True Martial World Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576: Back to the Peak

Cang Gu's interspatial ring felt a little heavy to the touch. This surprised Yi Yun slightly. His senses immediately told him that the ring had been constructed from Chaos Ores.

The methods and materials used to create Chaos Heavens' spatial treasures were different from the Sinkhole's. Thus, they were able to have even greater capacities.

"You… you will die a horrible death."

Cang Gu's body was bleeding profusely. His teeth had been smashed in, but his throat could still produce sound.

When he saw Yi Yun take away his interspatial ring, he felt a tug at his heart. That was all the wealth he had accumulated over the years.

But now, Yi Yun had taken it all.

How could he not be angry that the person who had pushed him to the brink of death was taking away the wealth he had gone to arduous efforts to accumulate?

There was no way he could die in peace!

"Little bastard… If you kill me, Taixia will know… Someone will seek revenge for me… They will tear you apart and torture you for thousands of years…" Cang Gu said as he gnashed his teeth. Even though there were few left in his mouth.

But as that last word escaped his lips, his voice came to a halt. Yi Yun had stomped his face with one foot.


Cang Gu's already cracked skull cracked another time as he convulsed, spewing even more blood.

Yi Yun kicked Cang Gu up before punching him in the heart.


Cang Gu's heart exploded upon the powerful impact. Meanwhile, Yi Yun's destruction energies surged into Cang Gu's soul. As a member of the Soul race, the core of his body was his soul sea. However, his soul sea dissipated the moment Yi Yun's energy surge hit it. Following that, his soul was wiped out of existence.

"He's dead…"

Tie Mu and company gulped mouthfuls of saliva. Songyue's face was ghastly pale. They could not have figured that the usually sickly-looking Yi Yun was actually that ruthless.

Songyue instantly came to the realization that Yi Yun had deliberately concealed his prowess when he came to Taixia. He managed to expertly conceal his strength, making it so no one realized how terrifying he was.

Now, with them in the Xuanyuan Dune, Yi Yun was like a tiger out of a cage. He could do as he pleased.

Upon realizing Yi Yun was looking at her, Songyue's heart tightened. She subconsciously took a step back. The present Yi Yun could kill them with a mere thought.

Yi Yun could see the fear in Songyue's and Tie Mu's hearts. He said, "There's no need to be afraid. I will not attack unless attacked. Besides, I'm indebted to Miss Songyue. Without your refined ores, I would not have defeated Cang Gu today.

"All of you can now leave, or follow me on this journey. I will seek a safe place, allowing all of you to reap a sufficient harvest and survive this year in peace."

After Yi Yun said so, he looked at Songyue and company. They hesitated momentarily, but none of them left.

Mining ore in the Xuanyuan Dune required a guide. Now that Cang Gu was dead, they would be like headless flies if they went out and wandered randomly. It would be extremely dangerous.

And Yi Yun's strength was far greater than Cang Gu's. Although Yi Yun was a human and likely lacked the ability to operate Cang Gu's seeking compass, he was, at the very least, stronger than all of them.

"Since none of you wish to leave, just wait here. I want to absorb the Chaos Ores to restore my strength."

While saying so, Yi Yun conjured a spatial barrier and enveloped himself in it. To Tie Mu and company, it was as though he vanished into thin air.

Having killed and plundered, Yi Yun's eyes lit up as he rummaged through Cang Gu's interspatial ring.

Cang Gu was just too rich!

He had about three to four hundred kilograms of refined ores!

As for crude ores, he had more than five thousand kilograms. As for ore slag and other low-class items, Cang Gu clearly had no interest in keeping them.

Apart from that, Cang Gu also had many pills, artifacts and talismans.

These talismans were all bought by Cang Gu at high prices for the sake of preserving his life. But unfortunately, he had made Yi Yun his enemy. The difference in strength was too huge that he had no time to use them before being killed by Yi Yun.

These things naturally came under Yi Yun's possession. Even if he would not use them, he could sell them in turn.

"This old bastard even has a mobile cave abode."

After killing Cang Gu, the mobile abode which Cang Gu had refined into his body also separated from him automatically.

Artifacts of the cave-abode type were worth a lot. Yi Yun naturally did not stand on ceremony with it.

At that moment, the Xuanyuan Dune was not considered a safe environment. He had no time to take count of all the treasures Cang Gu had left behind. All he did was take out all of the ores within.

Instantly, Yuan Qi surged throughout the sealed space Yi Yun had conjured. The Yuan Qi was extremely pure and was of timely assistance to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had suffered tough days on his initial arrival into the Chaos Heavens. Now, he had suddenly become a nouveau riche.

Yi Yun took a deep breath as his perception connected with the Purple Crystal. All the energies within the Chaos Ores surged straight into Yi Yun's dantian.

Yi Yun's body had been empty for far too long. Even the replenishments he obtained from Songyue were far from sufficient. He had saved every bit he could, but now, there was finally no need to be stingy.

"Pi Pi Pa Pa!"

As copious amounts of refined ores turned to dust, Yi Yun felt that his strength was rapidly rising. His meridians also constantly expanded from the tidal surge of Yuan Qi!

"Little guy, this is yours!"

Yi Yun naturally did not forget the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm. Although the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was inside the God Advent Tower, it had already woken up when it smelled Chaos Ores.

Yi Yun had no need to hold back. He threw more than fifty kilograms of refined ores to the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm for its absorption.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was instantly overjoyed as it pounced straight into the ore pile and absorbed its energies.

An hour later, when three hundred kilograms of refined ores turned to dust, Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes.

His strength had finally returned to its peak!

Furthermore, he was even stronger than before!

In the past two to three decades, he had been flying in the multiverse cracks. He had bordered on life and death numerous times. With severely limited Yuan Qi, he had to push his vitals to its limits. In a way, that experience was a form of training for Yi Yun.

If he was described as a newly-cast sword when he broke through to the Divine Lord realm, then the past few decades of flying in the multiverse barrier was like him coming under a grinding stone. It made him even sharper.

Unknowingly, Yi Yun had already been in the Divine Lord realm for about seventy years. Counting his time in the Azure Lamp of Time, there was about three to four centuries.

The foundations of the Divine Lord realm needed time to fortify. To many geniuses, even several millennia was not considered a long period of time for that to happen.

"Yi Yun, with your strength, you are already invincible under anything below the Godly Monarch realm."

At that moment, Bai Yueyin's voice sounded. There was a wistful tone to her voice. In terms of talent, she was ultimately inferior to Yi Yun. If not, she probably could have followed after 'him' billions of years ago.

With Yi Yun's cultivation time, his progress could be described as nothing but a miracle. However, Yi Yun did not think much of it. Being invincible under the Godly Monarch realm was far from sufficient. His opponents was the Ancestor God, a being who could suppress the numerous Godly Monarchs.