True Martial World Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578: Shaomang

The Purple Crystal could sense energy in a way that was impervious to all obstructions. The Xuanyuan Dune was like a massive treasure trove to Yi Yun.

"These specks of energy points are likely Chaos Ores. However, they are too scattered and weak," Yi Yun muttered to himself.

The Purple Crystal's energy vision allowed him to see everything within hundreds of kilometers easily. He saw hundreds of points of light. It sounded quite a sizable number, but based on his past experience with absorbing Chaos Ores, he knew that each of the hundred points of light only meant dozens of kilograms to around fifty kilograms of crude ores.

Furthermore, many of the ores were buried thousands of feet deep. To excavate them from the Xuanyuan Dune's firm lands would be a tiring task.

This also explained why ore-seekers enjoyed such esteemed positions in the Xuanyuan Dune. Finding Chaos Ores while randomly digging in the Xuanyuan Dune was just too improbable.

"Oh? This is…"

While surveying the surroundings with his energy vision, Yi Yun suddenly sensed something. He was stunned to realize that there were two weak wisps of energy inside the cave abode left behind by Cang Gu. One of the energies had attracted Yi Yun's attention.

"It's them…"

Yi Yun recalled that Cang Gu had bought two girls when he first came to the Xuanyuan Dune's city. One of them was human, while the other was a Fey with cat ears.

Yi Yun had planned on releasing the two girls after his expedition in the Xuanyuan Dune was over. But now, he sensed something abnormal about one of the girls.

With a thought, Yi Yun released the two girls.

The two girls were somewhat flustered after being suddenly teleported out of the cave abode. They looked around in horror, seeking out Cang Gu immediately.

The old bastard had a perverted look when he bought them, one that had left them mentally stressed. However, Cang Gu had disappeared. Facing them was only Yi Yun.

"You… You…"

The human girl was like a frightened bunny. She was completely unsure as to what awaited her. As a girl who had been made into a slave in the Chaos Heavens where the strong preyed on the weak, her fate was simply tragic.

"Where… Where is that man?"

The human girl mustered her courage to ask the question. Back when Cang Gu purchased them, they had been implanted with contractual marks. Although she had a weak cultivation level, she could sense that the contractual mark had turned intangible.

"He has been killed by me," said Yi Yun very calmly.

The human girl's expression turned pale, but she did not respond. It was very common for murder to happen in the Chaos Heavens; however, it also meant that her fate had been placed on a different trajectory. She only had a different owner now. Her life was still subject to Yi Yun's whims.

Yi Yun ignored the human girl and instead stared at the female Fey. She looked like a mortal of about sixteen. She had adorable and petite cat ears, as well as an intricate but furry tail.

Yi Yun's eyes were locked onto the girl's abdomen. This extremely invasive gaze made the female Fey's expression freeze up while she retreated a few steps.

"What… What do you want?" the cat girl asked suspiciously.

Yi Yun smiled. "You appear to be very different…"

If not for the Purple Crystal and his resurgence of strength, he would have been fooled by the female Fey. Of course, this was also because Yi Yun had not paid attention to her prior to this.

The cat-eared girl's expression changed instantly. She bit down at her lips in silence.

Anyone would have believed that the female Fey was a young cat-eared girl who could not fend for herself; however, Yi Yun discovered that she was just like him in his previous weakened state. Her Fey essence had been drained, and without any energy replenishments, she was like a candle in the wind. It resulted in her weak aura.

She was still able to hide her cultivation level while having a weak aura. It easily made others think nothing of her.

This girl was indeed not very old, but she was definitely no simple weakling. Her strength was likely above Cang Gu's!

Yi Yun suspected that, if Cang Gu had brought her along with him, it was likely that he would one day succumb to her once she found an opportunity to regain her strength.

"Your Fey core's cultivation level is not what it's presently showing, right…" Yi Yun said softly through a Yuan Qi voice transmission.

This statement made the cat-eared girl's expression turn even nastier. It was already meaningless to continue disguising herself. Without a doubt, Yi Yun had seen through her.

"Shouldn't you be telling me your background?" Yi Yun pressed when he saw her remain silent. "I do not wish to have a person with secrets around me. If I did, I wouldn't feel secure. Perhaps, you might have nefarious thoughts towards me once you regain your strength."

Yi Yun's tone was already cold when he said the latter half of his sentence. This was the Chaos Heavens which was highly competitive and cruel. Although that environment was not only limited to the Chaos Heavens. Yi Yun would not easily trust anyone even in the Sinkhole. He was constantly wary of others.

The cat-eared girl hesitated for a moment before she said, "I'm a maidservant from the Desolate clan…"

"Desolate clan?" Yi Yun pricked up his brows. "You mean the Desolate Divine Depository?"

The Desolate Divine Depository was one of the four major factions stationed in the Xuanyuan Dune and was established by the Fey. Cang Gu had mentioned it previously.

"The Desolate Divine Depository is only one of the mining entities of the Desolate clan. The Desolate clan is a lot more massive…"

"No matter how massive a faction is, it's impossible for them to make you a maidservant, right?" Yi Yun guessed that her cultivation level was equivalent to a human's Divine Lord cultivation level. This also meant that she was a Fey Lord!

