True Martial World Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589 The Huge Disparity Of The Situation

Chapter 1589: The Huge Disparity of the Situation


Although the herbal garden was like a paradise, Shan Ling saw that there were dark clouds everywhere beyond the herbal garden. Purple lightning flashed from the dense clouds like a massive snake. Countless black rain droplets the size of a baby’s fist pattered across the ground ruthlessly, riddling it with holes.

Upon seeing this scene, Shan Ling felt an indescribable sense of comfort. It was akin to mortals being in a warm house with a lit fire pit while watching the cold rain pour outside.

At that moment, Yi Yun had no intention to bother with the black rain outside. He was in search of spiritual herbs. Ever since Yi Yun inherited the divine alchemist’s heritage, he could be considered quite a master alchemist, but there was a considerable number of herbs in front of him he knew nothing of.

The Chaos Heavens’ natural treasures were still very different from the Sinkhole’s.

But even so, Yi Yun still understood the fundamentals of herbology. According to the herbal fragrance and the type of energy it contained, he was able to gather a vague understanding of the herbs.

His gaze was locked onto a tiny tree about half the height of a person. Although the tree was short, it had many roots. Through the tree’s bark, he could faintly see veins which resembled a human’s blood vessels.

Yi Yun took notice of the tiny tree because he sensed that his lifeblood was being stirred by it.

“Senior Bai, back when you first came to the Chaos Heavens, you should have gathered some knowledge of spiritual herbs. Look at this tiny tree, does it look like a divine medicine that can replenish lifeblood?”

What Yi Yun yearned for the most was to quickly allow Lin Xintong a full recovery. He also wanted to feed the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm and allow the little guy to grow faster.

“This is likely a Raven Heartblood Tree. Legend has it that Ancient Fey in their manifestations enjoy eating the fruits of this tree. The fruits replenish their lifeblood powers and give them additional strength to transcend the Heavenly Tribulations. You guessed right. This Raven Heartblood Tree can indeed help Xintong, but unfortunately, this tree has yet to bear fruit. The time it takes for the Raven Heartblood Tree to bloom is on the order of millions of years. Once it bears fruit, it would be extremely precious.”

Yi Yun knitted his brows slightly when he heard Bai Yueyin. The Herbal Garden of Confusion had already been in existence for so long, and the Raven Heartblood Tree was quite old. Even if it took a million years to bear fruit, it should have already bore fruit after tens or hundreds of millions of years.

He said, “If its fruits do not drop when they are ripe, then the fruits might have been plucked by someone else.”

Bai Yueyin did not say a word. In fact, she shared the same thoughts.

Someone had entered the herbal garden in the past million years!

Although the Herbal Garden of Confusion looked extremely terrifying to Shan Ling and company, the Chaos Heavens had experts lurking all over. Even with Yi Yun’s energy vision and his skill in laws, he did not dare claim that his ability at cracking arrays was better than those Godly Monarchs who focused on studying array formations.

“Yi Yun, there’s no need to feel wistful about it. It’s impossible for every opportunity in this world to belong to you alone. Besides, even if someone had swept through the herbal garden in the past million years, what has been produced since then would still be quite useful to you.”

“I understand. The opportunities provided by the Chaos Heavens are definitely not limited to a mere herbal garden.”

Yi Yun took out the God Advent Tower and opened the internal space.

Not only did he pluck the spirit flowers and fruits, but he also transplanted several of the herbs that could be transplanted into the God Advent Tower. The Raven Heartblood Tree was naturally not spared.

As for those worldly spiritual plants that had very stringent requirements for environment to the point that they would wither after being transplanted, Yi Yun did not touch them. It was difficult to produce such worldly treasures, so he had no plans on cutting off the spirit roots of such divine treasures.

“Hu! Hu! Hu!”

The violent winds howled as, in a corner of the God Confusion Valley, a group of Soul warriors were holding up a barrier to withstand the black rain that pelted at them like meteors.

Every drop of black rain would produce fine cracks in their barrier as though it would shatter their barrier to pieces.

“Our luck sure sucks to have encountered this storm the moment we entered the God Confusion Valley.”

Leading the Soul warriors was a middle-aged man dressed in a white Taiji robe. He was bald, but his two foot-long brows drooped down. He held a refined ore in each hand as he absorbed their energy while mending the barrier. For the past two hours, he had pretty much been the one propping up the barrier as the storm raged on.

“It’s all thanks to Elder Whitebrows. We have been a burden on him,” said an ashamed Soul junior. They depended greatly on Whitebrows for he had already condensed two Soul Seals and was just short of the Godly Monarch realm.

