True Martial World Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584 Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation

“We We never said anything about fighting you,” said the two hurriedly in fright.

“Interesting. Since you stood forward just now, and even walked towards me, were you not doing that to kill me but to come and give me treasures?”

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s words, the Ghost warrior pricked up his brows. Clenching his teeth, he said reverently, “Yes Yes, you are absolutely right. I’m indeed here to give you treasures.”

As the Ghost warrior spoke, he took off his interspatial ring while trembling. To offer Yi Yun treasures was no doubt an act of insanity. However, the Ghost warrior was sharp. He knew the rationale of buying peace. He was willing to offer the entirety of his wealth to secure his life.

Where’s there’s life there’s hope.

As for the Soul warrior standing beside him, he touched his interspatial ring, but ultimately could not part with it. He turned to look at the teleportation array, where there was a Soul expert from the same faction that he belonged to. Yet, his kinsman did not stand forward to help him.

That person was his senior brother. Although his senior brother was far stronger than him, it was unlikely he could easily beat this human. Besides, his relationship with his senior brother was only average; therefore, his senior brother had no intention to help him.

Upon realizing this point, the Soul warrior felt disheartened. He gritted his teeth and took off his interspatial ring.

“You guys are rather sensible.” The corner of Yi Yun’s mouth curled up as he casually beckoned.


The two interspatial rings flew into Yi Yun’s hand and he knew they were without problems after a brief check.

These two came from major factions and had quite a standing in them. Ignoring their other treasures, just the amount of refined ores they had was quite sizable.

Fighting in the Xuanyuan Dune meant burning Chaos Ores. There was no reason for Yi Yun to find the amount of ores he had excessive.

Yi Yun did not stand on ceremony as he took the interspatial rings of the two other Fey warriors.

“Interesting. Very interesting!”

At that moment, a voice sounded out from the teleportation array. The person was spoke was none other than Bronze Drum.

The teleportation array had been partially activated, so there was no need for him to continue staying inside it. Instead, he walked straight out.

He looked at Yi Yun with narrowed eyes as he said slowly, “You actually transcended a lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation. For a human to do so is impressive!”


Everyone who heard Bronze Drum’s words was startled. Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation!? This human had transcended a Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation!?

Shan Ling was also astounded. Even among the Fey, only the best geniuses could transcend a Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation.

For instance Shaomang Xuan!

It could be said that Fey Lords who had the ability to experience Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulations were already a step away from that of a Fey Thearch!

With regards to this, Shan Ling found it unacceptable. Could a human really temper their body to the level of withstanding the Heavenly Tribulations?

“However, the Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation you transcended does not appear to be naturally formed by the Heavenly Dao I can sense that your tempering is not complete”

What Bronze Drum added sent a jolt through Yi Yun’s heart. He never expected Bronze Drum to be that keen.

“An artificial Heavenly Tribulation is nothing but unorthodox from our point of view. Of course, for a human like you to achieve that, it’s already pretty impressive.”

Upon hearing Bronze Drum’s words, Shan Ling heaved a sigh of relief. It turned out that it was not a naturally formed Heavenly Tribulation from the Heavenly Dao.

Shan Ling had also heard of artificial Heavenly Tribulations used to temper one’s body. However, it required the caster to have a thorough understanding of lightning laws. The Fey happened to be lacking when it came to laws.

“I was wondering how a human can push his body-tempering to a state equaling that of my young master” Shan Ling shook her head.

“Don’t tell me you came out to fight me?” asked Yi Yun.

He could sense that Bronze Drum was looking at him antagonistically.

“Hehe, I’m indeed interested in you, but not now.” Bronze Drum licked his lips as he said.

Yi Yun did not know what the fellow was thinking, but he had the intention to attack. Bronze Drum looked very powerful, and perhaps seeing how the Fey circulated their lifeblood powers in combat would improve his Dragon Emperor Technique.

But at that moment, the teleportation array was about to be activated.

“I will eventually fight you in the God Confusion Valley,” said Bronze Drum.

“Exactly what I was hoping for.” Yi Yun showed no fear. At that moment, his gaze swept across remaining nineteen people standing in the teleportation array.

His gaze locked onto one of the Soul warriors who happened to be the senior brother of the Soul warrior from before.

The Soul warrior’s expression turned extremely nasty when he was targeted by Yi Yun.

“Please give up your spot”

“You sure are ruthless.”

As the Soul warrior spoke, he sent a voice transmission to another person in the teleportation array. Following that, he transformed into a stream of light and entered another person’s body.

As such, there was naturally one more spot in the teleportation array.

“Oh? I never expected that”

Yi Yun was taken aback momentarily, but on second thought, it was expected. The teleportation array needed energy to stabilize itself. It had to be precisely twenty people. Of course, this problem didn’t exist as long as someone stored away others inside their body.

However, unless there was trust, no one would store another person inside their bodies. It was a risky move.

“Please bring bring me along.” Yi Yun was just about to enter the teleportation array when Shan Ling hurriedly pleaded.

