True Martial World Chapter 1593

Chapter 1593 Shaomang Xuan

Chapter 1593: Shaomang Xuan

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Ever since she was severely injured while carrying out a mission, Shan Ling had never gotten a chance to recover. She was even sold as a female slave.

Such circumstances had plunged Shan Ling into despair. She never expected that she would once again see Shaomang Xuan in the inner valley at that moment in time.

Instantly, she was caught up in emotions as tears welled in her eyes.

“Shan Ling?” Shaomang Xuan was somewhat surprised. “Why are you here?”

He could tell at a glance that Shan Ling was injured, and her wounds were not light. She had less than ten percent of her original strength left. Not only that, Shan Ling had a seal binding her body.

“Who cast the seal on you?”

Shaomang Xuan’s voice had a tinge of coldness as he looked at Yi Yun. Shan Ling was with this man, so the person who had cast the seal naturally had to be him.

Shan Ling’s expression changed slightly as she said in embarrassment, “Young Master, it was Yi Yun who brought me into the inner valley. If not, I would never have been able to meet you.”

“I’m asking you, who was it that cast the seal?” As Shaomang Xuan spoke, he extended his hand and beckoned.


Shan Ling felt her abdomen hurt as though something was being extracted. The color in her face drained slightly as she nearly fell to the ground.

When she looked at Shaomang Xuan’s hand again, he was already holding onto a nomological mark. It was none other than the seal which Yi Yun had left in Shan Ling’s body.


Shaomang Xuan crushed the nomological mark immediately.

Actually, without Shan Ling’s explanation, Shaomang Xuan could sense that the nomological mark contained an aura similar to that of Yi Yun’s.

Shan Ling did not dare lie to Shaomang Xuan and she could faintly sense that the situation was going in a bad direction.

She said, “Young Master, I previously requested Yi Yun to bring me into the inner valley to seek you out. We were strangers after all… so the seal was placed on me.”

“Heh heh!” At that moment, a larkish giggle sounded as a voluptuous woman in tight clothing slowly walked forward.

She elegantly stood behind Shaomang Xuan as her voluptuous body nearly clung to his.

“I don’t think it’s a simple restraint, right? Shan Ling, the clothes you wear might look charming and adorable, but they’re made of ordinary cloth. This is not what a warrior would wear. Instead, it looks like the clothes that slave merchants put on their slaves in Xuanyuan City.

“Your unique cat ears have also been deliberately manifested. You must have eaten a pill that deliberately stimulates your Fey bloodline, right? Why would you eat such pills when you are weak? I heard that human males with certain fetishes enjoy the cat ears or fox tails of young female Fey. If I were to guess, you were sold as a slave by a slave merchant, right? And this human bought you and cast a seal on you!”

After the voluptuous woman said so, Shaomang Xuan’s expression sank. He did not mind if his servant died, but if she was sold as a slave and even bought by a human, it was an insult regardless!

“Yao Rao, I risked my life for the Shaomang family clan and ended up seriously injured. That was how I ended up in the hands of a slave merchant. Although I was sold as a female slave, my body remains untainted. All I did was endure some humiliation in order to meet Young Master again!” Shan Ling’s petite chest heaved in anger. She could tell that Yao Rao had replaced her as Shaomang Xuan’s personal maidservant.

As such, Yao Rao naturally did not welcome her reappearance.

“Untainted?” Yao Rao laughed. “Even if you are a virgin, I have heard that slave merchants often teach newly captured female Fey certain things before selling them?”

“You…” Shan Ling’s expression turned pale. She could ignore Yao Rao, but when she saw Shaomang Xuan again, she did not see pleasant surprise in his eyes. Instead, there was a tinge of coldness.

Back when she was in trouble, regardless of how despairing her situation was, she ultimately remained loyal to Shaomang Xuan and missed him. Yet, she never expected that her reunion with Shaomang Xuan would turn out this way.

Previously, she had even promised Yi Yun that Shaomang Xuan would reward him handsomely if he brought her back. Now, from the looks of it, she had been too naive.

“Young Master, this human actually dares to enslave your former maidservant. He should be killed.”

As the voluptuous woman spoke, she took a glance at the lake behind Yi Yun.

They had sensed an intense Spirit Qi fluctuation from the legendary Li Water. Perhaps, Yi Yun had taken something impressive from it.

If Yao Rao could figure that out, Shaomang Xuan naturally had the same conclusions. When he heard Yao Rao, his eyes flashed a queer look.

“You bought my former maidservant and deserve death,” said Shaomang Xuan.

Since Yi Yun was able to bring Shan Ling into the inner valley and take out something from the Li Water, it implied his strength was extraordinary. But even so, he was only one person. Furthermore, Shaomang Xuan had a group of experts from his family clan with him.

Yi Yun immediately knew Shaomang Xuan was only providing a convenient excuse. The truth was that Shaomang Xuan was eyeing the xenomorphic ore he held.

He looked around and he picked his ears. “It seems your Shaomang family clan is working independently.”

In fact, Yi Yun had already discovered that there were many family clans with various surnames that came under the Desolate clan. Shaomang Xuan’s Shaomang family clan was likely uncordial with Bronze Drum’s family clan. If not, Shan Ling could have sought Bronze Drum’s help back then instead of fearing him.

Godly Monarch Celestial Peng was with Bronze Drum while the Shaomang family clan had likely acted independently in order to reap most of the benefits for itself.

These people were definitely strong, but Yi Yun showed no fear as long as they lacked Godly Monarchs.

“What are you getting at?” Shaomang Xuan frowned.

“I wish to tell you that you can just be frank if greed is driving you. It’s disgusting watching you lead the life of a whore and expect a monument for your chastity,” said Yi Yun with a scoff. He naturally did not mince his words because of Shaomang Xuan’s stature.

“How dare you! How dare you insult my young master…” Yao Rao widened her eyes as she screamed. She had never met anyone who dared insult Shaomang Xuan to his face.

Yi Yun’s cold gaze stabbed at Yao Rao. “Shut up! You have no right to speak here!”

Before his voice faded away, Yi Yun had already struck out at Yao Rao with his palm.

The palm appeared ordinary, but it suddenly produced a spatial rift in front of Yao Rao. Immediately following that, a terrifying palm seal bore down like it blanketed the world!


A loud boom sounded as the violent Yuan Qi dissipated. Yao Rao looked at Shaomang Xuan in front of her with a pale face.

If not for Shaomang Xuan’s blocking of the strike, she would likely have been killed.

“You insult me and even attempt to murder my subordinate in front of me? You have a death wish…” said Shaomang Xuan coldly.

Yi Yun laughed. “Cut that out!”

A heavy and dull bladed sword appeared in his hand suddenly. His eyes turned cold as fighting spirit ignited in them. Ever since he came to the Chaos Heavens, Yi Yun had yet to experience a battle that delighted him.

He had long wished to seek out a Fey to test out his Dragon Emperor Technique. The Fey from before were either too weak or too strong like the Godly Monarch, Golden Winged Celestial Peng.

Right before him, Shaomang Xuan’s strength was just perfect!

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