In fact, the Soul race had made adequate preparations for this expedition to the God Confusion Valley. Godly Monarchs would lead the team while Elder Whitebrows would provide support as a Telluric Master.

But they never expected to encounter the Celestial’s bronze giant shortly after entering the God Confusion Valley. The Celestial had attacked without any warning!

Before even finding the rumored divine treasure, the Celestial had already taken action!

The Soul race’s Godly Monarch Dreamlight was ultimately weaker than the bronze giant, but he was able to barely hold back the bronze giant and buy the others time to escape.

This was also likely because the bronze giant showed no interest to the others. If it did, it was unlikely many of them would have survived.

Just recollecting the Celestial bronze giant’s brimming strength left the Soul warriors feeling a lingering fear.

The Celestial giants were just too powerful.

“Grand Elder has his means to escape. Even if he’s no match, he would be able to made a full retreat. You do not need to worry about him. Now, we should be thinking of a way to handle the situation in front of us. For some unknown reason, a series of bizarre changes is happening in the God Confusion Valley at present. The map we spent a great deal to acquire is mostly useless now.

“Furthermore, I have a feeling that the deeper into the valley we go, the more inaccurate the map will be. When that happens, if we were to blindly believe the map, we might just end up dying tragic deaths.”

The middle-aged man spoke with a heavy voice. The faces of the surrounding Soul warriors had a shade of worry. Could Godly Monarch Dreamlight really have escaped his perilous situation?

Without a Godly Monarch, it was as though their backbone was gone. It made traversing the God Confusion Valley almost impossible.

“I have no idea how long this rain will last. About three hours would be fine, but if it lasts for an entire day, even I would be left enervated.”

As the middle-aged man spoke, a young Soul disciples suddenly shouted, “Elder, look there!”

The youth extended his finger as he looked abnormally excited.

The middle-aged man looked in the pointed direction as he saw a blurry light far into the sky. On careful look, it looked like a herbal garden which had all sorts of spiritual herbs! It looked like a paradise!

To see such a herbal garden that stood separate from the world which was immersed in the apocalyptic rain felt incredible.

“Master, that herbal garden has ample sunlight. There’s no rain at all.” The youth was somewhat excited. If they could head there to seek shelter from the rain, they could even pluck all sorts of spirit herbs.

“Fool!” Elder Whitebrows grunted coldly. “That’s the Herbal Garden of Confusion. The scenery you see is actually a mirage. It doesn’t actually exist. If you walk in its direction, you will soon find that you can never reach it. Slowly, you will enter a land of death. There have been people who remained obstinate or people as foolish as you who were bent on plucking the spirit herbs. However, all of them are already dead.”

Upon hearing Elder Whitebrows’ tirade, the youth shrank his neck back as his expression turned ugly. He really had no idea about the Herbal Garden of Confusion.

“We should avoid that herbal garden.”

As Elder Whitebrow said so, a Soul disciple halted and carefully looked at the Herbal Garden of Confusion. He asked, “Elder, it seems there’re people in the herbal garden?”

“Is it weird to have people in there? They are simply part of the mirage.”

“But But I know this person” The speaking Soul warrior wore an incredulous look. “Back then, I entered the God Confusion Valley with him. There were a total of twenty spots and he shamelessly forced himself into one spot. His name is Yi Yun.”

“Oh? What?”

When everyone heard the name, they were stunned. Wasn’t that fellow the guy from the Taixia Ancient Mining who ended up being abandoned? He entered the God Confusion Valley alone without a map or Telluric Master guiding him, nor did he have a Godly Monarch protecting him. He was basically a dead man, so how could he be in the herbal garden?

Everyone focused their gaze in that direction. The Herbal Garden of Confusion had little fog around it to begin with, so their vision was not affected. All of them saw Yi Yun very clearly.

Furthermore, Yi Yun was plucking herbs. He even took out a cave abode artifact in the shape of a miniature pagoda, transplanting many herbs along with their roots and fruits in!

Could the herbs in the mirage be plucked too?

Regardless of that question, this scene made the Soul warriors turn covetous.

They were barely surviving the rain and were like leaves fluttering precariously in the storm; yet, Yi Yun was inside the herbal garden and completely unaffected by the rain’s harassment. He was even gathering a large amount of natural treasures.

The disparity of the situation was just too huge.

The Soul disciple from before could not help but say, “Elder, perhaps that herbal garden is not a mirage”

If it was truly the mirage as spoken of in legends, how could it have manifested Yi Yun?

Elder Whitebrows frowned. This was not his first entry into the God Confusion Valley. According to the books he had read, this was clearly the Herbal Garden of Confusion. If that was the case, how was it possible that Yi Yun entered it?

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