True Martial World Chapter 1594

Chapter 1594 Thirty Seconds

Shan Ling was given a fright when she saw Yi Yun initiate combat by drawing a weapon. “Yi Yun, my young master broke through to the Fey Lord realm a thousand years ago. He has also experienced the Lifeblood Lightning Tribulations which rejuvenated his body. It’s unlikely any human under the Godly Monarch realm is my young master’s match!  U.p..dated by NoVelfull.Com

“You have the ability to fly through the God Confusion Valley at fast speeds. Quickly board your spatial shuttle and escape into the fog. They might not be able to catch up to you.”

Shan Ling had been rescued by Yi Yun after all. Furthermore, she had been used as an excuse by Shaomang Xuan to kill Yi Yun after her reunion with him. She did not wish to see Yi Yun die under Shaomang Xuan’s hand.

“Nearly invincible under the realm of Godly Monarch?” Yi Yun was taken aback. That was the same evaluation he gave himself. That was interesting.

“Shan Ling, you are communicating with that human via voice transmission?”

When Yao Rao noticed that Shan Ling was looking at Yi Yun with a look of anxiety, she immediately guessed that Shan Ling was sending voice transmissions.

“Slut, did you betray Young Master and sell intelligence to that human? Have you fallen for him? Your betrayal of Young Master deserves death!”

As Yao Rao spoke, she struck out at Shan Ling. At that moment, Shan Ling had no means to resist, so she was immediately bound by Yao Rao. Without Shaomang Xuan’s permission, Yao Rao did not dare kill her, but she was bent on making Shan Ling suffer some humiliation. Shaomang Xuan turned a blind eye to what Yao Rao was doing.

Yi Yun watched this scene coldly. He was not very familiar with Shan Ling, but he did not think she deserved such a wretched outcome. At the end of the day, she was just a maidservant of the Shaomang family clan. Her standing in it was negligible. As for Yao Rao, she happened to be the type of woman Yi Yun detested the most.

He took a glance at Yao Rao and said, “Your name is Yao Rao, right? I’ll take your life in thirty seconds.”

“What!?” Yao Rao was just about to slap Shan Ling when she heard him. She was momentarily stunned.

Shaomang Xuan broke out into laughter. Was this human ignoring his existence?

“Are humans all so dumb? To make such audacious claims when their lives are in peril?”

As Shaomang Xuan spoke, his body bulked up as his limbs grew rapidly in size. In a blink of an eye, he transformed into a muscular half-Fey, half-human biological creature. The golden hair atop his head flailed as the scales on him covered his entire body. Sharp golden spikes twinkling with cold light also grew out. A violent and ruthless aura emerged from his body as a black turbulence appeared around his head.

At that moment, his pupils constricted as the dull blade in front of him cleaved over at him.

Shaomang Xuan roared as he extended both his arms. Ten extremely sharp blasts of air sliced through the sky instantly like wind blades as they met the dull blade.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The wind blades were sliced apart by the dull blade, leaving ten terrifying marks on the distant ground where it landed. They appeared criss-crossed on the mountain.

Meanwhile, Shaomang Xuan’s figure had suddenly vanished from its original spot.

It was not teleportation, but that he was just too fast!

But at the same time, Yi Yun had begun moving.

Two blurry figures instantly clashed in mid-air, producing a world-shaking boom. It was as though lightning was surging through the heaven and earth, emitting a thunderous terror!

“Oh? A human like you has actually cultivated a body-tempering art?”

Shaomang Xuan was alarmed. Humans were always known to be good at laws, and were much slower at cultivating body-tempering arts.

Yi Yun did not respond as he cleaved down once again. The heavy sword in his hand was a weapon left behind by Primordial Chaos Daolord. To the present Yi Yun, it was no longer considered a divine weapon. However, it still contained a sliver of the Primordial Chaos laws, making the sword extremely heavy.

Yi Yun was battling with his body arts, so he needed a heavy weapon.


Amid the intense clash, Yi Yun slashed at the bone spikes on Shaomang Xuan’s arm, causing his arm to feel numb. But at the next moment, the corner of his mouth revealed a sinister smile. A strange red glow emitted from the bone spike, and suddenly a behemoth in the form of a lion appeared behind him. The moment it appeared, it let out a tumultuous roar.

It was a Suanni 1 !

