True Martial World Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581 Fog

Chapter 1581: Fog


“Why don’t you stay here?” said Yi Yun. He felt that the mine was relatively safe. Furthermore, although Yi Yun had taken away most of the main mineral vein, the remnants, though scattered, still equaled quite a sizable amount if combined. It would take them quite a long period of mining to deplete the reserves.

As long as they stayed inside without leaving, all would be fine if they waited a year. Although they would not reap a huge harvest, it was enough for them to meet their quotas.

“Senior Yi, we won’t continue burdening you then.” Tie Mu knew his limitations very well. How could the God Confusion Valley be somewhere they could go?

“Senior Yi, do be careful.” Songyue even felt like heaving a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go!” Yi Yun left the other human slave with Songyue and company before stepping into the spatial shuttle with the cat-eared girl. The spatial shuttle transformed into a stream of light as it flew in the direction of the God Confusion Valley.

God Confusion Valley

On the spatial shuttle, Yi Yun asked the cat-eared girl several questions about the God Confusion Valley, but when he truly arrived at the God Confusion Valley, he was still somewhat shocked.

The God Confusion Valley was like a massive passageway that was suddenly forged in the heaven and earth. It stretched across the desert.

A fog spanning fifty thousand kilometers across enshrouded the inners of the God Confusion Valley. It only left a valley entrance, as though it was a door to another world.

Yi Yun could sense unimaginable threats within the fog from a distance. It felt like there were gazes cast on him, attempting to spy on him.

“This is a natural sealing array. Perhaps only Fey Thearchs can pass through the fog,” said the cat-eared girl. Yi Yun had also learned of her nameShan Ling. She possessed the bloodline of the ancient numinous cat.

Fey Thearchs were equivalent to Godly Monarchs. Although Yi Yun was curious what was inside the fog, he was not so conceited to believe that he was equal to a Fey Thearch.

Yi Yun flew into the valley’s entrance when he suddenly discovered that he was not the only one here.

Many flying artifacts were docked here.

“Oh?” Yi Yun pricked up his brows. Flying artifacts

These people were like himthey flew here.

To be able to travel in the Xuanyuan Dune with flying artifacts was a proof of one’s strength!

Back in the Xuanyuan City, Yi Yun had seen a limited number of experts. There were fewer than ten, but now, the numbers clearly exceeded what he saw.

This was reasonable. Yi Yun had only been in Xuanyuan City for a short period of time. There could have been many experts who had arrived here from the Xuanyuan City’s teleportation arrays before or after him.

The moment Yi Yun arrived at the valley entrance, he immediately sensed many perceptions sweep across his spatial shuttle from the other flying artifacts.

Apart from a particular perception staying on Yi Yun for a while, the rest immediately passed over his shuttle as soon as they arrived.

“These flying artifacts are of extremely high quality.” Yi Yun compared the various flying artifacts with his, and found that his spatial shuttle was the most lacking.

Yi Yun did not recklessly fly into the valley entrance.

These flying artifacts were docked in front of the valley entrance, but none of them had entered. There had to be a reason.

He was in no hurry as well. He waited quietly by the side with these people.

It did not take long for another flying artifact to arrive from somewhere distant.

The flying artifact flashed past them and slammed into the valley entrance.

Yi Yun watched the flying artifact pass through the valley entrance before continuing forward.

Oh? That confident?

At that moment, a terrifying claw extended out of the fog and grabbed the flying artifact. Instantly, it exploded.

A warrior charged out from the explosion.


He let out a bellicose cry as he tried to slip out of the claw’s grasp; however, the claw was just too fast. With a change of direction, it had instantly grabbed the warrior.

“Ah!” The claw pulled him into fog amid his tragic cries.

The moment he entered the fog, the warrior’s cries ceased.

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun’s heart could not help but palpitate. What was that gigantic claw?

However, the warrior who was onboard the flying artifact was naturally not weak. If he had been in the Chaos Heavens for some time, he should have some understanding of the God Confusion Valley. Even if he did not have a full idea of the situation, he wouldn’t have acted so rashly and charged in headfirst, right?

At that moment, a maniacal cackle sounded from afar. Immediately following that, a stocky warrior stepping on a spirit vessel arrived in front of the valley.

The warrior was muscular in build. The thickness of his limbs did not resemble that of a human. His head was as large as a drum.

He laughed unceasingly, “Haha. To think he would rather die in the fog than at my hand. Interesting! Interesting!”

So it turned out that the deceased warrior was being pursued by this big-headed warrior and was forced to his death here.

“This guy” Shan Ling seemed to know the person.

“Who is he?” asked Yi Yun.

“Bronze Drum. He’s also from the Desolate clan, but he’s a madman,” said Shan Ling simply.


“He is bloodthirsty and especially loves to kill humans.” Shan Ling gave Yi Yun a glance and said gloatingly, “He enjoys tearing people apart. Members of the Ghost race don’t have a tactile feel to them, while Celestials are not to be trifled with. Fey are of the same race, so humans are the best. However, if he meets my young master, he would not be able to act so crazily. He will have to behave himself.”

