True Martial World Chapter 1596

Chapter 1596 3600 Swords

Chapter 1596: 3600 Swords

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“Young Master!”

Upon seeing this scene, members of the Shaoman clan burned with anxiety. The Fey cultivated their bodies, and once their bodies were injured they had to expend lifeblood to replenish those losses. Although it was only as portion of his tail, it was still quite a considerable loss for Shaomang Xuan.

Shaomang Xuan grabbed his tail, yanked it forcibly and pulled it out!

“Let’s join in to kill this person!”

Two Shaomang clan elders could no longer sit still. With loud roars, their aged bodies swelled like toads as they stimulated their Fey bloodlines.

However, before they could charge forward, they discovered that the sky had turned a hazy gray. The entire battlefield had been blanketed by Yi Yun’s Primordial Destruction space.

The heavy pressure left everyone’s motions stalled.

Yi Yun extended out both arms as he pointed with his index and middle fingers, gathering immense Primordial Destruction forces at his fingertips.

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

Twelve beams shot out at the two Shaomang clan elders from different directions.

The terrifying nomological powers contained within left the every member of the Shaomang family clan astounded.

Before they could even defend themselves in time, the twelve beams had already changed directions. The fact that they amassed towards Shaomang Xuan meant that Yi Yun’s target was still Shaomang Xuan!

This was the Shura Finger that Yi Yun had learned from the Divine Perish Hall. Back there, casting it just once was enough to make him feel enervated. But now, Yi Yun could already cast twelve beams simultaneously.


The void around Shaomang Xuan shattered as the beams formed a spatial black hole that devoured everything. Trapped within, Shaomang Xuan had no means to escape.

At that critical moment, Shaomang Xuan bit the tip of his tongue as all his skin ruptured. Gnarly bone spikes grew out like sprouting toadstools after a rain.

“Mystic Art—3600 Swords!”

Cha! Cha! Cha!

All the bone spikes on Shaomang Xuan’s body shot out at once. Powered by robust lifeblood forces, they shattered all of Yi Yun’s Shura Finger beams. The bone spikes which were augmented by potent energies continued flying in an indomitable fashion, redirecting themselves at Yi Yun.

In a blink of an eye, the situation reversed. It went from a trapped Shaomang Xuan to him aiming 3600 bone spikes at Yi Yun!

This was already Shaomang Xuan’s killer move. As the Shaomang family clan’s strongest genius, it had been years since he was forced into such a predicament. This attack was one that damaged the enemy while dealing nearly the same damage to oneself!

But at that moment, a black gigantic wheel appeared beneath Yi Yun’s feet. It was as though it was a spinning disk of fate. Thousands of Demon Gods within it struggled as they roared, causing destructive forces to surge out.

The wheel’s diameter spanned a few kilometers as it completely blanketed the surrounding space. When compared to the wheel, the 3600 bone spikes were like toothpicks in front of a palace. They were negligible!


All the bone spikes were overwhelmed by the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. Once injected with the potent destructive forces, the bone spikes shattered one after another.

Shaomang Xuan’s body quaked as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Each of the 3600 bone spikes was linked to his lifeblood, but now, they had been decimated by Yi Yun!


Shaomang Xuan’s eyes turned bloodshot as though he had gone deranged. Yet, the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence did not lose its momentum as it came crashing down on him.

“Young Master!”

All the disciples of the Shaomang family clan were alarmed by this scene. They could not allow Shaomang Xuan to die here. All of them transformed into their Fey manifestations, prepared to charge into the Primordial Destruction domain to save Shaomang Xuan. But at that moment, the Azure Lamp of Time had already appeared above all their heads.

The azure lamp spun as it pulsed with a dim glow. Everyone felt time seem to slow down without end as their motions became extremely retarded.

And as this happened, Shaomang Xuan had already been devoured by the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. His body was situated in the middle of the wheel.


Shaomang Xuan let out a frantic bellow, but as the wheel spun, it crushed his body like a massive grinder.

Simultaneously, a cauldron burning with black flames slammed straight at the wheel’s core with a hefty force.


There was a loud boom, then the entire world seemed to turn silent in an instant. At the middle of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was Shaomang Xuan’s skeleton, broken into pieces!


The cold and ruthless Mirage Snow stabbed into Shaomang Xuan’s throat at the very last moment.

With the ice-cold Mirage Snow in hand, Yi Yun looked at Shaomang Xuan. Compared to Shaomang Xuan’s colossal body, Yi Yun’s full height only reached Shaomang Xuan’s chest.

Shaomang Xuan’s face was already grotesque, and now it was also filled with pain, indignation, and hatred.

“The Shaomang family clan will ensure you… die without a proper burial…”

Just as Shaomang Xuan said that, the Mirage Snow in Yi Yun’s hand slashed across his neck.


A gigantic head flew up as blood spurted tens of meters tall. Following that, the body and head were devoured by the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. All the lifeblood powers were absorbed by the Demon Gods in the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

Yi Yun took a deep breath. Although it was a certainty that he defeated Shaomang Xuan, it was not easy for him. He had exhausted more than half his strength. It was a battle that he had given his all to.

Ever since he transcended the ninth-stage Lightning Tribulation, this was the first time he was combating at full strength. Shaomang Xuan did live up to the claim of being invincible under the Godly Monarch realm in a certain way.

“This human killed Young Master!”

The Shaomang clan disciples were alarmed when they saw Shaomang Xuan’s head lopped off by Yi Yun.

Shan Ling’s face turned as white as a sheet.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that the outcome of getting a random human youth who she encountered in the Xuanyuan Dune to bring her to the God Confusion Valley would be Shaomang Xuan’s murder!

She originally believed she had overestimated Yi Yun, but Yi Yun’s strength had far exceeded her imagination.

Yi Yun looked coldly at the Shaomang clansmen in front of him, his Mirage Snow still stained with blood.

It was the perfect time for him to silence all of them.

However, it was too difficult!

“Let’s go! Let’s report the news of Young Master’s death to the family clan,” said an elder from the Shaomang family clan. He clearly sensed Yi Yun’s intentions.

Yi Yun knitted his brows as he slashed out with Mirage Snow.


A stark black sword beam which seemed like it was pulling everything in the world into darkness shot out.

At that moment, the two leading elders of the Shaomang family clan burned their blood essence.


Like two erupting volcanoes, the darkness was illuminated by the boiling lifeblood as though it was melting.

“Escape in different directions! Spread the news and seek revenge for Young Master!” said the elder rapidly.

There were many clansmen from the Shaomang family clan present, with no lack of Fey Lords among them. Therefore, if they were bent on escaping, the difficulty of retaining them was a lot harder than killing Shaomang Xuan.

Furthermore, Yi Yun was no longer at peak state. He had greatly expended his lifeblood and Yuan Qi. Adding to that was the fact that there was no Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to invigorate him in the God Confusion Valley. Energy spent could only be regained with Chaos Ores.

If he were to recklessly chase after them and encounter a Godly Monarch who was answering the call for help, there was no way for Yi Yun to escape.

With this in mind, Yi Yun gave up as he watched all of them escape. He also knew that he had made the Shaomang family clan his enemy by killing Shaomang Xuan today.

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