True Martial World Chapter 1586

Chapter 1586 Traveling Alone

Chapter 1586: Traveling Alone


“A Royal Seal that can be fused by Godly Monarchs?” Yi Yun’s heart thumped when he heard Shan Ling’s description. A Chaos Royal Seal which could stir several Godly Monarchs

The Chaos Royal Seal which Shan Ling had mentioned was likely one of the Grand Primordium Royal Seals that were spoken of in the Sinkhole!

They were formed naturally by the natural order of the world, making them equivalent to the Heavenly Dao.

The Xuanyuan Dune had such an item?

However, on careful thought, the Xuanyuan Dune was a spiritual land that could produce Chaos Crystals. It was also possible for it to be able to produce a Grand Primordium Royal Seal.

“Senior Bai, what’s your take on this?”

Bai Yueyin hesitated slightly before saying slowly, “I find this matter somewhat abnormal. Billions of years ago, I came to the Chaos Heavens to break through to the Godly Monarch realm. I naturally paid attention to the Grand Primordium Royal Seals, but according to what I learned back then, Grand Primordium Royal Seals were so few and far between even in the Chaos Heavens that they were nearly considered extinct.

“Back then, I chanced upon some news regarding Grand Primordium Royal Seals, but it was not necessarily true. Although a divine land like the Xuanyuan Dune might produce a Grand Primordium Royal Seal, it is still a seemingly impossible matter. It might very well be that ever since the Xuanyuan Dune came into existencea period spanning billions of yearsit has only been able to produce a small handful of Grand Primordium Royal Seals.”

“I understand” Yi Yun nodded. According to Bai Yueyin, billions of years was an excruciatingly long period of time. A few Grand Primordium Royal Seals dotting the river of time was like a few gold particles scattered across a vast desert. It was just too improbable to pick up one of the gold particles.

As for the news of the Grand Primordium Royal Seal, Yi Yun was unable to verify its authenticity since it was based on Shan Ling’s word.

Shan Ling was only a maidservant. What she knew might not have been accurate, but regardless, the fact that it attracted Godly Monarchs meant that even if the reports of a Royal Seal were inauthentic, it was likely that something major had happened in the God Confusion Valley.

“Brother Divineheart, you have come indeed,” Golden Winged Celestial Peng looked at Godly Monarch Divineheart as he said smilingly. Although he was dressed in golden armor with a suppressive lifeblood aura, he wore a surprisingly genial expression.

“Likewise. I still haven’t settled the score with you from back then!”

Divineheart’s tone had subtle killing intent to it, but Golden Winged Celestial Peng thought nothing of it. He said softly, “I believe two of our old friends are here as well. They have landed nearby.”

People labeled by Golden Winged Celestial Peng as old friends were no doubt Godly Monarchs!

However, Yi Yun was not surprised. The Fey and humans already had Godly Monarchs appearing for this God Confusion Valley expedition. In addition, the Celestials had also sent one of its members.

If the other races did not send a Godly Monarch to preside over the situation, they were practically serving themselves on a platter to the humans and Fey.

As Golden Winged Celestial Peng spoke, voice transmission talismans lit up in front of the Soul and Ghost warriors. Clearly, experts from their races had arrived and were sending orders for them to gather.

“Let us not delay matters any further. We shall be setting off!” Golden Winged Celestial Peng said to the Fey disciples present.

“Yi Yun, let’s go together.” At that moment, Bronze Drum suddenly invited Yi Yun.

“Oh?” Yi Yun pricked up his brows as he looked coldly at Bronze Drum. Bronze Drum had said that to put him in a difficult situation.

The Taixia Ancient Mining were only just having suspicions of him being a spy, but with Bronze Drum giving him an invitation, he was no doubt deepening their suspicions of Yi Yun.

If not for Godly Monarch Divineheart, Yi Yun would not have minded Taixia, but the situation had been escalated with Divineheart around.

“Why? Are you planning to go alone?” Bronze Drum said with a faint smile.

Yi Yun’s expression turned gloomy. He would be a fool if he really followed Bronze Drum. He had no idea what awaited him with Golden Winged Celestial Peng around.

“Yi Yun, by secretly wiping away your mark you’ve severely violated of the rules. However, our Taixia Ancient Mining is in need of manpower. I can choose not to pursue the matter, but as for whether you are a spy, Godly Monarch Divineheart is here. He will definitely investigate thoroughly. If you are innocent, we will naturally not malign you,” Steward Zhou said coldly.

Yi Yun took a deep breath. It was also impossible for him to follow Taixia. At times, it was better to kill than be sorry. Who knew what Divineheart’s ‘investigation’ would entail. Could it be soul-searching questioning? He had too many secrets on him, so the outcome of that was evident.

“There’s no need.”

As Yi Yun said that, he took one step back.

“Oh? What are you planning?” bellowed Steward Zhou.

“I shall go alone. There’s no need to trouble any of you.”

With that said, Yi Yun retreated straight into the fog. It was best he did not linger in an area where only trouble remained.

When Divineheart saw Yi Yun retreating, he hesitated slightly, but did not stop him.

Yi Yun chose a very brilliant direction for his retreat. In between him and Taixia happened to be Golden Winged Celestial Peng.

Although the situation appeared peaceful, with the various major factions gathered, it was in truth very delicate. Once any attacks were delivered in Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s vicinity, the situation could escalate very rapidly.

“This punk has a death wish. He actually entered the fog alone,” Zhou Fang sneered when he saw Yi Yun’s figure disappear into the fog.

The God Confusion Valley was known to be an area even Godly Monarchs could not traverse. Although that was an exaggerated description, it was still close to the mark. If Godly Monarchs were to enter the God Confusion Valley alone, the chances of survival were slim.

“This Yi Yun sure is pitiful. He has been abandoned by his faction, and none of the other factions want him.”

Upon seeing Yi Yun leave alone, the disciples who had been repressed by Yi Yun previously immediately felt a lot better.

So what if he was strong? He was alone and he lacked the spatial coordinates, nor did he have the special teleportation array required to enter and exit the God Confusion Valley. If he could not even leave the valley, death was a certainty.

What they did not know was that Yi Yun had already activated the Purple Crystal’s energy vision. The God Confusion Valley was impervious to perceptions, but it could not stop the Purple Crystal.

Amid the energy vision, Yi Yun clearly saw the energy blobs that represented the members of Taixia and the Fey. They were already very far from where he was.

At that distance, even the probes of Godly Monarchs were unable to reach him.

With a thought, Yi Yun released Shan Ling.

Although Yi Yun did not have a good impression of this cat-eared girl who only yearned to meet her young master, she was all he had to rely on at that moment.

“Where where are we?”

The moment the cat-eared girl appeared, she saw the thick fog around her. They could only see up to a few meters in front of them, and there was no one else around them.

She immediately panicked. “Where are the rest?”

“There’s only us. Cut the nonsense. Let me ask you this. Where is the general direction of the Chaos Royal Seal?”

Shan Ling had once obtained the map to the God Confusion Valley after all. Even though the map was no longer in her hands, she likely had a general idea of it.

“It should be in the inner valley, but we will soon lose our sense of direction in this fog. It will be useless even if we know the location of the inner valley.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Draw out the map from your memories.”

Yi Yun took out a jade slip and passed it to her. Shan Ling had no choice but to draw the map according to Yi Yun’s instructions.

The God Confusion Valley which Shan Ling drew appeared like a calabash. The valley entrance was like the mouth to a calabash, and the circular outer and inner valleys were connected. Although the topography of the area looked simple, where one just needed to take a straight line path to go from the outer valley into the inner valley, Yi Yun knew very well that this path was not that simple.

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