True Martial World Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Sage Avenue
Chapter 159: Sage Avenue

The street went straight into the heart of the city. This was Tai Ah Divine City’s main road that went from the southern gate to the city’s center. Whoever entered from the southern entrance had to pass by this road. Hence, to place the sculptures here meant immense glory!

The bald man said, “This road is known as Sage Avenue! Whenever a warrior in the Divine wilderness campground breaks a record in the divine city, his name will be left here in Sage Avenue. A sculptor master will carve a sculpture to be placed on the Sage platforms!”

“To be able to have your bust and name left in the Divine City is a great honor. There is no lack of people dreaming of this!”

“But, it’s too hard. In the past 200 years, there have been no new names or busts. If anyone has the ability, they would have that tiny chance to become a human sage!”

“And because of this, this road is known as Sage avenue.”

“To become a sage!?” Hearing these words, the young heroes were extremely excited. A human sage was a person who could summon the rain with a flick of his hand!

Back then, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s founding emperor was a sage! Of course, among the sages in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, he was one of the best.

They did not need to be one of the best amongst the sages. Even the lowest sage rank was an extreme figure. No matter where they went, they would be given the utmost respect. Even the ancient family clans would be respectful!

From the youths that came to the Divine wilderness campground, which one did not want to become a top warrior? This Sage Avenue had stirred their excitement.

Many people stopped moving forward. They stopped and began reading the words written on the metal platforms.

The bald man did not stop them and permitted them to carry on looking. These things were placed here to honor the ancient heroes and to inspire the future generations. Letting these young people take a look was a good thing.

“Oh? Qingfeng Year 634. Zhou Tianping entered the top 1000 spots within the three rolls of honor simultaneously. He had broken the records of the ancestors. This record is to encourage future generations!”

“Qingfeng Divine Emperor, then that’s a divine emperor from 100,000 years ago. And he entered the top 1000 spots within the three rolls of honor? What’s the three rolls of honor?

The Tai Ah Divine City had always been mysterious. Even the youths from some smaller family clans did not know the rules of the Tai Ah Divine City.

“The three rolls of honor are the Heaven, Earth and Man rolls! These three rolls are extremely important in the Tai Ah Divine City. You will see it in the future!” The bald man said before proceeding forward.

The hundred young heroes walked along the street with their eyes focused on the metal platforms that lined both sides of the street.

The outstanding figures that had their names engraved on the metal platforms filled them with sincere admiration.

“Oh? Jing state’s Wang Lixiao. Isn’t he one of the four presiding army commanders! Back then General Lee had came to the Divine wilderness campground for training, and even left his name on the Sage platform.” A youth discovered it and immediately attracted a lot of attention from the others.

The Jing state’s Wang Lixiao was an idol of many young warriors. To see their idol’s name here excited them greatly.

If… they could leave their name here, it would be great.

These were the thoughts of many people. Of course, they knew that this was an incredibly difficult achievement.

The bald man led them into a rustic building in the rear of the city. Everyone was given a token.

“Mark an imprint within the token with your spiritual energy. In the next six years, this token will be your identity symbol!”

Yi Yun took a token and it felt heavy in the hand. The token was palm-sized and was about a few dozen pounds in weight.

The front of the token was filled with inscriptions and on the back were the words “Divine wilderness” in ancient script.

Yi Yun imprinted his spiritual energy into the token. Soon, golden runes lit up from the token, making it sparkle.

“Oh? This is…” The golden runes were like scales. It surprised Yi Yun.

“These dragon scales runes are the most basic item for warriors here. Without dragon scale runes, they can’t do anything.”

“Every expense within the Tai Ah Divine City for warriors, including resources, cultivation techniques, relics, training grounds need to be bought with dragon scale runes! Slowly, you will understand the importance of dragon scale runes.” The bald man explained by the side.

“I see, so dragon scale runes are the currency of the Tai Ah Divine City…” Yi Yun counted the number of dragon scale runes he had within his token. There were only ten.

The bald man said, “From today, this will be where you will be staying. The stone houses behind you is where you will live. These stone houses are the lowest class houses in the Tai Ah Divine City. It is provided free-of-charge. Food here is also provided free-of-charge, but of course, it’s the most inferior.”

The lowest class houses and the most inferior food?

All these young heroes were unordinary people. Hence the words “lowest class” and “inferior” were extremely harsh to the ears.

