True Martial World Chapter 1572

Chapter 1572: Xuanyuan Dune
Chapter 1572: Xuanyuan Dune
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Yi Yun's cultivation lasted three days and three nights. Due to the limited energy, he made sure to absorb every wisp of Yuan Qi completely, wasting not one bit.

It had been years since Yi Yun had to be so frugal. Back in the Sinkhole, he always used supreme-grade pills and artifacts. Spirit Pills that people prepared for their breakthrough to become Godly Monarchs were used for his Divine Lord breakthrough.

"Although my body has regained a bit of strength, my dantian feels even emptier." The feeling of an empty dantian was similar to the way mortals felt on an empty stomach. When mortal warriors were starving, they had the feeling that they could eat an entire horse. And now, Yi Yun felt he could eat an entire Ancient Fey.

He cultivated his body, and as his Dragon Emperor bloodline had evolved as a result of transcending the Heavenly Tribulation, the hunger of his body inundated him with the recovery of his strength.

Yi Yun leaped out of the God Advent Tower's space as he phased away, appearing outside Tie Mu's room.

"Brother Tie Mu!"

"Brother Yi, you are done with your seclusion?" Tie Mu quickly walked out of his room when he heard Yi Yun's voice. Ever since Yi Yun saved the day by preventing the Crystal Refining Furnace from exploding, Tie Mu thought differently of Yi Yun. He had a nagging feeling that there was something extraordinary about Yi Yun.

"Brother Yi, you seem to have recovered a little. But why does it seem like you still have insufficient Yuan Qi? Did you not use the refined ores Senior Sister Songyue gave you?"

With Tie Mu's level of acuity, he naturally could not tell how massive Yi Yun's dantian was or how tumultuous his lifeblood was. All he could see was the surface of things.

"Brother Yi, no offense, but we are about to enter the mines soon. The danger that mining poses is unimaginable. You should not be scrimping at such a moment in time. It's indeed quite a waste for us to use refined ores, but isn't life more important? After all, no ore is spent by the dead!"

From Tie Mu's point of view, just half a refined ore was sufficient to restore a warrior of their realms to pinnacle state.

Yi Yun only asked with a smile, "How much longer before we enter the mines?"

"In a day or two. Brother Yi, you offended" Tie Mu gestured at Cang Gu's residence with his eyes.

"Are there any restrictions when entering the mines? What happens if someone secretly absorbs the Yuan Qi in the mines?"

"There are obviously restrictions." Tie Mu nodded. "However, these restrictions are only targeted at supreme-grade ores. As for crude ores, no one will care how much you absorb. Inside the mining zone, life and death depends on fate. Mining is not something that happens in a day or two. You will remain inside for a prolonged period of time. Combat is not to be avoided. How you replenish your energies all depends on your capabilities. If we aren't even allowed to absorb the Yuan Qi from crude ores, wouldn't we be killed by other mining companies?"

"Other mining companies?" Yi Yun's brows pricked up.

"Don't tell me you think that the Chaos mine in this multiverse crack belongs to Taixia alone? The mining zone is stupendously large. There are many factions in the Chaos Heavens whose enterprise depends on mining. All of them will be here to take their share of the loot. Of course, one has to have a strong fist to be able to hold one's ground. Those itinerant cultivators can forget about touching it. They would be killed before they enter the mining zone."

"Got it." Yi Yun nodded.

"Brother Yi Yun, you should not be unworried just because you can replenish your energies in the mining zone. Finding ores to absorb energy from in the mining zone is extremely difficult. If you aren't strong enough, you will die before finding them."

"Got it." Yi Yun smiled. He never expected there to be people from other factions. From the looks of it, the strife in the Chaos mining zone was destined to be bloody.

Yi Yun bade Tie Mu farewell and meditated alone in his room for two days and two nights. That day, a clanging sound suddenly resounded through the mining cruiser.

The meditating Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes. He knew that the sound meant that they had arrived at the Chaos mining zone!

The Taixia Ancient Mining's mining spirit cruiser would choose two or three Chaos mining zones every voyage. The target they had gone to the first time was a slightly smaller mining zone, but the second one was the biggest mining zone in the Chaos Heavens.

This mining zone was named Xuanyuan Dune!

It was also the destination of the Taixia mining spirit cruiser!

"Everyone, gather!"

A voice with bold undertones resounded amid the spirit cruiser. Yi Yun identified it as Steward Zhou's voice.

People quickly rushed to the square of the palace in the middle. Steward Zhou stood on a muster roll platform. It exuded an ancient and mighty aura. Yi Yun could tell that it was an impressive enchanted artifact.

In fact, when the spirit cruiser passed through the first mining zone, more than half its crew had died. However, that did not matter. Most of the ones who died in the first zone were cannon fodder! The truly elite could survive, and the Xuanyuan Dune mining zone was where their results really mattered!

"I will cut things short. Everyone who is heading to the Xuanyuan Dune, come here to receive the array formation's seal!"

The death rate in the Xuanyuan Dune was very high. Those in the spirit cruiser's crew who were Crystal Refinement Masters did not need to head to the Xuanyuan Dune.

However, ordinary miners had to go. They had no choice.

To many people, entering the mines was a gamble for their lives.

But if they were to dig out precious ores, the Taixia Ancient Mining would reward them handsomely! These rewards included pills that could aid in breaking through to the Supremacy or Divine Lord realm, massive amounts of refined ores, and the core cultivation technique heritage of Taixia, and even Chaos Crystals!

Taixia had many people who became nouveau riche because of mining. Through the resources rewarded to them by Taixia, they became Divine Lords.

Even in the Chaos Heavens, Divine Lords were not commonplace. To many people, the Divine Lord realm remained a massive chasm that could hardly be scaled.

Among the group of people setting out, Yi Yun saw Songyue. Songyue had already changed into martial attire. A long whip wound around her waist, accentuating her perfect figure.

Upon seeing Songyue, Yi Yun was taken aback. He originally believed that Songyue would not come. After all, every Crystal Refinement Master was a precious talent to Taixia.

But Yi Yun immediately came to a realization that after he took away all of Songyue's savings, Songyue had no choice but to risk entering the mines due to her sudden lack of resources needed for cultivation, recuperation, or Yuan Qi restoration. If not, she would enter a vicious cycle. Besides, she had an enemy in Taixia who was unlikely to let her off easily.

With this in mind, Yi Yun touched his nose embarrassingly. If he countered the time he had spent in the Azure Lamp of Time, Songyue was likely younger than him. Yi Yun felt that he gone a little overboard for putting a young lady in such a predicament.

"You are entering the Xuanyuan Dune on your first mining trip. On top of that, you offended Cang Gu. Take care of yourself." Songyue exhorted him when she noticed his gaze.


Yi Yun nodded. At that moment, he had already walked in front of the roll muster platform.

When Yi Yun passed through it, the roll muster platform glowed brightly!


An ancient and complicated array pattern shot out from the platform and entered Yi Yun's dantian.

Yi Yun felt a jolt through his heart, but he did not resist it, allowing the array pattern to enter.

He knew that this was the so-called array formation restriction which Tie Mu mentioned. It was to prevent precious ores from being absorbed by miners.