True Martial World Chapter 1582

Chapter 1582 When In Rome Do As The Romans Do

Chapter 1582: When in Rome, do as the Romans do
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Since he was in the Chaos Heavens, Yi Yun followed the customs of the Chaos Heavens. It was prevalent to kill and plunder, and if everyone did that except Yi Yun, he would be quite at a disadvantage.

Here, any problem that could be resolved by robbery was not a problem. Therefore, Yi Yun decided to do as the Romans do.

“What did you say? You want us to give up a spot?” A Fey warrior cupped one of his ears and faced Yi Yun sidewards, in an exaggerated act of listening.

Shan Ling retreated in fear when she saw two Fey warriors, a Ghost warrior, and a Soul warrior walk toward them with a sinister smile. The activation of the valley’s teleportation array required one Chaos Crystal and in addition, the destination coordinates were a secret. Yet, Yi Yun was demanding a spot from them! It did not matter to her if Yi Yun died, but she did not wish to be implicated. Furthermore, she could not let Bronze Drum know of her identity since he had a grudge with Shaomang Xuan. The madman would definitely torture her to death.

If she were to really die here, Shaomang Xuan would not even know of it.

“I I’m not related to him in any way. I I’m only” Shan Ling was burning with anxiety. She did not dare reveal her identity, but she had no idea how to fabricate her background. All she could do was try to protect herself.

“Hehe, a girl with a numinous cat bloodline. You would be great at supplementing me in bed. I’ll let you enjoy yourself in a while,” said a Fey warrior perversely.

As he spoke, his body crackled as his body began growing tall. His muscles bulged as scales appeared on his face, turning his human face into that of a beast’s. Sharp bone spikes rapidly grew out of his spine.

In a blink of an eye, he had transformed into a humanoid Ancient Fey!

Beside him, another Fey warrior’s body was similarly undergoing changes. His body was draped with a thick, spiky bone armor and he looked like a mutated turtle, having stimulated the Fey bloodline in him. This was the combat style of the Fey. Their bodies were their best weapons.

“Just a puny person like you wishes to attack us?” a Soul warrior chuckled. However, he also knew that the Chaos Heavens had unspoken ruleswhoever killed another had the right to take away most of the spoils of war.

Judging from the crappy spatial shuttle the punk drove, he was unlikely to be wealthy. However, the female Fey slave behind him was not bad. He could have a fun time with her.

“Let’s attack together. Whoever kills the punk will get first dibs on that numinous cat Fey,” said the Fey warrior with the bony spikes on his back.

The turtle Fey chortled sinisterly. “Wouldn’t we be tearing his body to pieces if we attacked together? How can the weak bodies of a human warrior withstand our strikes? I should have first dibs on that girl. You are too brutal. By the time she gets to me, she wouldn’t even have her limbs intact.”

As the turtle Fey said that, Shan Ling’s face turned as white as a sheet. Although she was not a female elite, she enjoyed an extraordinary standing. She never expected to be placed in such a tragic situation.

And at that moment, the instigator, Yi Yun, did not seem to realize that trouble was brewing. He was stroking his chin while observing the Fey warriors’ transformations.

This was Yi Yun’s first time fighting pure-blooded Fey warriors in the Chaos Heavens!

He already knew that the Dragon Emperor Technique he cultivated was, in essence, a body cultivation technique that the Fey cultivated!

In the Sinkhole, the Fey were nearly extinct. Even if they possessed a thin Fey bloodline, they were almost assimilated by humans. With the path of the Heavenly Tribulation severed, Yi Yun’s cultivation of the Dragon Emperor Technique could only be done by trial and error, gaining him half the results with double the effort.

And now, there were Fey warriors for him to observe. It was quite an opportunity.

Yi Yun wished to know how real Fey fought and how they used the power of their bloodlines.

“I’ll not use any laws and just fight with the Dragon Emperor Technique. I want to see how different my Fey bloodline is from a pure-blooded Fey’s combat style. I should take the opportunity to master the Dragon Emperor Technique to perfection while in the Chaos Heavens,” Yi Yun muttered to himself. He wished to know where he stood among the Fey based on just the Dragon Emperor Technique alone.

Since he was engaging in physical combat, Mirage Snow was naturally not suitable. It was too light and he would likely kill them in a single strike. It did not meet the goal of Yi Yun’s wish to watch how the Fey fought with their bloodline.

Yi Yun recalled of a weapon he used in the lower realms as he casually took out a seal-type artifact. Such seal-type artifacts could kill with the array formations contained within its runes. However, Yi Yun did not use any of the array formations within and instead, simply used it as a brick.

This brick was unlikely to kill a Fey even after several strikes since a Fey’s body was powerful.

“Oh? You also cultivated in a body-tempering cultivation technique?” The two Fey warriors naturally sensed the rousing lifeblood in Yi Yun’s body as they jeered.

“Hahaha! A human cultivating a body-tempering cultivation technique? With that bit of lifeblood and that frail body of yours, do you have what it takes to cultivate a body-tempering cultivation technique? I’m guessing you humans use it to perform in the streets. Acts such as shattering boulders on your chests and cracking bricks on your heads?”

“Who gave you the courage to use a human body-tempering cultivation technique when in front of us?” quipped the turtle warrior. Following that, he pointed at his head. “That thing in your hand must be a prop when you perform in the streets, right? Come on. Smash it right here!”

As the turtle warrior spoke, even the Soul and Ghost warriors laughed. But at that moment


Yi Yun suddenly rose up. At that instant, the firm Xuanyuan Dune ground beneath Yi Yun’s feet exploded. The condensed lifeblood in him erupted like a supervolcano!


A dragon’s roar sounded from within Yi Yun’s body, spearing through the clouds and shattering stone!

The turtle warrior was given a fright, but he could not react in time. All he saw was Yi Yun appear in front of him as though he had teleported.

The metallic seal in his hand came smashing down!


With a loud crack, immense power spewed out. The turtle warrior’s head was sent flying as it crumbled. His already short and thick neck was stretched and distorted.

The turtle warrior’s pudgy and heavy body, together with his shattered head, flew up before slamming into a mountain hundreds of feet away.


The mountain quaked as the turtle warrior’s body smashed right in, sending rubble down.

The entire area fell silent instantly. The bone-spiked Fey warrior who was just about to add on was agape with a livid look.

Yi Yun was standing right beside him! The distance between them was less than a meter and they were almost shoulder to shoulder.

Yi Yun had already replaced the turtle warrior’s original spot. If one had blinked, they would not have even seen Yi Yun attack. It would be as though the turtle warrior had suddenly become Yi Yun.

And in fact, Shan Ling did not even see Yi Yun’s actions clearly. She was originally reeling in extreme fear with only thoughts of escaping. She had no intention to pay any attention to Yi Yun’s battle. But in an instant, the situation had reversed. That turtle Fey was apparently dead!?

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