True Martial World Chapter 1597

Chapter 1597 Strength Improvement

Chapter 1597: Strength Improvement

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Yi Yun was already mentally prepared to be the Shaomang clan’s enemy. He knew it was inevitable when Shaomang Xuan showed killing intent toward him.

In the martial world, it was only right for powerful factions to eliminate weaker factions. However, if the weaker faction were to put up a resistance, they would completely cross the powerful faction and only invite fatal trouble on themselves.

Yi Yun thought nothing of the matter. He did not mind offending the Shaomang clan.

Meanwhile, the members of the Shaomang clan had all escaped. At the final moment, no one dared attack Shan Ling. They were still uncertain of her relationship with Yi Yun and were afraid that he might seek revenge for her.

Yi Yun looked at Shan Ling. As Shaomang Xuan’s maidservant, she was actually destined to end up with a tragic fate.

“I can bring you out of here. As for your future, decide that for yourself. Of course, you can try to seek revenge against me. In that case, I can send you to accompany Shaomang Xuan.”

Upon hearing Yi Yun, Shan Ling let out a tragic laugh. Shaomang Xuan’s actions had chilled her heart. Furthermore, his death was a result of his killing intent. She naturally did not hate Yi Yun, but regardless, Shaomang Xuan was once her mental crutch. With him dead, Shan Ling felt lost.

“There will be people coming here soon. We have to leave immediately.”

Perhaps there were more treasures in the Li Water, but Yi Yun had no means to explore it. In the God Confusion Valley, there was no lack of opportunities. What truly mattered was living on to obtain and hold on to those opportunities.

As Yi Yun spoke, the God Advent Tower had already appeared in front of him. If Shan Ling continued her daze, he would decisively abandon her.

However, Shan Ling chose to silently enter the God Advent Tower.

Yi Yun’s body phased away as he vanished instantly.

In one breath, he flew nearly five hundred kilometers away. In the God Confusion Valley where one’s perception was screened, it was impossible to track anyone beyond a five hundred kilometer radius.

Yi Yun found an uninhabited valley. He set up a concealment array at its entrance and immediately entered it to begin his meditation.

He had expended a great deal during his battle with Shaomang Xuan. However, he had gained quite a lot from it.

At that moment, Yi Yun held a spatial artifact in the form of a bracelet. It was the interspatial artifact which Shaomang Xuan had carried.

Yi Yun would naturally not miss out on taking Shaomang Xuan’s collection after killing him.

“I wonder what’s inside…”

With a thought, Yi Yun wiped out the lifeblood mark on the interspatial bracelet. He then used the Purple Crystal to probe it to ensure that there was no tracing mark on it. Yi Yun then took out one item after another.

There were a total of twenty exquisite white-jade chests. He opened the first few and found that they were filled with refined ores. Combined they amounted to more than five thousand kilograms. Back on the Taixia ore-mining spirit cruiser, Songyue had only given him her prized collection—five kilograms of refined ores. All the wealth he had taken from Cang Gu did not even equal 400 kilograms. Compared to Shaomang Xuan, their collections paled in comparison.

There was a huge chest that contained bottles of pills. They held restorative medicine used by Fey, lifeblood pills, etc. Yi Yun had a Dragon Emperor bloodline while the Shaomang’s totem was a Suanni—one of the nine sons of the dragon. These pills were naturally something he could use.

“Oh? This is…”

Yi Yun saw a tiny wooden chest that resembled a woman’s makeup box in the medicinal chest. It looked unadorned and was made of an unknown material.

“It’s Stellar Moon Nanmu. This material is only available in the Chaos Heavens. It can ensure that divine medicine retains its medicinal effects even after hundreds of millions of years. Such material is extremely precious. Just this box alone is worth thousands of kilograms of refined ores.”

Bai Yueyin’s voice sounded in Yi Yun’s soul sea.

“Oh?” Yi Yun’s expression changed as he looked forward to the items within.

When he opened the box, it emitted sparkles that resembled that of gems.

It was not divine medicine, but… Chaos Crystals!

“They are extremely pure superior-grade Chaos Crystals. The quality of these Chaos Crystals are much better than the one used at the entrance of the God Confusion Valley,” added Bai Yueyin.

