie Mu appeared completely confounded.

"Alright, stop questioning him." Songyue interrupted Tie Mu. She could tell that Yi Yun was not interesting in commenting on the subject.

But without a doubt, Yi Yun had extraordinary means. It might very well stem from a mystic art that his universe had, or even a domain which the Chaos Heavens had yet to explore.


At that moment, Yi Yun's nerves tightened for he sensed a powerful perception sweep through him!

Although the perception was concealed, it brought with it an immense suppression. He had the feeling of having his soul sea seen through in an instant.

A Godly Monarch!

Yi Yun knew that it was from the Godly Monarch Crystal Refinement Master in the immortal palace above him. Although he did not pay close attention to the refinements done by juniors beneath him, he had ultimately sensed something amiss.

"Seal off your mind!"

Bai Yueyin's voice resounded in Yi Yun's mind. In fact, Yi Yun had done so without Bai Yueyin's exhortation. Ever since he stepped into the ore refinement pocket world, he had converged his dantian and carefully concealed his Yuan Qi and psyche energy.

Yi Yun sensed that Bai Yueyin's soul force had spread out like a web, fusing her presence with his soul sea.

Yi Yun did not resist Bai Yueyin at that critical moment. They were now in the same boat, and if anything untoward were to happen to Yi Yun, Bai Yueyin would be doomed as well.


The Godly Monarch's perception swept past Yi Yun, but failed to discover anything odd about him. Yi Yun's cultivation level had also been concealed.

Yi Yun's soul was powerful to begin with. In addition, there was Bai Yueyin, an ancient Godly Monarch, so even the Godly Monarch Crystal Refinement Master in the immortal palace failed to discover anything odd when the duo combined their forces.

"This little guy is quite interesting"

Inside the immortal palace, a purple-robed elder opened his eyes while enveloped in a layer of black mist. But immediately following that, he closed his eyes again.

He had lived for so long that few things in this world could excite him.

He did not pay attention to Songyue's crystal refinement process, but he knew that she had encountered a problem with her Crystal Refining Furnace. He had not paid any attention originally, since he did not bother with trivial matters such as furnace explosions. However, he never expected that the explosion he predicted would suddenly be stopped. The Crystal Refining Furnace had miraculously calmed down and the person who had resolved the situation seemed to be the weak Yi Yun.

This surprised the purple-robed elder, but it was only a light surprise. Throughout his long lifespan, he encountered numerous juniors with decent abilities and secrets. Gaining his attention would require a sufficient level of prowess.

In the hundreds of millions of years, only a handful of juniors had won his attention. These few of them had been recruited as his disciples, but Yi Yun was still far from reaching his required standard.

"Yi Yun, thank you. I apologize for mocking you." Songyue was one who could go with the flow even though Yi Yun had fleeced her by raising a bold condition, taking away three years of her savings at once. She had lived frugally to save that up to aid her breakthrough to the Supremacy realm.

Even though it was a heavy price, Songyue found it much better than a furnace explosion. She had no wish to implicate Taishan and company, much less lose her chance of becoming Master Duanmu's apprentice.

"You said that I offended someone and was plotted against?" Songyue asked Yi Yun as she recalled his words.

"That's likely the case. One of the ores you used had been tampered with."

"Then, I guess I know who it was" Songyue took a deep breath as a cold glint flashed in her eyes.

She never expected that person to take action at this critical juncture of her being highly likely to become Master Duanmu's apprentice. What a vile person.

"In that case, be careful. I wish to cultivate in seclusion. I won't be joining you for a while."

Yi Yun had no intention of refining ore from the start. He had come here hoping to abuse the situation by absorbing energies with his Purple Crystal to recover his strength. His plan had failed, but thanks to Songyue, he now had no need to worry about having material to absorb.

"Alright. There's really no need for you to do such things. However you have to be careful of Cang Gu" warned Songyue.

"Thank you." Yi Yun bade Songyue farewell before returning to his residence.

The moment he entered his room, Yi Yun set up restraints to prevent spying. Meanwhile, Bai Yueyin released her perception from within Yi Yun's soul sea to help check his surroundings.

With Bai Yueyin's Godly Monarch-level perception, there was nothing that could escape her.

"Go ahead and cultivate. There doesn't seem to be anyone who will pay any attention to you on this ore mining cruiser. Quickly replenish Xintong's lifeblood forces."

