True Martial World Chapter 1577

Chapter 1577: Ore-seekers

After the barrier vanished, Tie Mu and company could clearly sense that Yi Yun had changed again. But they had no idea what about him was different.

For him to so easily kill Cang Gu, they believed that Yi Yun was a Royal Sealed Divine Lord at the very least.

A Royal Sealed Divine Lord would be an outer-sect steward in Taixia. This was a position above what Purple Succubus held.

Also, Yi Yun's age was a mystery. Songyue previously found Yi Yun young, but her realm was limited. It was not something she could deduce if Yi Yun wanted to hide his age and deliberately make others feel that he was a junior.

"How much do you usually obtain when mining for a year?" asked Yi Yun.

"Senior, we would typically harvest a few hundred kilograms of crude ores. If we are lucky, a kilogram of refined ores."

The refined ores that Tie Mu referred to were in fact crude ores with higher energy purity. They would be about the same quality and price as the refined ores which Songyue refined using a Crystal Refining Furnace.

That was not considered a huge harvest.

"Oh? No xenomorphic ores?"

Upon hearing Yi Yun, Tie Mu smiled bitterly. "Xenomorphic ores aren't that easily obtained by the likes of us. Don't put weight on the restrictions placed on us. In fact, the upper management does not have any hopes of us finding xenomorphic ores. The ores are located in both hidden and dangerous places. Sometimes, the appearance of xenomorphic ores attracts many experts to their location. That level of the combat is not something we can be a part of. Usually, there can be low-leveled disciples obtaining a xenomorphic ore or two, but that would be quite amazing if it happened once every one to two centuries.

"Taixia Ancient Mining's xenomorphic ore are all harvested by stewards and core disciples. Aside from us, it sends a bunch of elites for the mining each time. They work independently and they target xenomorphic ores."

"I get it." Yi Yun nodded. Xenomorphic ores were extremely valuable. Even at a rate of once every one to two centuries, the Taixia Ancient Mining's upper echelons would definitely not miss out on them. It would still put restraints on every miner.

"Senior Yi, you can try your hand at vying for xenomorphic ores. If you really obtain one and hand it over to the Taixia Ancient Mining, you would be rewarded handsomely. Besides, with you being so powerful, you will be made an outer-sect steward at the very least."

Yi Yun smiled without a reply. He did not have any negative feelings toward the Taixia Ancient Mining. Although it was profit-minded and exploited the miners under it, that was a unspoken rule in the Chaos Heavens. The situation was as such, and all the major factions were trying their best to improve themselves. They had no choice but to do so. However, lacking negative feelings did not imply having positive ones. It was naturally impossible for him to hand over most of his harvest.

"Songyue, this is for you."

Yi Yun threw out an interspatial ring.

Songyue was taken aback as she subconsciously caught it. When she swept it with her psyche, she was instantly alarmed. There was five kilograms of refined ores inside and a massive amount of crude ores. It was about the same amount of wealth that Yi Yun had taken from her previously.

"Senior Yi, this is…"

"I was injured when I first came to Taixia. I was in urgent need of Chaos Ores to replenish my empty Yuan Qi. Borrowing was impossible, so all I could do was target your holdings. Now that I have recovered most of my strength, it's time to return the ores I took from you."

The corners of Songyue's mouth twitched, but she eventually accepted it. Yi Yun had taken her wealth as a form of equivalent exchange. It would have been completely acceptable for him to not return any of it. However, she was just too poor, and although she felt a little embarrassed, she bit the bullet and accepted it.

"Thank you, Senior Yi," said Songyue with a bow.

Of course, Songyue had also guessed that the ores which Yi Yun had given her were not considered much to him.

Yi Yun did not make any unnecessary explanations regarding how they addressed him as senior. All he said was, "Follow me. I won't be able to escort you around all the time. I'll place you somewhere and, when the time comes, you will have to depend on yourself."

Yi Yun had his own agenda. Bringing them around was inconvenient for him, but he did not find it right to abandon them. After all, he had killed Cang Gu. Without Cang Gu, these people could hardly survive in the Xuanyuan Dune.

"Senior Yi, Cang Gu had a disk array that's specially used to seek Chaos Ores. As long as one is mentally powerful enough, they will be able to operate the disk array as long as they know the formulations. However, such formulations are a secret of Taixia. We do not know them…" Songyue said wistfully.

Yi Yun's potency was undeniable, but seeking ores was not something through immense strength alone. The Xuanyuan Dune was just too huge. The Chaos Ores were scattered around it like gold in a desert. One needed special means to find them.

In the Chaos Heavens, there were specialized ore-seekers. They had all sorts of mystic arts and acquirement of these mystic arts depended on perception, experience, intuition, and mental strength. On the contrary, it had nothing to do with battle strength.

Cang Gu was only a low-leveled ore-seeker. At best, he could only find crude ores or refined ores. To find these ores with a disk array was considered neither a difficult or easy task.

The ore-seekers who could find xenomorphic ores were titled with Telluric Masters. They were people that all major factions would fight to rope in. Their standings were not lower than Crystal Refinement Masters!

"Is this it?" Yi Yun took out an unadorned disk array.

"Yes, that is Cang Gu's disk array." Songyue nodded when she saw it.

Yi Yun attempted using it. Usage of the disk array was not considered complicated, but it had an additional secure layer which required psyche powers to unlock. If Yi Yun tried, he could unlock it, but Yi Yun had no interest in it.

He crushed the disk array for he discovered that there was a mental imprint hidden inside the disk array. It was not Cang Gu's and was likely left behind by Taixia.

Taixia had left a backdoor in their disk arrays. Yi Yun was planning to stay in the Chaos Heavens for at least a year. He did not wish his location to be monitored by Taixia constantly through the disk array.

Upon seeing Yi Yun destroy the disk array, Songyue felt alarmed. She had the intention to stop him, but she was too late.

But upon second thought, Yi Yun had no way of using the disk array anyway.

The disk array was quite expensive; yet, he had destroyed it so easily. Having lost their means of seeking ores, Songyue could not help but turn disheartened.

"Follow me," said Yi Yun.

The worldly laws in the Xuanyuan Dune were abnormally potent. Warriors had their perception repressed and were unable to extend it out far. Furthermore, the terrain was very unique. Even with Yi Yun's potent perception, all he could do was penetrate a few hundred feet.

"I wonder what means are available to those ore-seekers. Back in the Sun Burial Sandsea, I did encounter people with similar means. They were able to use the art of Feng Shui to seek out treasures…"

While Yi Yun pondered over the matter, he activated the Purple Crystal's energy vision.

Everything seemed to turn transparent as the land turned a pale gray like it was covered in mist. Only energy sources appeared abnormally clear in Yi Yun's vision. It was like starlight in the darkness of the night.