A youth could not help but ask, “What about the superior residences? What are the benefits? If we want to change to those places, what requirements do we need to meet?”

The bald man said, “The Tai Ah Divine City’s residences are divided into lower class, middle class, upper class, and the central divine tower! The lower class residences are free. The middle class residences charge two dragon scale runes a day. Upper class residences charge five dragon scale runes a day. As for the residences within the central divine tower, they charge at least fifty dragon scale runes a day.

“The central divine tower’s residences?”

All the young heroes consciously looked towards the city center. That mountain-like pyramid made them feel extremely small.

Out of the four types of residences in the Tai Ah Divine City, the lower, middle and upper class had similar prices.

But once it reached the central divine tower, the price jumped ten times, and began at fifty dragon scale runes!

It was obvious there were plenty of advantages living in the central divine tower.

The bald man said, “The Tai Ah Divine City’s central divine tower is a huge array that gathers Heaven Earth Yuan Qi! The Tai Ah Divine City is itself built on a wonderland vein and is thick in Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Together with the central divine tower’s array, all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in a hundred mile radius gathers towards the Tai Ah Divine City. Hence, the central divine tower is the place which has the densest Heaven Earth Yuan Qi!”

“The higher you go in the central divine tower, the thicker the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi is. The density in the top level reaches an inconceivable point!

“Fifty dragon scale runes is to stay within the lowest levels of the central divine tower. The higher one goes, the more expensive it becomes!”

“The Tai Ah Divine Tower has 99 levels. From level 50 onwards, the prices become extremely exaggerated. From level 70 onwards, the price becomes astronomical. The young heroes that come to the Tai Ah Divine City have no ways of affording it!”

“Affording it? Then who stays in the rooms above level 70?” Someone could not help but asked.

The bald man said, “In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, there are many fathomless people like dukes, grand dukes, and some reclusive old human monsters. Typically, these people can stay above level 70…”

So that’s it!

The young heroes looked at each other. Those people had power beyond their comprehension.

Indeed, for the Tai Ah Divine City to be the number one city in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, and it being a city for warriors, it was a place for these young heroes from all around the country to train. But it did not only belong to them.

The best cultivation grounds above level 70 were of course given priority to these super experts. For a teenager kid to go up and use it?


The bald man continued, “Above level 95, there are top class rooms. In the Tai Ah Divine City, there are only 20 such rooms. Even with vast amounts of dragon scale runes, one is not qualified to stay within. Unless you have the absolute value or have obtained stunning results giving you enough glory points, then can you enter!”

Hearing the bald man’s words, everyone felt depressed. This central divine tower was good, but its requirements were too high, especially those rooms on the high levels. They were not prepared for kids like them.

From the bald man’s words, they could tell that he meant that for them to stay in the lower levels of the central divine tower would be extremely good.

It would be amazing if a few outstanding people could live at a dozen stories.

“First stay here. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you to the cultivation grounds. That cultivation is a chance, so take good advantage of it!” As he said those words, the bald man turned around. The youths sighed before walking to their dormitory.

These low class residences were at the edge of the Tai Ah Divine City. The rows of houses numbered a hundred. Yi Yun looked through a few rooms and realized something.

“Oh? The same free room, but the living conditions are so great in difference?’

Some of the rooms had spirit gathering arrays, resulting in the Yuan Qi in the room to be thicker. But other rooms had nothing, and was the same as outside the house. To cultivate in such houses would be naturally difficult.

Yi Yun sensed the area carefully and quickly found the houses with the thickest Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

On the wall of this house wrote–

House rating: Middle class.

Required dragon scale runes: None.

“Oh? Middle class room?” Yi Yun was surprised that mixed in this low class residence were 5 middle-class rooms and they were free.

Then who wouldn’t want to live in the middle-class house?

But…the bald man did not assign any room numbers to them. Hence, anyone was eligible to stay in these middle-class rooms.

Yi Yun could faintly guess the reason for such an arrangement by the Tai Ah Divine City.

Yi Yun pondered for a while, and walked towards the room. Just as he crossed the door, a cold voice came from behind him suddenly, “Sorry, these five houses are ours!”

Yi Yun turned his head and saw a majestic-looking youth. His arms were crossed in front of his chest as he sneered at Yi Yun.

The youths that came to the Tai Ah Divine City were about the same age. But the man in front of him was very much like an adult be it his height or build.

When this youth matured, he would probably grow to be as strong as a tower.