True Martial World Chapter 1587

Chapter 1587 Herbal Garden Of Confusion

Chapter 1587: Herbal Garden of Confusion


“Then what do we do now?” Shan Ling said with a trembling voice. She already had an ominous feeling about everything. She had no idea how Yi Yun was so ostracized. The other teams had Godly Monarchs leading them, or at the very least, a half-step Godly Monarch. As for Yi Yun, he was alone. Did no faction want to take him in?

“Let’s head to the inner valley,” said Yi Yun simply.

“I know, but we do not know which direction to head in.”

“We’ll let our feelings guide us. We will head wherever there’s more Yuan Qi,” said Yi Yun casually.


Shan Ling was rendered speechless. How was it possible for them to reach the inner valley using such means? She knew she had no choice. All she could do was follow Yi Yun because she would only die faster without him.

However, she never expected Yi Yun to take out the spatial shuttle he obtained from Cang Gu.

“Come onboard,” said Yi Yun lightly.

“You you plan on taking the spatial shuttle!?” Shan Ling widened her eyes.

“Or else?”

Yi Yun returned with a question as though it was only right. According to Shan Ling, the God Confusion Valley was an extremely extensive area. The distance it would take to get from the outer valley to the inner valley was extremely great.

And the best thing about a spatial shuttle was that it conserved energy. In the God Confusion Valley, there was no natural way to replenish energy. The amount of Chaos Ores in Yi Yun’s interspatial ring was limited, so he tried to save as much as he could.

“It’s already hard to discern one’s direction in this God Confusion Valley. People travel through it carefully, but you are planning to use a spatial shuttle to randomly traverse the lands?”

“You can stay here then,” said Yi Yun without much thought.

Shan Ling was brought to the brink of tears. She was regretting her choice of following Yi Yun into the God Confusion Valley.

She bit her lips and finally boarded the spatial shuttle. She felt like she was in a vicious cycle.

With a thought, Yi Yun sent the spatial shuttle flying forward.

The greatest danger a typical warrior faced in the God Confusion Valley was the restricted visibility.

The visibility in there was extremely poor, and one’s perception was exponentially attenuated by the fog. It was impossible to even see danger that was just feet away.

However, Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, allowing him to see every single energy fluctuation. Such a problem did not exist for him.

No danger could come without an energy source.


The spatial shuttle shot out, and Yi Yun could see everything within a few hundred kilometers using the Purple Crystal’s energy vision.

Shan Ling stood behind Yi Yun without any intention to speak to him. She originally wanted to say that Bronze Drum was a madman, but no matter how mad he was, he only tormented the lives of others. As for Yi Yun’s brand of madness, it put his life at risk as well.

Shan Ling had already accepted the fact that she and Yi Yun would be reduced to nothingness just moments after the spatial shuttle entered the land of peril.

However the spatial shuttle flew for an hour straight without them encountering any danger.

She could sense that Yi Yun was occasionally directing the spatial shuttle to switch directions. The fog was at times dense and at times thin. When the fog was heavy, one could not even see their fingers in front of them. Even at the fog’s thinnest, they could not see but a hundred plus feet at best. Driving a spatial shuttle as it flew through this was like a blind man storming through a mountain of knives. How could they remain safe and sound after all this time?

Could it be that Yi Yun had means to predict danger, allowing the spatial shuttle to switch directions to avoid threats?

This thought surfaced in Shan Ling’s mind, but she found it unbelievable. Even Telluric Masters who were adept in Feng Shui for hundreds of thousands of years lacked such abilities.

She wanted to ask Yi Yun, but thinking back to Yi Yun’s impatient attitude, she was afraid that Yi Yun would find her a bother and abandon her.

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly stopped the spatial shuttle.

The spatial shuttle that had been traveling at extremely fast speeds came to a halt. This nearly sent the already frail Shan Ling flying out.

“What What’s wrong?”

Shan Ling could hardly collect herself as she subconsciously grabbed Yi Yun’s arm to prevent herself from plummeting inside the spatial shuttle.

Yi Yun remained silent.

He discovered a huge problem!

With the Purple Crystal, he could indeed see any energy sources ahead of time. Some dangers, like evil creatures or Ancient Fey, could barely be classified as living beings. Energy sources with vital fluctuations were easily determined. All he needed to do was avoid them from afar.

But now, Yi Yun could see an energy source that was overflowing with energy through his energy vision. It was a body manifested by laws and energy.

Yi Yun could sense that the brimming energy source contained a terrifying might which left him alarmed.

However he could not identify what the energy source was.

Was it immense danger or an opportunity?

There was naturally no danger if he circled around it, but it was also possible that he would also miss out on tremendous benefits.

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before deciding to take a look. With the Ancestor God’s guillotine hanging over his head, Yi Yun could not give up any opportunity to raise his strength.

Yi Yun put away the spatial shuttle as he slowly walked towards the colorful energy source. A puzzled Shan Ling could only follow behind.

By now, she was already feeling a sliver of fearful reverence towards Yi Yun. Everything seemed possible for this young man.

Apart from her young master, she had never seen anyone who could give off such an unfathomable feeling as Yi Yun.

“Could it be that he has discovered something again?” thought Shan Ling.

At that moment, Shan Ling discovered that the surrounding fog was beginning to thin. The visibility became better, going from a hundred feet to hundreds of feet. Finally, she could see things clearly thousands of feet away.

Oh? That is

Shan Ling immediately widened her eyes for she saw a beautiful lake thousands of feet away. The lake was as beautiful as jade and there were lush grass growing by the lakeside. All sorts of spirit flowers were in a blooming war.

With a cursory sweep, Shan Ling identified various priceless precious spirit herbs. She served Shaomang Xuan for many years, so she had an understanding of most of the pills Shaomang Xuan consumed. The spirit herbs by the lakeside were things even Shaomang Xuan would think twice before using.

However, Shan Ling was not too excited. Instead, she felt apprehensive.

She recalled a terrifying legend regarding the God Confusion Valley.

“That might be the Herbal Garden of Confusion!” Shan Ling’s face turned slightly pale as she said awkwardly.

“Oh?” Yi Yun turned to look at Shan Ling. The main reason why he had brought Shan Ling with him was to understand the God Confusion Valley better. “Tell me more.”

“The Herbal Garden of Confusion in the God Confusion Valley has countless spirit herbs within. Many of the herbs are so aged that it’s hardly imaginable. It’s like a mirage. Despite being able to see it, there’s no way to reach it no matter how you walk towards it.

“And the process of walking towards it is a death march. Many people will lose themselves before they even get halfway. They end up walking for the rest of their lives. Instead of calling the Herbal Garden of Confusion a herbal garden, it’s better described as a tomb.”

“A mirage”

Yi Yun sighed slightly. A mirage was nothing but an illusion formed by the refraction of light by the air. It was not something corporeal, so it was naturally unreachable.

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However, the Herbal Garden of Confusion in front of him was completely different. The eyes could deceive, but the Purple Crystal’s energy vision did not. Yi Yun could clearly see that there was a colorful energy blob nearby.

The so-called Herbal Garden of Confusion was indeed right there in front of him.

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