“Please, I beg you” Shan Ling added.

She recognized the Soul warrior from before. His name was Bai Fengling, a famous figure as well. But he had faltered against Yi Yun. To have to enter the God Confusion Valley in the body of another fellow disciple in front of everyone was no doubt an insult.

However, he had tolerated it.

As such, even if Yi Yun was inferior to Shaomang Xuan, it meant that his strength was far above hers. She naturally had to be more respectful to Yi Yun.

“I can provide you with information about the God Confusion Valley. I can also tell you some secret information regarding this operation”

Shan Ling gritted her teeth as she sent Yi Yun a voice transmission. Her Fey Qi was depleted and she was unable to use her strength. If she was left outside the God Confusion Valley, she would be like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Anyone that passed by could capture her and torture her to death.

At the very least, following Yi Yun would prevent her from worrying about such possibilities.

Yi Yun pricked up his brows as he said coldly, “Then, tell me. If your information doesn’t satisfy me, I will immediately abandon you.”

A thin fog blanketed the land, cutting visibility to only about a hundred feet in radius. Legend had it that the fog had been gathered upon this land since the Xuanyuan Dune was discovered. It had been as such for billions of years.

The fog not only reduced visibility, but it also blocked out perceptions. Even Godly Monarch experts could only send out their perceptions for about five kilometers.

That was how the God Confusion Valley got its name.

At that moment, a group of people were gathered on a col in the God Confusion Valley. All of their brows were tightly furrowed.

They were humans and they came from Taixia Ancient Mining. Steward Zhou was among them.

The group also included Purple Light Hall’s Purple Succubus who was in charge of Yi Yun.

She was in charge of standing guard in Xuanyuan City, but she was sent here suddenly.

“We were too slow receiving the news. I have no idea what the people at Intelligence Hall are doing!” Steward Zhou said angrily. The Taixia Ancient Mining was most unprepared when it came to the unexpected turn of events at the Xuanyuan Dune. “Gather all disciples. Everyone that can arrive in time must head into the God Confusion Valley!”

“This” Upon hearing Steward Zhou, Purple Succubus wore an ugly expression. “It’s too difficult to enter the God Confusion Valley. A few core disciples have been informed, but whether they can come all the way here is not a certainty. As for the other ordinary disciples, they can’t even reach the God Confusion Valley, much less enter the God Confusion Valley.”

Steward Zhou did not say a word when he heard her. He had only given the order in passing. Even if the ordinary disciples entered, they would only be cannon fodder and would be of little use.

“I have already informed the Grand Elder. He is rushing here now. He will likely arrive in time to come,” added Purple Succubus.

“Is it Elder Divineheart”

Upon hearing Purple Succubus, Steward Zhou’s tense expression relaxed a little.

Elder Divineheart was the Godly Monarch Crystal Refinement Master that presided over the ore mining spirit cruiser!

In fact, the Taixia Ancient Mining’s ore mining spirit cruiser was Godly Monarch Divineheart’s mount. He secluded himself in the ore mining spirit cruiser perennially and even when the cruiser met space pirates, he would not take action. But this time, it was necessary for Divineheart to exit seclusion.

“With Elder Divineheart’s help, we don’t have to worry that much,” said Purple Succubus.

Steward Zhou nodded. With him around, the Taixia Ancient Mining naturally had the ability to join in the competition that followed the unexpected turn of events.

And at that moment, there was a void fluctuation about two hundred feet from them. Beams of light began to coruscate.

A teleportation array!

Everyone was surprised as Steward Zhou quickly stood up. Could it be that Elder Divineheart was here? There was no way he was that fast.

However, when the light from the teleportation array vanished, Steward Zhou’s expression sank. It was not Godly Monarch Divineheart but competition from opposing races.

There were people from the Soul race, Ghost race, and Fey race. They came from a variety of factions. Clearly, these people had formed a coalition in order to save Chaos Crystals.

“Oh? There’s a human among them.” It was unknown who said it, but it stirred Steward Zhou’s heart as he looked over. He saw a black-robed youth slowly walking out of the crowd.

Steward Zhou was completely dumbfounded when he saw the person. Even Purple Succubus stared widely.

Wasn’t this black-robed youth Yi Yun?

Why was he among this potpourri of people!?

“Oh? That person is Bronze Drum!? He’s from the Desolate clan!” exclaimed Purple Succubus.

The mining zone in the Xuanyuan Dune belonged to four factions. One of them was the Desolate clan and as one of the most prominent figures in the Desolate clan, Bronze Drum was naturally someone Purple Succubus knew. There was no mistake about it. She recalled that Bronze Drum was a bloodthirsty person who often treated his enemies as prey. He would often toy with them until they died.

Why was Yi Yun among this group of people? In the Chaos Heavens, there was no such thing as racial harmony. These people would form a team because of shared interests or the fear stemming from one’s strength. Yet, Yi Yun appeared quite out of place among them.

And at that moment, Yi Yun naturally saw these people from the Taixia Ancient Mining.