True Martial World Chapter 1580

Chapter 1580


Chapter 1580: Ore-seeking

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“Senior Yi!”

The sudden acceleration gave Songyue a fright. She nearly lost her balance since Yi Yun was navigating the spatial shuttle at a speed far faster than Cang Gu!

Tie Mu, Taishan, and company wore pale expressions. The speed at which they flew was practically inviting death upon them. From the looks of it, Yi Yun had completely ignored Songyue’s previous warning.

“P Perhaps Senior Yi is formidable in strength. He should likely be able to handle it.” Tie Mu spoke with a trembling voice. Clearly, he did not even believe what he was saying.

“Stop making a fuss. My young master can go at even faster speeds while driving a Crimson Flying Cloud here! This person is simply relying on is his perception, which gives him the guts to go this fast,” said the cat-eared girl proudly.

In fact, she also felt that Yi Yun was going too fast. She did not care if Yi Yun and the rest died, but there was no way she could reunite with her young master if she died.

At that moment, an even more powerful force transmitted over, causing everyone in the entire spatial shuttle to shake.

The spatial shuttle had sped up again.

Everyone felt as though their hearts were leaping out of their chests. The cat-eared girl’s expression instantly turned nasty.

This was nearly the maximum speed of the spatial shuttle!

Although the cat-eared girl mentioned that the Crimson Flying Cloud was fast, it was a superior-grade flying artifact. Ordinary warriors would not even see it, much less use it.

She was completely unimpressed with the spatial shuttle she was on. For such an ordinary craft to move at such speeds, any slight deviation could put their lives at risk.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

While everyone was feeling nervous, the spatial shuttle tore through the desert’s atmosphere like a bolt of lightning.

The short period of fifteen minutes felt like days to Songyue and company. Everyone had broken out into cold sweat.

“We’ve stopped?” At that moment, they realized that the spatial shuttle had suddenly stopped above a black desert.

Could it be that Yi Yun had finally given up such terrifying flying speeds?

That would be great.

Although the cat-eared girl did not say a word, she was secretly heaving a sigh of relief.

However, the spatial shuttle did not immediately leave after it came to a halt. Yi Yun left the spatial shuttle and while everyone watched him intently, he suddenly raised his palm and struck the ground.


The ground cratered in with a loud boom, as a gigantic imprint was left in it.

“What is Senior Yi doing?” Tie Mu was perplexed.

At that moment, Songyue’s eyes lit up. She said in shock, “There’s a pale black glow along the periphery of the palm imprint That’s not sand, but a Chaos Ore mineral vein!”

Tie Mu and Chuan wore looks of pleasant surprise. The Chaos Ores in the mineral vein were of extremely high quality. As a Crystal Refinement Master, Songyue naturally could identify it at a glance.

Yi Yun had managed to find such a mineral vein despite traveling at such breakneck speeds

Songyue was not the only one; the other two shared the same thoughts.

It was no wonder Yi Yun had shattered the ore-seeking disk array. They had all seen Cang Gu use the disk array to seek ores. He did so a step at a time, and practically took half a month to a month before finding a mineral vein.

The cat-eared girl also gave Yi Yun a surprised look. She said, “I never expected you to know ore-seeking mystic arts. Although your ore-seeking capabilities are inferior to my young master’s, it’s still pretty impressive. However, this isn’t a huge mineral vein either.”

She mentioned Shaomang Xuan all the time, indicating her utmost reverence towards him.

Yi Yun could not be bothered with her as he began digging for the ores.

The mineral vein was indeed small, but when Yi Yun dug out the ore from the mineral vein, Songyue and company widened their eyes.

“That’s refined ore!”

Natural refined ores which did not need any refinement were extremely rare. A mineral vein which contained refined ores was extremely valuable even if it was not large in size!

They never expected that Yi Yun had not only found a mineral vein, but also found a mineral vein that contained refined ores.