"Got it."

Yi Yun immediately entered the God Advent Tower's space and took out Songyue's interspatial ring. He extended his hand to swipe the ring, producing a large pile of ore slag.

There was more than fifty thousand kilograms!

To other warriors, the amount of ore slag would be quite substantial in value, but it could only be used as fertilizer. Absorbing the energy in the ore slag to cultivate was just too slow. It was not worth it.

However, such a problem naturally did not exist for Yi Yun, who had the Purple Crystal.

He sank his perception deep into the Purple Crystal as a purple energy vortex appeared in his dantian. Immediately, a storm seemed to stir in the God Advent Tower's pocket world.

All the ore slag was reduced to smithereens by the storm, and the energy contained within was forcibly sucked up by the Purple Crystal.

Hum Hum Hum!

As the storms swirled, Yi Yun felt that his weak dantian which was akin to a dried river bed was welcoming a precious rain.

His Yuan Qi was constantly rising!

His strength had returned!

Having been weak for too long, the sudden acquirement of strength left Yi Yun intoxicated.

However, it was still insufficient!

Yi Yun's dantian was as deep as the sea. Although a bout of rain did restore some of his strength, he was still far from his peak strength.

"And that's all of it"

Yi Yun was hardly contented seeing the ore slag which formed a tiny hill in front of him turn to ash.

There was just too little. He had been famished for more than ten years. The few crude ores he had absorbed felt like he had eaten a grain of rice, and now, the ore slag only felt like he had eaten a mouthful of rice.

His dantian was still very empty.

"The energy contained in ore slag can't compare to crude ores in purity. I feel it's slightly inferior, but I wonder what effects these refined ores will have"

Yi Yun took out an intricate wooden box from Songyue's interspatial ring. He opened it to reveal a neat row of hexagonal crystals.

Each hexagonal crystal had energy patterns left on them, making them look extremely pretty.

"Oh? These refined ores have labels on them?"

Yi Yun noticed that each hexagonal crystal had an emblem. They marked the date based on the Chaos Heavens' calendar. Yi Yun guessed that the marks were written by Songyue every time she received a hexagonal crystal.

Upon seeing this, Yi Yun felt a little sorry for Songyue. For her to have such a unique habit, it likely had to do with how rare refined ores were. It resulted in her cherishing every ore she received.

"It's not easy for Songyue to live in the Chaos Heavens. I took away all her savings in one go, so she's likely feeling the pinch. When I recover my strength, I'll return the favor"

With this thought in mind, Yi Yun summoned the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was asleep and already extremely weak. Its originally plump body was now dry and shriveled. It looked like a sea cucumber that had been left drying in the sun.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was quite unhappy after being awakened, but before it could express its displeasure, its tiny nose began twitching.


The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm widened its eyes as it stared at the refined ores in Yi Yun's hands.

Yi Yun's mind was linked to the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's. He could sense the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's strong desire to devour them. In fact, there was no need for sensing. The little guy's saliva was already dribbling in plain sight.

"Don't think about eating it all. Each of us gets half."

Yi Yun knew that the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was a glutton. This bit of refined ores was not even enough for an appetizer.

"Wu Wu"

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm felt a little aggrieved knowing that it had so little to eat.

"Eat. In time, I will obtain some spirit herbs that can replenish your lifeblood."

Refined ores could only replenish energies. The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm and Lin Xintong still needed their lifeblood replenished. This required Yi Yun to seek out natural treasures.

Natural treasures in the Chaos Heavens were certainly expensive. To obtain them, Yi Yun would naturally need to acquire copious amounts of wealth.

All of this required a sound strategy.

Yi Yun temporarily put the matter aside as he sat cross-legged inside the God Advent Tower's space. With a smack of his hand, the remaining refined ores in the wooden box shattered, transforming into wisps of pure energy that flew towards him.

In just thirty seconds, all the refined ores turned to white dust. Yi Yun absorbed the energies within, allowing his dantian to be nourished once again, as his strength grew.

"The effects of refined ores are indeed much better than crude ores."

Yi Yun's eyes lit up. He discovered that the energy within Chaos Ores improved greatly in quality through the purification process. This was akin to how refined elixirs had better effects for warriors despite the fact that they could just directly consume natural treasures.