True Martial World Chapter 1595

Chapter 1595 Second Fey Manifestation

Chapter 1595: Second Fey Manifestation

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Yao Rao’s death left everyone deadly silent!

The clansmen of the Shaomang clan and Shan Ling looked at this scene in shock.

Shan Ling’s adulation of Shaomang Xuan went deep into her being. Although she knew Yi Yun was extraordinarily powerful from her shared trip with him, she never expected Yi Yun to be able to repress Shaomang Xuan.

Shaomang Xuan looked at Yao Rao’s corpse as a voice that did not seem human emitted from his throat. It sounded like a Fey beast’s roar, “I’ll rip you apart!”

“Ka Ka Ka Ka!”

Amid a dull thunderous boom, Shaomang Xuan began to swell crazily. He had already transformed into a half-Fey like appearance, but at that moment, his body grew twice in height. His limbs became more muscular as his muscles bulged up. The veins were so tightly packed across his muscles that they seemed to contain terrifying power.

“Young Master!” Upon seeing Shaomang Xuan’s body undergo such a transformation, all the members of the Shaomang family clan were shocked. This was Shaomang Xuan’s second Fey manifestation!

Only descendants of powerful Fey with extremely pure bloodlines were capable of second Fey manifestations. It also drained the Origins power within their Fey cores.

Shaomang Xuan was truly infuriated to use such a power.

“Wu Wu Wu!”

As the muscles on Shaomang Xuan’s back squirmed and let out a dull and heavy reverberating sound, sharp bones began to bore out of his flesh. Then, they spread apart and formed two gruesome bone wings.

Not only so, Shaomang Xuan’s expression was undergoing changes as well.

His pupils turned into golden vertical slights as his gaze turned ferocious. A sharp, forked tongue grew out of his mouth as his teeth extended beyond his lips.

At that moment, Shaomang Xuan no longer looked anything like a human. His body had swelled into that of a metallic tower. He was completely an erected Fey of ferocity!

As Shaomang Xuan completed his Fey manifestation, his aura also turned extremely beastly and violent.

He ground his teeth and looked at Yi Yun with immense killing intent. “Yi Yun, I’m going to tear off your flesh piece by piece and skin you alive. You’ve cultivated in body-tempering arts so you will die slower than most human Divine Lords. That’s just perfect. Otherwise, merely killing you would be going far too easy on you!”

Yi Yun frowned and said, “After turning ugly, even your words sound unpleasant.”

The bone wings on Shaomang Xuan’s back shook before wrapping around his body. He charged straight out of the Heretical God Fire and although the surface of his wings were slightly charred, it was obvious that Shaomang Xuan thought nothing of it.


Yi Yun struck out his palm forward to block the impending blow, and right in front of him was the huge claw of Shaomang Xuan. Spatial rifts had been torn open along the periphery of the claw but between the massive claw and Yi Yun’s palm was a blob of gray nebulous Primordial Chaos.

Primordial Chaos laws!

Shaomang Xuan’s massive head emerged out from his claws as the corners of his mouth suffused a sinister grin. His mouth which was lined with sharp fangs suddenly widened as he bit down at Yi Yun. “I’ll swallow you!”

A momentary sense of danger flashed across Yi Yun’s heart. With a twist of his body, he immediately appeared by the Li Water’s lakeside, leaving the spot he was previously standing on a void. Shaomang Xuan had bitten down on empty space.

Shaomang Xuan chewed as viscous liquid dripped out of the gaps in his teeth. The drops left corrosive marks in the air, and when they hit the ground they immediately withered a large swath of vegetation.

With a single bite, he had torn apart space like a canvas. His spit even contained lethal venom. Shaomang Xuan was indeed powerful.


Shaomang Xuan’s terrifying body also landed with a thud, causing the entire ground to tremble. One of his hind claws stepped on a boulder and instantly crushed it to pieces instantly with a loud crack.

The Fey were not skilled when it came to laws, but they were the most potent in bloodlines and bodies.

To Shaomang Xuan, humans were weak and puny. He could could easily hold a human tight and turn them into meat paste with a single claw.


With a loud roar, both his claws fiercely stomped on the ground, blasting open two deep craters in the ground. At the same time, Shaomang Xuan hurled towards Yi Yun like a small mountain!

The two giant claws extended towards Yi Yun from two directions at the same time. He was going to rip open Yi Yun from the middle!


The giant claws struck Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi protective shield, but Shaomang Xuan did not stop at all. He continued pummeling down with both his massive claws in a barrage of attacks.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the blink of an eye, the Shaomang Xuan had already delivered over a hundred blows. The ground around Yi Yun was already in ruins, bestrewn by terrifying cavities which were a result of the aftershocks.

Shan Ling watched from mid-air. Compared to the terrifying and grisly build of Shaomang Xuan, Yi Yun appeared like a tiny boat in a tumultuous storm at sea. He appeared extremely weak.

Yi Yun’s eyes narrowed slightly. The Fey’s brute strength was indeed terrifying. As one of the most outstanding members of the Fey, the strength of his body had already reached an astonishing level.

In contrast, although Yi Yun cultivated in the Dragon Emperor Technique and had the Dragon Emperor bloodline, he had no way of competing with Shaomang Xuan in the aspect of bodies.

“My body-tempering is still too weak. If I had a body as powerful as this Shaomang Xuan, together with my nomological powers, I wonder what level of strength would I reach.”

Yi Yun’s expression turned cold as he heard the explosions around him.

At this moment, the tail behind Shaomang Xuan fiercely lashed out at Yi Yun. The space between Yi Yun and him emitted a sound as though it was groaning under the hardly bearable strength. Even the nebulous Primordial Chaos forming a barrier in front of Yi Yun paused!

At this moment, Yi Yun stretched out his hand and reached towards Shaomang Xuan’s tail.

A sinister smile flashed across Shaomang Xuan’s eyes. Compared to his tail, the size of Yi Yun’s palm was as small as an insect. It wasn’t even worth mentioning.

However, suddenly, Shaomang Xuan’s pupils contracted. He abruptly felt his movements slow down as he watched helplessly as Yi Yun’s hand passed through the nebulous Primordial Chaos and grabbed his tail.

Yi Yun did not seem to use much force, but a simple grab from him made Shaomang Xuan’s expression change drastically.

Cracks suddenly appeared under Yi Yun’s palm as the flesh he held began to shrivel up. Furthermore, it constantly extended up Shaomang Xuan’s tail!

What is that!?

“The power of decay? The laws of time?” Shaomang Xuan was alarmed. The laws that humans had mastered were abstruse and unpredictable. And Yi Yun’s powers were directly eating away at his body!

Even though the strength of a Fey’s body was astonishing, they would ultimately age and weaken to the point of reducing to a pool of flesh and blood, eventually turning to bones. No matter what it was, nothing could withstand the power of time.

Only then did he realize that there was a small azure lamp floating beside Yi Yun. It looked unremarkable, but it seemed ethereal and distant.


All of the muscles in Shaomang Xuan’s body stirred and, with an angry roar, his body finally regained enough mobility to break free of the power’s restrains. After he frantically retreated a thousand feet away, he looked at his tail which had an inconspicuous palm print. However, around the palm print was withered flesh and blood. His bones could even be seen in certain spots!