Although the cat-eared girl was astonished at Yi Yun’s speed and accuracy at ore-seeking, she thought nothing of the refined ore mineral vein. The Desolate clan was rich in resources, so that bit of refined ore was nothing.

“Although this mineral vein is not bad, it’s not even enough to refine half a Chaos Crystal,” said the cat-eared girl indifferently.

Songyue glanced at her without a word. The cat-eared girl had thought nothing of the refined ores because she had no idea how difficult it was for ore miners such as themselves. These refined ores were worth a lot.

Yi Yun soon took away the refined ores in the area, leaving useless material behind. He beckoned with his hand, causing a dust storm to cover his imprint before returning to his spatial shuttle.


The spatial shuttle trembled once again as it accelerated to its top speed, blazing forward once more.

It did not take long before the spatial shuttle came to a sudden halt again.

Songyue and company widened their eyes once again when they saw Yi Yun leave the spatial shuttle.

No way

Soon, under everyone’s intent gazes, Yi Yun lifted his palm again and smacked down.


A pale black glow shimmered inside the palm imprint. It was another mineral vein!

While Songyue was still reeling in shock, she took a glance at the cat-eared girl. “Might I know how does Senior Yi’s ore-seeking capabilities compare to Young Master Shaomang?”

To find two mineral veins in such a short period of time was definitely at the level of a Telluric Master!

In fact, Songyue had never made contact with figures who were Telluric Masters. All she did was making speculations. With Yi Yun’s ability to seek ores, he was probably not far from making the mark of a Telluric Master.

“Would Young Master need to mine ores with his status?” said the cat-eared girl with a frown.

However, the glint in her eyes had darkened. She had to admit that Yi Yun was indeed capable. Just his abilities at seeking ores was something only an experienced Telluric Master was capable of in the Shaomang clan.

And this mineral vein contained a negligible number of refined ores!

Yi Yun similarly dug up the refined ores before concealing his palm imprint before returning to the spatial shuttle.

The spatial shuttle flew at a high speed once more.

This time, it flew for quite a long while, as though Yi Yun could no longer find mineral veins.

This made the cat-eared girl heave a sigh of relief. If Yi Yun were to really find another mineral vein, it would truly be depressing for her.

The cat-eared girl belittled humans to begin with. In the Chaos Heavens, humans had bodies inferior to the Fey. Their psyche powers were inferior to the Soul race and the Ghost race, much less comparable to the Celestials. Humans were mediocre in every aspect, with nothing to show for.

And Yi Yun was only a miner that belonged to a human faction, Taixia. Yet, he was equipped with such ability. As for Shaomang Xuan, it was only a hobby when it came to his ore-seeking mystic arts. He had not put too much effort in it, so Yi Yun’s ability at ore-seeking was really almost on par with Shaomang Xuan’s.

The cat-eared girl could not tolerate a bumpkin like Yi Yun to be comparable with Shaomang Xuan in any aspect.

Just as such a thought came to her, the spatial shuttle came to a stop once more.

When they saw Yi Yun appear outside the spatial shuttle, the cat-eared girl could no longer remain unperturbed.

This time, Yi Yun had struck out again with his palm, but what appeared was a gigantic ore crater.

It was not a tiny mineral vein, but a true ore cave.

The refined ores contained within were about equal to the first two mineral veins, but it contained a large number of crude ores!

Upon seeing the huge mineral vein, even the cat-eared girl could not help but twitch the corners of her eyes.

At that moment, Songyue and company were already numb to the fact.

Why did the difficulties they had encountered while mining in the past not seem to exist when it came to Yi Yun?

It was not only them; perhaps even Steward Zhou and company would not dare believe it even if they saw this!

At that moment, they suddenly heard Yi Yun’s voice. “All of you come down. There are some crude ores here. You can do your mining here.”

Tie Mu and company were delighted. Yi Yun had easily found a third mineral vein that due to their shock, they had forgotten that their job here was to mine.

Although Yi Yun had taken away all the refined ores and a large number of crude ores before allowing them to mine, luck was on their side for them to so easily find these crude ores.