Just as Shan Ling sent Yi Yun a voice transmission, Bronze Drum happened to look over. His pair of eyes resembled those of a beast filled with bloodlust.

Upon seeing Yi Yun, the corners of Bronze Drum’s mouth curled up. He did not say a word and ignored Yi Yun.

“From the looks of it, humans don’t amount to much in the Chaos Heavens,” thought Yi Yun.

“Regardless of race, all that matters is strength. The weak will naturally be bullied,” Bai Yueyin said in Yi Yun’s mind. “Humans are considered quite average in every aspect. There’s nothing that stands out, but it is because of this that they are well-balanced, giving them immense potential!”

Yi Yun understood that point even without Bai Yueyin’s comment. Billions of years ago, who could match the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch?

“Oh? They seem to be entering!”

The aura at the valley entrance seemed to experience an unknown change. Meanwhile, Yi Yun saw that these people were putting away their flying artifacts. There were dozens of people that were of the Ghost race, Soul race, and Fey race.

There was not a single human. It was unknown if the Taixia contingent had yet to arrive or if they had entered prior.

Someone took out array flags and began setting them up an array formation. Yi Yun pricked up his brows for he could tell that it was a spatial teleportation array. The array patterns within were complicated but intricate. Even with Yi Yun’s comprehension of spatial dimension laws, he acutely felt that the teleportation array was nothing simple.

These people were planning to use the teleportation array to traverse past the fog at the entrance and arrive deep into the God Confusion Valley!

The changes at the valley entrance was likely tied to the teleportation array’s operations. That was why they were waiting.

Yi Yun naturally knew how to set up teleporation arrays. However, such teleportation arrays required a predesignated coordinate. Yi Yun had no idea of the situation inside the God Confusion Valley, so if he were to set one up himself, and randomly teleported himself in, that was practically having a death wish.

Previously, Yi Yun nearly died while traversing the multiverse’s crevice. Yi Yun had no plans to risk his life for nothing.

In just fifteen minutes, these people had set up a teleportation array. A middle-aged man from the Soul race placed a resplendent crystal which was the size of a fingernail inside the teleportation array.

That is

Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. A Chaos Crystal!

Although this was the first time he was seeing a Chaos Crystal, there was no mistake about it. Each Chaos Crystal which was refined from refined ores were immense in value. Even genius disciples of a Great World did not cultivate with Chaos Crystals.

Yet, this teleportation array had used a single Chaos Crystal.

After the middle-aged man took out the Chaos Crystal, the members of the Ghost race and Fey race handed over an interspatial ring. It was apparently payment for the Chaos Crystal. Clearly, the teleportation array was jointly activated by the three races.

Furthermore, not all of the forty plus people would enter the teleportation array. A number of people were responsible for powering the array formation. Only twenty people were actually going to be sent in.

“Do you still think you can enter? Do you know how many lives were sacrificed to find the destination coordinate of the teleportation array? This is only the entrance. There are even more treacherous conditions further in. Or do you believe you can deal with the Ancient Fey inside the fog?” Shan Ling glanced at Yi Yun with a derisive look. To think this fellow who knew nothing about the God Confusion Valley would dare inject a seal on her and declare that she lead the way to enter the valley for treasure. It was indeed the case that the ignorant showed no fear.

“I urge you to release the seal on me. I can swear that I will not inform my young master about the things you did to me. When my young master exits, he will reward you.”

Shan Ling looked hatefully at Yi Yun. Having not met Shaomang Xuan, this was the only guarantee she could give. The rest could be determined after she met her young master.

However, Yi Yun did not seem to hear her words. He fell silent in thought for a moment before walking straight to the teleportation array.

“What are you doing?” Shan Ling was stunned.

When the teleportation array was in operation, it did not allow for any damage. Any mishap would divert the destination coordinate. Yi Yun’s approach immediately made the people powering the array formation wary.

“Who are you? Scram!” A male Fey noticed Yi Yun as he bellowed with a tone filled with killing intent.

“Hehe, this human must be sick of living. Are you here to feed my ghouls?” A male Ghost said with a sinister smile. He had already raised his black ghost banner.

They had already observed Yi Yun when he first arrived. A human that used a low-quality spatial shuttle obviously did not come from a major faction. They disregarded him completely.

Yi Yun grinned as he said, “I’m planning on using your teleportation array”


Upon hearing Yi Yun, the Ghosts, Fey, and Souls stared angrily at him. Shan Ling was given a fright. Was this Yi Yun courting death? Although Bronze Drum was from the Desolate clan, she would have a tragic end if she landed in his hand!

Yi Yun gently touched his interspatial ring as he continued approaching. He glanced at the nearby teleportation array. There were a total of twenty people, each taking one of the twenty spots of the teleportation array. There was no additional spot left.

“Are any one of you willing to give up your spot?”

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