Such a young Fey Lord would be a top genius in any major faction. How could such a genius be a maidservant?

"There's nothing I can do if you don't believe me. I'm an orphan. The Desolate clan raised me…"

Yi Yun looked at the cat-eared girl's expression which seemed genuine. He believed her for the time being, but he did not believe that the Desolate clan was so powerful that it could relegate a genius into a maidservant. This likely meant that the maidservant served someone extraordinary!

This person was likely an extremely important figure in the Desolate clan. And as their personal maidservant, she was the closest person to that figure. She was unlikely to be just a mere maidservant.


"I was sent on a mission and, just as I was about to complete it, I encountered an expert from the Ghost race. My entire team suffered terrible losses. Although the mission was barely completed, I was heavily injured. In a way, I avoided death by escaping to this place."

"What was your mission?" asked Yi Yun.

The cat-eared girl hesitated for a moment before speaking truthfully, "It's a map…"

"Oh? What is this map related to?" Yi Yun knew that he was asking too many questions, but he did not care. This was the Chaos Heavens. If it were Cang Gu, he would have first raped her until she passed out from exhaustion when he realized that he had such a powerful genius girl under him. He could then search her soul for the relevant information.

"It's related to the God Confusion Valley…" When the cat-eared girl said that, Tie Mu and company exchanged looks.

"God Confusion Valley?"

"Oh, all of you know about it?" Yi Yun looked at Tie Mu, Songyue, and company.

Songyue said, "Yes… That place is in the Xuanyuan Dune. The reason for its name has to do with legends that even Godly Monarchs would lose their way in the God Confusion Valley. Although it might be exaggerated, it's unlikely to be too far from from the truth."

Upon realizing that Yi Yun was interested, the cat-eared girl hurriedly said, "The map isn't on me. It was taken back to the Desolate clan by a fellow Fey expert. You won't get it even if you kill me."

It was precisely because of this reason that the cat-eared girl was willing to tell Yi Yun of the matter.

"What does the God Confusion Valley have? It's best you tell me everything you know. I do not wish to ask one question at a time. My patience is limited," said Yi Yun impatiently.

"I do not know the details either, but it has something very important to the Desolate clan. I have told you all I know. I advise you not to entertain any unrealistic fantasies about the God Confusion Valley. Without a map, you will only die inside." As the cat-eared girl said that, a strange glint flashed in her eyes.

Yi Yun was sharp. He immediately noticed her intentions.

"Oh?" Yi Yun smiled. "Are you trying to goad me on? You wish for me to die in the God Confusion Valley?"

As he spoke, Yi Yun's aura was already bearing down on the cat-eared girl. With her enervated body, she could hardly withstand the pressure. She retreated several steps back as she gasped for breath.

"I do not like being manipulated by others. Let me guess. Your master is likely in the God Confusion Valley, right? You wish for me to bring you there, allowing your master to save you. Perhaps, your goal is even to appear in the Xuanyuan Dune and wait for your master? However, you were simply not very careful and ended up being caught by slave merchants."

Yi Yun instantly realized what was happening. It was even possible that the spirit tide was related to the God Confusion Valley.

Previously, many experts from the other races had appeared when the Taixia first came to the Xuanyuan Dune. Even a Celestial had come from the Myriad Demon Valley!

Perhaps, these people had come to the Xuanyuan Dune because of the God Confusion Valley. As for Taixia, it could already be one step slower!

Yi Yun felt that it was unlikely Taixia had made sufficient preparations. It was unlikely that they had obtained a map.

He shot a glance at the cat-eared girl and saw her face covered in sweat before he rescinded his aura.

He was only planning to probe for intelligence and did not plan to do anything to the cat-eared girl, but she had schemed against him and tried to manipulate him.

This naturally made him unhappy.

"In fact, I was planning on saving you in passing, but now, I have changed my mind," said Yi Yun coldly.

The cat-eared girl's face turned pale as she said through clenched teeth. "Either you kill me now, or you will not be spared once my Young Master knows of it."

"Are you threatening me?" sneered Yi Yun.

"No. All I'm telling you is that my Young Master's strength is nothing you can imagine." The cat-eared girl seemed extremely proud when she mentioned her Young Master.

"Who is your Young Master?" Songyue could not help but ask.

"The Desolate clan's Shaomang Xuan." The cat-eared girl said firmly without any of the weakness she previously displayed.

"Shaomang Xuan…" Songyue drew a cold gasp when she heard the name. It immediately felt like she was bemoaning her inadequacies.

"So it's Shaomang…" Bai Yueyin's voice sounded in Yi Yun's mind.

"You know him?"

"Yea…" Bai Yueyin nodded. "The Desolate clan resides in the Desolate. There are a few major surnames, each older than the other. Shaomang is one of them. Back when I was in the Chaos Heavens, Shaomang was already a famous and illustrious name. It had also produced many Fey Thearchs. For the Shaomang line to last to this day, its legacy is probably unimaginable."