True Martial World Chapter 1579

Chapter 1579: God Confusion Valley

Actually, even without Bai Yueyin's explanation, Yi Yun managed a guess from the expressions Songyue and company had. It was as though they did not even deserve to look up at Shaomang. To the low-leveled warriors of the Chaos Heavens, Shaomang Xuan stood at an unattainable height, one so unimaginably high.

It was within the cat-eared girl's expectations to see the reactions of Songyue and company at the mention of Shaomang Xuan's name. Compared to Shaomang Xuan, these people were not even considered bumpkins. They were at best ants.

She felt that the shock they experienced was only right.

"My young master has only cultivated for 1500 years, but he has already transcended the Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation, attaining an indestructible body! Not only that, my young master iis widely read in array formations, alchemy, and even ore-seeking arts! I believe all of you have heard a thing or two about him." When the cat-eared girl said that, her face was filled with adoration and pride.

"Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation?" Yi Yun's brows pricked up. The Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao had been severed, so he lacked an understanding of the Heavenly Tribulations. As such, he was very interested to learn more about them. He had experienced a catharsis from a Heavenly Tribulation once, and it greatly strengthened him.

"Don't tell me you aren't even aware of a Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation?" The cat-eared girl looked at Yi Yun as though he was someone with limited knowledge. "Although Heavenly Tribulation has little to do with humans, it being something only the Fey and Ghost race experience, you should still have heard about it at the very least. The Heavenly Tribulations of the Fey and Ghost race have many grades. Only a typical pinnacle Fey Lord deserves experiencing a Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation. By transcending it, they would become a half-step Fey Thearch.

"As for my young master, he was only a mid-stage Fey Lord when he attracted the Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation. In the future, when he becomes a Fey Thearch, he might once again attract another Heavenly Tribulation. If that happens he would end up with a Double Tribulation Divine Body!" the cat-eared girl said proudly.

Tie Mu, Songyue, and company felt wistful inside. The differences between people was just too large. As it was, they were still struggling to make a living in ore mines, but Shaomang Xuan had already transcended a Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation, making him a potential Fey Thearch!

That was equivalent to being a human Godly Monarch. Even the entire Taixia only had a handful of Godly Monarchs. Furthermore, they were experts from an older generation. Someone from the younger generation was simply too distant from being a Godly Monarch.

"I happen to be Young Master Shaomang's personal maidservant. If I were to die here, my young master will definitely avenge me," said the cat-eared girl.

Yi Yun sneered. "Are you threatening me?"

"I am not. If you were to send me to Young Master Shaomang's side, he would spare no expense in rewarding you. What just happened will no longer be pursued. Young Master's rewards will probably be unimaginably handsome for someone like you," said the cat-eared girl.

A clan that had existed for so long that its unit of measure was in billions of years made it a respectable existence simply from the mention of its name!

The Shaomang clansmen were born with a sense of pride because the blood of the Shaomang clan flowed in them.

A corner of the cat-eared girl's mouth curled up. She was certain that her status had changed. She went from being a slave to Yi Yun's benefactor. How could a ore-mining warrior not feel moved when enticed with the Shaomang clan's rewards?

Yi Yun sized up the cat-eared girl as he sneered inwardly.

The cat-eared girl did not hide any of her thoughts, as though she was certain he would submit to her request.

Shaomang clan… God Confusion Valley…

"Do you know where the God Confusion Valley is?"

Yi Yun looked back to ask Songyue and Tie Mu. They shook their heads in a daze. Its location was simply too mysterious. Usually, just mining in the periphery was fraught with danger, so why would they show any motivation to go towards the God Confusion Valley?

"Senior Yi, don't tell me you really intend to head there?" Songyue was shocked. Even the Shaomang clan needed a map for entry. Wouldn't Yi Yun be seeking death if he went in alone? Besides, the path to the God Confusion Valley was definitely plagued with endless dangers!

"Yes." Yi Yun nodded as he turned to the cat-eared girl. "You should know where is it, right?"

Since the Celestial, Fey, and Ghost experts had gathered in the Xuanyuan Dune, it probably meant that something impressive was appearing in the God Confusion Valley. Yi Yun did not wish to miss it. At the very least, he wanted to know what it was.

The cat-eared girl was delighted when she heard that. Indeed, for someone like Yi Yun who only made a living by mining, he could not resist the temptations of the Shaomang's handsome rewards. As long as she went to the God Confusion Valley, there was a high chance of her finding Shaomang Xuan.

She hurriedly said, "I naturally know the way to the God Confusion Valley. As for the dangers inside the God Confusion Valley, don't worry. My young master will naturally protect you. The dangers in the Xuanyuan Dune are nothing to him."

However, the moment she said that, Yi Yun suddenly conjured a seal which entered straight into the cat-eared girl's body. In her heavily injured state, she had no means of resisting.

The cat-eared girl immediately felt a domineering and violent aura wrap her Fey core. All it took to reduce her to nothing was a single thought from Yi Yun.

"What are you doing!?" The cat-eared girl was horrified.

Yi Yun looked at her as the corners of his mouth curled into a meaningful curve.

"You are mistaken. I'm getting you to lead the way, not to find your young master, but because I want to go to the God Confusion Valley. Lead the way, for that's the only chance you have to survive." Yi Yun's cold voice entered the cat-eared girl's ears. It made her produce a look of utter disbelief.

There was actually someone who dared cross Shaomang Xuan despite hearing his name? Was he sick of living!?

Tie Mu and company never expected that Yi Yun would not only be unswayed, but would actually double down on his merciless attitude towards the cat-eared girl.

Yi Yun did not elaborate. He immediately produced Cang Gu's spatial shuttle. Yi Yun had already claimed it for himself. Not only was it fast, but it also conserved Yuan Qi.

Tie Mu, Taishan and company were taken aback when they saw the spatial shuttle. "Senior Yi, what are you doing? Don't tell me you plan on using the spatial shuttle to rush across the Xuanyuan Dune?"

Danger lurked at every turn in the Xuanyuan Dune. Not only was an ore-seeker needed to lead the way, but utmost care had to be taken while proceeding as well. Every segment traversed required the use of a disk array to repeatedly survey the surroundings. Certain places in the Xuanyuan Dune were naturally formed lands of peril. Even a mighty figure might not survive if they blindly entered them.

Under such circumstances, even a veteran with rich experience would not dare proceed too quickly, much less use a spatial shuttle for traveling. It was practically suicide.

"That's right!" Yi Yun had no intention to waste time.

"This…" Tie Mu, Songyue, and company had no choice but to enter the spatial shuttle.

The cat-eared girl's expression turned pale. A seal had already been injected into her by Yi Yun. What else could she say? All she could do was enter the spatial shuttle with Yi Yun. Deep down, she hoped Yi Yun would die on the journey, but she was also afraid that she would never meet Shaomang Xuan again.

"Senior Yi, you have to proceed slowly. I know you are extremely perceptive, but many lands of peril cannot be probed." Songyue suggested weakly when she boarded the spatial shuttle.

"Alright." Yi Yun responded tersely. In the next moment, the spatial shuttle had transformed into a beam of light, shooting straight forward like a released arrow!