Hidden within Shaomang Xuan’s body was an ancient Fey bloodline. It was also the source of the Shaomang family clan’s strength!


Shaomang Xuan roared as the sanguine light bloomed from the bone spikes that lined both his arms.


Yi Yun’s heavy sword cleaved down without obstruction as the terrifying lifeblood forces spewed out like an erupting volcano.

“This is what you mean by within thirty seconds? Unfortunately, not only will you fail to take my maidservant’s life, you will end up beheaded by me!” Shaomang Xuan scoffed sinisterly.

The gigantic Suanni behind him widened its jaws as it attempted to devour Yi Yun!

Yet at that moment, a huge cauldron crashed down from the sky, hitting the Suanni like a toppling mountain!


The cauldron struck the Suanni’s back directly. No matter how powerful the Suanni’s body was, the flesh on its back could only be ruptured by the Ascending Dragon Cauldron’s blow. It let out a tragic cry!


The Suanni was a manifestation of Shaomang Xuan’s lifeblood, so its injury turned his face pale. With a loud bellow, he shot out nine bone spikes at Yi Yun!

However, Yi Yun simply waved his hand to turn the space around him sticky. The nine bone spikes seemed to enter a marsh as they decelerated rapidly!

Shaomang Xuan was alarmed. Not only were the bone spikes affected, even his motions were heavily affected. It was as though the space around him had turned extremely sticky!

The power of a domain?

Shaomang Xuan immediately identified it as Yi Yun’s domain.

Back in the Divine Perish Hall and primeval universe, Yi Yun had absorbed large amounts of nebulous Primordial Chaos. He had infused the nebulous Primordial Chaos into his Destruction domain, and by fusing Primordial Chaos with Destruction, he made his domain unassailable.

“Your lifeblood is indeed powerful, allowing you to fend me off in direct combat.” Yi Yun looked at Shaomang Xuan and sneered. “However, I do not only cultivate my body. I’m a human. I had yet to use my nomological powers!”

As Yi Yun spoke, the Primordial Destruction domain rapidly contracted as the heavy space began crushing Shaomang Xuan’s body, producing disgusting cracking sounds.

Shaomang Xuan’s muscles bulged as he did his best to resist the Primordial Destruction domain. He was a peerless genius of the Fey race after all. His powerful body had transcended a Lifeblood Heavenly Tribulation, so with it, he managed to withstand the Primordial Destruction domain.

“Ka Ka Ka!”

Fine cracks appeared in the space within the domain due to Shaomang Xuan’s struggles.

But at that moment, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron’s lid opened and spewed forth a flood of black fire!

The black fire gushed out like the sea, burning through everything. It was none other than Yi Yun’s Heretical God Fire Seed!

Shaomang Xuan had just extricated himself from the Primordial Destruction domain only to find himself amid a sea of fire. His golden scales were being burned black by the Heretical God Fire Seed as they began rupturing!

There was no end to it!

Shaomang Xuan was infuriated, but at that moment, his face sank. He saw Yi Yun already standing behind a voluptuous woman.

This woman was none other than Yao Rao!

The sudden coldness that inundated Yao Rao made her turn pale!

She turned her head immediately, only to meet Yi Yun’s ice-cold stare!


Yao Rao screamed as her body trembled. There was only terror in her eyes. However, Yi Yun’s killing intent locked onto her, preventing her from moving at all.

This human was like a devil. Only when facing his killing intent did she realize how minute she was and the horror he represented.

“Young Master, save me!”

Yao Rao never expected Yi Yun to suppress Shaomang Xuan. Against such a powerful opponent, all she felt was despair. She used all her strength just to break out of the binds of Yi Yun’s killing intent, only to let out a trembling cry. However, Shaomang Xuan was still embroiled in the sea of flames. He could not save her.

Yi Yun raised his hand.

“I said I would kill you in thirty seconds.”

“How dare you!” Shaomang Xuan charged out of the sea of flames suddenly. But at the same time, Yi Yun struck out with his fist!


Yi Yun’s punch hit Yao Rao straight in the chest as her voluptuous body exploded upon contact. The remnants of her body flew out and smashed into a boulder.


The boulder shattered as what was left of Yao Rao was a heap of shattered bones with blood flowing out of every orifice.

“I… I…”

Yao Rao reached out her hand, looking at Yi Yun with eyes filled with horror and indignation. She had never imagined that she would be killed by Yi Yun right in front of her young master!