True Martial World Chapter 1573

Chapter 1573: Roll Muster Platforms Restriction
Chapter 1573: Roll Muster Platform's Restriction
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"The roll muster platform beneath your feet is an ancient artifact refined out of a type of xenomorphic ore" As Yi Yun was implanted with a mark, Bai Yueyin's voice sounded in his soul sea. "Xenomorphic ores are entangled. This platform's ore can note down records of other Chaos Ores you obtain. When the time comes, the Taixia Ancient Mining would go according to the records to make you produce the corresponding number of ores."

What the Taixia Ancient Mining truly paid attention to was the extremely rare xenomorphic ores.

And ordinary crude ores were only used to maintain the Taixia Ancient Mining's daily expenses.

The rare ores were moved up the chain of command and refined by the upper echelons of Taixia or be used to purchase rare treasures.

The upper echelons of Taixia were the soul of Taixia Ancient Mining. It was only inevitable that ordinary warriors were squeezed by them.

Taixia's cut of the miners' harvest was not fixed. Many a time, the rare xenomorphic ores were difficult to appraise, but when handed to Taixia, they would basically be exchanged for cultivation techniques or Divine Lord pills. Of course, Yi Yun viewed that as a highly imbalanced trade.

However, ordinary warriors often had no choice. This was because they had no means of entering the mining zone without coming under the Taixia Ancient Mining's banner. Having no means to obtain cultivation techniques, it would be extremely difficult for them to make any progress in the cultivation of martial arts!

"A kind warning. Do not stash away any ore. The outcome would be harsh if discovered! In addition, although these xenomorphic ores are high in value, you will not be able to process them even with them in your possession. Without Crystal Refinement Masters to extract and purify them, direct absorption will lead to your body exploding. If you attempt to sell it, you might even put a target on your heads.

"If you are done with your preparations, you can set off now!"

Steward Zhou waved his hand as the cruiser's hatch opened. Through the hatch, Yi Yun saw a massive but ancient continent covered in smoke. It was so vast that it stretched deep into the void.

"Everyone, board a spatial shuttle in your teams to reach the Xuanyuan Dune"

The Taixia's spirit cruiser was docked at a spot which was still quite a distance from the Xuanyuan Dune.

And on the spatial shuttle assigned to Yi Yun's team, Yi Yun saw a personCang Gu.

He was dressed in black robes. His thin and short body coupled with his pale face made him resemble a corpse.

Upon sensing Yi Yun's gaze, he chuckled as his smile suffused a sinister air.

Yi Yun ignored him and directly stepped into the spatial shuttle.

Behind Yi Yun was Taishan, Tie Mu, Songyue, and Chuan.

The spatial shuttle was huge, about ten meters long, allowing six people to stand in it while still having ample room.


Cang Gu directed the spatial shuttle as he tore through the void and flew towards the Xuanyuan Dune.

The other miners on the spirit cruiser also boarded their shuttles. Although there was quite a number of people, they were comparable to dust when compared to massive Xuanyuan Dune. It was completely unnoticeable.

On the spatial shuttle, Yi Yun was constantly studying the patterns that had been injected into his body. He discovered that the patterns were a kind of tracing mark. With the mark, any miner that attempted to flee would definitely be caught. Besides, there was still their contract with the Taixia Ancient Mining.

"These patterns are not difficult for me to crack, but I'm still lacking in strength. It's imperative I recover my strength"

Yi Yun muttered to himself. Even Steward Zhou was just at the Divine Lord realm. His strength was on par with Eclipse Arhat's or Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's level. He posed zero threat to Yi Yun.

The tracing patterns that the Taixia Ancient Mining planted were sufficient to keep the average warrior in line. However, how could the Taixia Ancient Mining imagine that a freak like Yi Yun would join their mining teams out of no choice?

The Taixia Ancient Mining's teams did not head straight for the deeper depths of the Xuanyuan Dune. Instead, they stopped along its periphery.

There was a city here!

It was not strange. Many major factions came to the Xuanyuan Dune to mine perennially. Services had to be provided to them.

The city's scale was not huge. It was only about tens of kilometers in diameter. The buildings were nothing opulent; they even gave off an ancient and solemn feeling. Nearly all the buildings were constructed from the boulders mined from within the Xuanyuan Dune. The walls of many buildings were never sanded, revealing their jagged edges.

Most of the pedestrians on the streets were either masked or cloaked in black. In short, it made it difficult to identify them.

However, Yi Yun could tell that most of the pedestrians were not humans!

This was the Chaos Heavens, a universe filled with a hundred races!

As Yi Yun walked along the city streets, he saw many stalls. Some sold weapons or pills. There were also some that sold all kinds of ores. Yi Yun even saw an alley which sold slaves.

Huge platforms lined the stalls in the alley. The slaves on the platforms were of both sexes and of a variety of races.

Although the male slaves wore shabby clothes, many of them had great physical strength. Their prices were highly disparate according to their different cultivation levels. They could be used as miners and the seller had already planted slave marks in them. Once a new owner paid the price, these slaves would do their new master's bidding.

As for the female slaves, many of them were used for sexual cultivation. Yi Yun saw many female Fey. Their figures were excellent and were probably forced by their sellers to reveal characteristics of their Fey heritagecat ears, foxtails, fish scales by the corner of their eyes, etc.

The ratio of men to women in the Xuanyuan Dune was highly imbalanced, with many people possibly staying in the Xuanyuan Dune for more than a decade. As such, these female slaves were used to release any pent up desires. Their fates were obvious.

This was a bloody and dark world that had no concealed rules.

Strength was supreme, allowing one to do anything they desired!

Although the Sinkhole worked on the same principle, it was obfuscated by a layer of righteousness. However, the Chaos Heavens was completely unmarred in that respect.

"This is the trading zone. If there's anything you need, you can buy some stuff. I will be here the entire time. The ore mining period will last a year," a voluptuous woman with slender hips said.

She was Purple Succubus, deputy hall lord the Taixia Ancient Mining's Purple Light Hall. Back when Yi Yun first joined the Taixia Ancient Mining, it was she who paid him his first salary. Now, Yi Yun was also under the Purple Light Hall's jurisdiction.

The Purple Light Hall had more than twenty teams under itCang Gu's team being one of them.

However, Cang Gu was from the Soul race. In terms of his mental strength or individual strength, he was abnormally powerful. Rumor had it that Cang Gu's strength was even stronger than certain hall lords.

If not for Cang Gu's sinister character and him being prone to mood swings, he would probably have become one of the hall lords of Taixia.

"Hehe! All of you will be joining me. Now, we shall buy some supplements."

Cang Gu licked his lips as he said to Yi Yun and company. Without Cang Gu leading the way, the average warrior was like a headless fly since the Xuanyuan Dune was just too huge. Finding Chaos Ores was far from simple. It was even possible that Tie Mu and company would be killed before they could find any replenishment.