True Martial World Chapter 1583

Chapter 1583 Experts Die From Underestimating The Enemy

Chapter 1583: Experts Die From Underestimating the Enemy


Shan Ling gulped mouthfuls of saliva. She looked at Yi Yun in disbelief. What had just happened?

This Yi Yun was clearly a junior member of Taixia Ancient Mining. How could he have such strength? Besides that he had used just physical strength alone!?

At that moment, Yi Yun looked frowningly at the metallic seal in his hand which was stained with red and white brain matter. The turtle had harped on and on, making him believe that he would be of a particular standard. He never expected the turtle to be so weak that his head would be smashed in with a single strike.

Although that had happened, Yi Yun was in no way happy. On the contrary, he was rather disappointed. Fey warrior bodies, which had always been placed on a pedestal, appeared to be nothing impressive. How was he to perfect his Dragon Emperor Technique?

Was it because the Dragon Emperor bloodline from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was just too powerful?

“How How did you” the Fey warrior with the spiky back said hoarsely, his forehead gemmed with beads of perspiration. How was this human so terrifying? “You You killed him You killed someone from our Desolate clan”

The Fey warrior with the spiky back was completely shaken by how easily Yi Yun had killed his companion. If he had spoken a few more sentences previously, the person dead might not have been the turtle Fey but himself.

“Why do you keep spouting nonsense? Didn’t you hear him request for me to smash his head?” Yi Yun turned his head over slightly and looked at him. “I was planning on using the two of you to try out my moves. I wanted to know how different my body-tempering cultivation technique is from an orthodox Fey’s. I never expected him to die so quickly. I didn’t even use any moves, but whatever. You can take his place. I hope I can gain something out of you.”

I’m meant to let you gain something out of me!?

When the Fey heard Yi Yun, his expression was as nasty as though his father had expired. The only point of his existence was to be a guinea pig for others to gain something out of him?

“I’m weak. You won’t gain anything out of me,” said the Fey warrior as he thickened his skin. His voice was even trembling.

“That wasn’t what you said previously,” sneered Yi Yun. The Chaos Heavens was bloody with all the plundering and murders. How could it stop because of a single sentence from a weakling?

If Yi Yun had yet to recover his strength, his pleas would only serve to increase the joy of the two Fey as they tormented him.


The Fey warrior knew that his pleas were landing on deaf ears. He lunged backward, widening the distance between him and Yi Yun. Usually, what human would dare stay in melee range when fighting a Fey? They would often conjure their nomological powers from a far and deliver guerrilla-styled attacks. The battle was over if a Fey closed in on them!

But now, the situation was turned on its head. The spiky Fey was scared out of his wits as he took the initiative to pull away from Yi Yun.

The spectating Soul and Ghost warriors trembled when they saw what had happened. Was this Yi Yun really human? Was he not a beast disguised in human form?

Yi Yun looked at the spiky Fey and hesitated for a moment before putting the metallic seal away.

He felt that he had overestimated the Fey of the Chaos Heavens. Or perhaps, these two Fey were just too weak. Even with the metallic seal, the Fey warriors were unable to withstand his attacks.

In that case, it was better if he simply used his fists and legs.

Upon seeing Yi Yun put away the metallic seal, the Fey warrior’s eyes lit up.

Yi Yun was underestimating him!

Although he knew Yi Yun was terrifyingly powerful, he could not sit idly waiting for his death. He needed to grasp at every chance of survival!

Experts died from underestimating their enemies. This was his chance!

After all, Yi Yun was a human and humans had naturally weak bodies. Few humans tempered their bodies as cultivating body cultivation techniques was rather slow and ineffective.

Perhaps Yi Yun only had immense physical strength, but the hardness of his body was average.

Physical strength was the only thing needed when using a weapon. In contrast, using one’s limbs required tempering one’s body to make one’s body as terrifying as a weapon. He refused to believe that Yi Yun had cultivated his body to the level of a Fey’s.

As for himself, although his physical strength was far inferior to the human before him, his body was covered in scaled armor and bone spikes. His bone spikes were comparable to divine armaments. All he needed to do was stab into a human’s vital organs to turn the tables!

“Take this strike of mine!”

Yi Yun seemed to be afraid that his opponent would fail to achieve his goals as a test subject, so he even verbally warned him.

The Fey warrior’s lips which were hidden under his bone armor revealed a sinister grin. Continue underestimating me! Even a lion will use all its strength when hunting a rabbit. You have committed a grave mistake. Having cultivated to this realm of yours, it’s a pity you do not know that pride only destines you to failure!


Yi Yun suddenly moved as the ground beneath his feet exploded!

His speed was even faster than before. Thankfully for the Fey warrior, he was already hundreds of feet away from Yi Yun, barely giving him the opportunity to react.


The Fey warrior roared as he leaped up!

When body-tempered warriors clashes, it was a fight to a death. It was taboo to retreat for it only spelled lost opportunities. Once one’s fighting spirit was lost, there was no room for retreat!

Since there was no room for retreat, the Fey released all his lifeblood forces and charged at Yi Yun in a bid to withstand Yi Yun’s strike!

The Fey warrior’s arm was covered in spiked scaled armor!

With his arm strengthened as such, he met Yi Yun’s fist.


The Fey warrior roared hysterically. All his lifeblood forces were concentrated in his fist.

When the two fists collided, Yi Yun’s lifeblood forces seemed boundless like the sea. After his fist was injected with lifeblood, it was like a star’s collision, one with indomitable force!


With a crisp crack, the bones in Fey warrior’s arm shattered. His arm twisted in a bizarre manner!

The powerful force surged through his arms’ meridians and into his body. It caused his body to convulse violently as blood spewed out from his seven orifices!


The Fey warrior convulsed uncontrollably as he looked at his crushed arm in disbelief. At the instant the two fists collided, he felt that he was not facing a human but an ancient dragon!


Yi Yun took another step forward and kicked the Fey warrior in the chest.

His ribcage shattered as the powerful impact surged through all his organs. Even the bony spikes at his back bulged out as though they were about to be sent flying!

“Bam! Bam! Bam!”

The Fey warrior’s destroyed body flew across the ground, tearing through several boulders before finally slamming into a massive boulder a thousand feet away.


The massive boulder trembled, shaking off its coat of dust. As for the Fey warrior, he was at the bottom of a pile of rocks with his flesh a mangled mess. He still had breath in him, but his body was basically crippled.

Yi Yun shook his head. At the very least, he could not see any advantage the Fey gained from their lifeblood based on these two Fey warriors.

He slowly turned his head and looked at the Soul and Ghost warriors nearby.

Although he did not release any killing intent, just the sanguine smell that lingered around him made him like a death god that had returned from Shura hell. It made the two of them go limp as their faces turned ashen.

Where did this fellow come from? Was he really human?

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