True Martial World Chapter 1588

Chapter 1588 Storm

Chapter 1588: Storm



With this in mind, Yi Yun slowly walked towards the Herbal Garden of Confusion. He was interested to see what the so-called mirage was all about.

When Shan Ling realized that Yi Yun was not only unfazed, but that he actually looked as though he had his interest piqued, she felt at a loss for words. She was already accustomed to Yi Yun’s actions. He was a powerful man who seemed to challenge death at every turn without dying at all.

She followed far behind Yi Yun, but did not dare let him get too far. She was afraid she would lose Yi Yun, but she lacked the courage to stay close.

She watched helplessly as Yi Yun walked forward a few hundred feet.

“I’m pulling away from the location of the herbal garden.”

Yi Yun estimated the distance he walked should have put him a third of the way there, but the herbal garden looked to be just as far as when he started.

And in the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, the colorfully-dotted energies were pulling away from him.

The herbal garden really existed, but its location was in motion?

Or could it be that the herbal garden was there, but he was actually walking in circles?

If that was the case, the land he was on came equipped with an array formation which was formed naturally and the colorfully-dotted energy had to be the array’s core.

Yi Yun’s Purple Crystal vision could see the array core formed by the energy, but it could not see the array itself. Without realizing it, he had already stepped inside the array and it was already too late to retreat.

But Yi Yun had no intention to retreat. His nomological attainments were already approaching that of a Godly Monarch’s. He showed no fear to such a worldly array.

Besides, he still had the Purple Crystal’s energy vision; he could see what most Godly Monarchs were unable to see.

Under such a situation, cracking the array was also nothing difficult.

“Let me determine where the array core is first.”

This thought flashed across Yi Yun’s mind. With the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, it was not too big a problem. Just as he was about to begin, he suddenly felt an intense sense of danger.

He suddenly looked back and saw that far behind him, there was a gray energy cloud gathering.


Wind began stirring in the God Confusion Valley and as it grew in intensity, the force of the gale dispersed some of the fog.

This wind

Yi Yun sensed that the God Confusion Valley’s wind had the effect of corroding energy. His protective barrier trembled slightly when struck by the wind. He had no doubts that a warrior who was lacking in strength would probably be reduced to withered bone by this wind very quickly.

He lowered his head slightly and looked at the helpless Shan Ling.

She was scrunched into a bundle as she conjured a weak energy barrier. Trembling in the wind, she was like a stray kitten in a wintry night.

Shan Ling could only sense that the sinister air seemed to blow right into her bone. With her present strength, she clearly could not last long in the wind.

When she noticed Yi Yun looking at her pale face, she was already beginning to fear him as he revealed more of his strength.

Yi Yun flicked his finger as a wisp of light shot out from his fingertip and entered her body. Shan Ling’s body jolted as she immediately felt warm energy fill her body. Instantly, the biting cold was greatly reduced.

“Thank Thank you” said Shan Ling gratefully.

“What’s happening?” asked Yi Yun.

“It might be about to rain” said Shan Ling simply. “The God Confusion Valley is perennially covered in fog, but when the fog reaches a certain concentration, it will rain. A raining God Confusion Valley is more terrifying than it usually is”


Before Shan Ling finished her sentence, a bolt of lightning tore through the sky as though it was tearing it apart. A huge purple rift appeared as the divine light of the purple lightning tore through layers of fog, dyeing the land purple.

“This rain is really terrifying. I sense that it’s going to be a storm,” said Shan Ling uncertainly.

If one really encountered the God Confusion Valley’s storm, then them and everyone with them would likely suffer from heavy losses.

“Is the storm related to the Grand Primordium Royal Seal? If the Grand Primordium Royal Seal really exists.”

Yi Yun did not think too carefully about the matter as he began focusing on cracking the array.

As time passed, the storm turned more violent. Yi Yun felt that his energy was quickly depleted as Shan Ling’s face remained pale. She no longer cared about the dangers the Herbal Garden of Confusion posed. She tried her best to stick close to Yi Yun and survive with his Yuan Qi barrier.


Another bolt of lightning flashed almost right above their heads!

Following that, black rain poured down.

Each drop of water was the size of a baby’s fist. Furthermore, the water was extremely cohesive and heavy.

“Pa Da! Pa Da!”

The raindrops pattered down with tremendous force, crashing right through the ground. Not only so, the rainwater was even augmented with potent corrosive forces.


Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi was struck by the rain, leaving behind a slight crack.

But at that moment, Yi Yun’s heart and mind was placed on his cracking of the array. The amount of energy he invested in the Yuan Qi barrier was not more than ten percent.


More rainwater pattered and after the appearance of the first crack, the rainwater followed the trail of the crack as it corroded more of the energy barrier, emitting sizzling sounds.

The color in Shan Ling’s face drained. She watched helplessly as the black water remained atop Yi Yun’s barrier. The water droplet seemed to be penetrating the internals of the barrier!

“Boom! Boom!”

Although the number of cracks increased, Yi Yun no longer injected any new energy in to the barrier. With the barrier looking cracked like glass which had been struck by a hammer, black water droplets were already seeping inside the barrier and were about to drip down. Shan Ling reeled in despair. Why wasn’t Yi Yun repairing his barrier? No matter how powerful the black rain was, Yi Yun was definitely able to last a period of time, right?

But at the instant the black water droplet was about to drip, Shan Ling felt the world spin around her.


The pressure that enveloped her suddenly vanished. Shan Ling nearly fell to the ground as she widened her eyes while heaving heavily. Behind her, she saw an incredulous scene.

The storm, winds and lightning had all vanished. She had arrived on a sanctuary filled with sunlight and floral fragrance!

There was streams flowing down the mountains and into lakes. In the lakes, there were lotuses. Their green leaves were like umbrellas as they appeared on the water’s surface. There were droplets of liquid on them and they appeared like crystalline pearls under the sunlight.

It was like a paradise!

Shan Ling drew a deep breath as she took in the immensely rich spiritual energy. An unbelievable thought flashed across her mind.

This is the Herbal Garden of Confusion!?

Having gone from a terrifying storm to such a place, Shan Ling felt that she might have gone from hell to heaven. It was like a dream.

She swept her gaze and saw that Yi Yun had already walked out of a bed of flowers. He was intensely trying to identify the various spirit plants.

Shan Ling immediately realized that Yi Yun had the confidence to crack the array from the beginning. After he entered the Herbal Garden of Confusion, he could not afford to divert a large amount of energy and mental effort to sustain the barrier.

The Herbal Garden of Confusion was protected by powerful arrays and made it impossible for the black rain to infiltrate. If not, the herbs would have long been destroyed.

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