True Martial World Chapter 1585

Chapter 1585: Divineheart
Chapter 1585: Divineheart
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"Senior Brother, why is this person with people from the Desolate clan? Could he be a spy for the Desolate clan, one that had infiltrated our Taixia Ancient Mining?"

The person who spoke was Zhou Fang, Steward Zhou's cousin. He was similarly an Elder of Taixia Ancient Mining.

Steward Zhou frowned. Anyone who saw such a scene would generate the same thoughts.

Purple Succubus wore a perplexed look as she asked Yi Yun, "Yi Yun, why are you here? If I recall correctly, aren't you from Cang Gu's team?"

"Cang Gu is dead."

Yi Yun answered simply. His answer left the hearts of the Taixia members palpitating.


Yi Yun was originally with Cang Gu, and now he was with the Fey. This naturally gave people ideas.

"Yi Yun, it seems the roll muster platform seal our Taixia planted on you has been removed?"

Steward Zhou was the one who planted the roll muster platform's seal, so he naturally noticed its removal.

Yi Yun did not answer. It was a silent acknowledgment.

"This person is indeed a spy," said Zhou Fang.

Yi Yun coldly looked at Zhou Fang and said, "Although I do not care what conflict Taixia has with the other factions, I do not wish to be mistaken for a spy."

He was not afraid of the Taixia Ancient Mining, but a bit of explanation could avoid unnecessary trouble.

"Then, let me ask you this. How did Cang Gu die?" asked Zhou Fang.

Yi Yun looked Zhou Fang coldly in the eye. "I killed him."


Steward Zhou widened his eyes as the surrounding Taixia disciples turned alarmed. Even if he had killed Cang Gu, shouldn't he have concealed the matter? Was he thinking too little of their Taixia by so flagrantly admitting to the murder?

"Then, we have no need to continue your contract. There are always some humans who would betray their own race because their lives are threatened or for benefits. You might not know it, but the other races only consider you as a tool. You will be abandoned once your value dries up. Not only shall you end up in a tragic state, you will also bring trouble to your family clan," Zhou Fang said slowly.

Steward Zhou did not add on. From his point of view, even if the Desolate clan had sent a spy into their Taixia Ancient Mining, he had only infiltrated one of their small teams and killed its leader. It did not mean much. He was just clueless as to what intelligence Yi Yun had gathered back on the ore mining spirit cruiser.

Steward Zhou said, "Yi Yun, let me ask you a question. Why did you enter the God Confusion Valley with them?"

"I happened to meet them outside. Seeing that they were about to teleport in, I requested that they give me a spot. However, since you're already set on your suspicions against me, there's nothing more for me to say," answered Yi Yun casually.

"Give you a spot?" Zhou Fang laughed when he heard that. "Are you kidding? Since when have those other races been so obliging?"

At that moment, the warriors who had entered with Yi Yun wore interesting expressions.

They were obliging? Did Zhou not know how Yi Yun 'requested' they give up a spot?

Bronze Drum only watched the spectacle from the side. He only wished for misunderstandings to happen between Yi Yun and the Taixia Ancient Mining.

"These bunch of old fools seem to be waiting for someone as well"

Bronze Drum guessed at their motives from the way they stood guard by the spatial node.

As though answering Bronze Drum's thoughts, the surrounding space fluctuated. Zhou Fang's eyes lit up.

For someone as powerful as Godly Monarch Divineheart, it was about time for him to arrive, considering how easy it was for him as long as he had the spatial coordinate.


Space quaked with increasing intensity. This was a long-distance spatial teleportation. The person in transit did not even arrive at the God Confusion Valley's entrance; instead, he traversed the void to get there directly. Only a Godly Monarch was capable of such!

And it wasn't only Zhou Fang. The other members of the Taixia Ancient Mining were delighted.


Light coruscated as space seemed to be torn apart like a canvas. A figure dressed in a blue Daoist robe took a large stride out of the spatial rift. His eyes looked like they could contain infinite galaxies and, as he stood in midair, the area he was in seemed to form an independent world in and of itself.

Godly Monarch!

Yi Yun drew a deep breath. Such an aura no doubt belonged to a Godly Monarch. Furthermore, Yi Yun found the Godly Monarch who had torn open space somewhat familiar.

"He is that Godly Monarch Crystal Refinement Master who presides over the ore mining spirit cruiser"

With this in mind, Yi Yun sensed the Godly Monarch's gaze fall upon him. He had clearly noticed him.

Godly Monarchs had extraordinary memories. Back in the spirit cruiser, Yi Yun had garnered his attention, so he naturally remembered him. But that was all.

All he did was give Yi Yun a glance before turning away.

"This person has very strong psyche powers." At that moment, Bai Yueyin's voice sounded in Yi Yun's mind. The appearance of a Chaos Heavens Godly Monarch awoke her from her rest. "After the ancient battle, the Sinkhole did not produce any true Godly Monarchs. None of those half-Gods in the Sinkhole can compare to this person."

"Greetings, Grand Elder!"

The members of the Taixia Ancient Mining all bowed. Godly Monarch Divineheart held an unparalleled status in their hearts.

And at that moment, space trembled once again as another person tore through the void.


Godly Monarch Divineheart's heart stirred as he looked over. Nearby, the void shattered like a mirror as a man in golden-scaled armor who looked like a god of war strode out.

The moment he appeared, his surging lifeblood powers erupted like a flood. Everyone present felt their lifeblood being stirred by the forces, as though it would tear out of their bodies. Some of the weaker ones were sent into a constant retreat. They could not find their footing and nearly knelt to the ground.

"Pa!" A pair of golden wings spanning nearly three meters appeared behind the man. Every feather on this pair of wings were as sharp as blades as they had a cold sheen to them.

He slowly landed with his wings outspread. Only when he landed did the pressure from the lifeblood converge back into his body, allowing everyone to catch their breaths.

Another Godly Monarch was here.

"So it's the Fey's Golden Winged Celestial Peng," said Divineheart lightly.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng?

Yi Yun's heart stirred. This was a true ancient Fey. Legend had it that Golden Winged Celestial Peng was the fastest in the world and that they fed on wyrms. Their bodies were extremely powerful, so powerful that they could match True Dragons.

"Even Godly Monarchs were mobilized. The Taixia Ancient Mining and Fey had mobilized their Godly Monarchs. This matter has exceeded my original expectations," Yi Yun pondered slightly.

He sent a voice transmission to Shan Ling who was inside him. "Let me ask you this. Exactly what has appeared in the God Confusion Valley? Why has it stirred two Godly Monarchs?"

Shan Ling was now somewhat afraid of Yi Yun, so when she heard his question, she hesitated for a long while before answering honestly, "It's a Chaos Royal Seal that can be fused by Godly Monarchs. My Desolate clan was one of the first to receive the news. The news has not spread, or these would not be the only Godly Monarchs here"