Over the past few days, Yi Yun also learned of the method to create Chaos Crystals.

Such superior-grade Chaos Crystals were the result of processing Chaos refined ores with special techniques. They were placed in arrays to absorb the worldly essence and after tens of thousands of years of incubation and tempering, they would be refined by Crystal Refinement Grandmasters.

In the end, only one Chaos Crystal would be produced by using 3500 kilograms of refined ores.

Together with the losses made from refinement, as well as the Crystal Refinement Grandmaster fees and the incubation time, a Chaos Crystal was worth about 5000 kilograms of refined ores.

“From the looks of it, these refined ores are Shaomang Xuan’s spare cash. The Chaos Crystals in this box make up the bulk of Shaomang Xuan’s wealth.”

Bai Yueyin said, “Chaos Crystals should be very precious to Shaomang Xuan as well. With his stature, he would mainly cultivate with refined ores. He would have to conserve his Chaos Crystals or he could not afford the expenditure.”

Yi Yun nodded. “Oh? There are still things in this box…”

Yi Yun saw a blood-colored jade slip at the bottom of the Stellar Moon Nanmu box. He injected his perception into it and saw a Suanni with its claws and fangs bared.

Upon seeing the Suanni, Yi Yun felt his lifeblood boil over. It was as though it was about to burst out because of the image on it.

This was a Contemplation Picture!?

Yi Yun instantly realized that the blood-colored jade slip could very well be the Shaomang family clan’s cultivation technique that was passed down over the generations. Shaomang Xuan carried it along with him to study it, so it naturally meant it was nothing trivial.

“This cultivation technique is not bad. It’s probably only a portion of the whole heritage, but the Shaomang family clan will definitely want it back at all costs,” said Bai Yueyin.

Such family clan cultivation techniques could be destroyed since the family clan’s Grand Elder could draw them again. However, if they were to land in the hands of others, that would be a vendetta that could not be erased.

Yi Yun said, “They would not spare me even without the Contemplation Picture. It doesn’t matter having another reason to pursue me.”

Regardless, he had made a killing from killing Shaomang Xuan.

Yi Yun put away all the treasures and only left one Chaos Crystal out of the box. It floated in front of him as he began powering his Dragon Emperor Technique. Large amounts of essence Qi surged out of the Chaos Crystal and infused Yi Yun’s lifeblood, replenishing his energy stores.

The feeling of cultivating with a Chaos Crystal was like soaking himself in a pool of ambrosia. All his pores opened up as he freely absorbed the ambrosia and enjoyed the pinnacle pleasures of life.

Yi Yun only felt that, as the Chaos Crystal energies surged into him, his lifeblood was experiencing a catharsis. The foul Qi in his muscles were expelled as he felt extreme pleasure.

Two hours later, the Chaos Crystal turned a lot dimmer. As for Yi Yun, he was bursting with energy as his eyes sparkled.

This only replenished his physical strength, but following that, the tiny black wheel which floated in his dantian began to stir up an energy vortex.

The moment the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence appeared, the energies within the Chaos Crystal were expended even faster. In just an hour, the Chaos Crystal lost all its luster and, with a light crack, it was reduced to gray dust.

That was all…

Yi Yun looked at the gray ashes in his hand and felt wistful. He had only barely recovered to his pinnacle state.

The energies contained within the Chaos Crystal were much more than thousands of kilograms of refined ores.

However, the quality of the energy was incomparable.

Yi Yun discovered that his strength had improved a little from the restorative process!

A warrior’s dantian and body were like reservoirs. Yuan Qi and lifeblood powers were the sources of water. If the water was drained, using Heaven Earth Yuan Qi or refined ores to replenish it would be akin to filling up the reservoir with water. However, Yi Yun felt that replenishing with Chaos Crystals seemed to deepen the reservoir by a little.

Although it was only a little, that was still rare. After all, Yi Yun was already at the Divine Lord realm with an especially robust foundation. Every improvement was extremely difficult!

If he were to solely use Chaos Crystals to cultivate in the future, the speed of his improvements would increase to a brand new level. Of course, the expenditure required would be an astronomical number that even a huge family clan could not afford.

“There are still fifteen Chaos Crystals. I’ll cultivate a few more times before deciding on the future.”

Since it was wealth he robbed, Yi Yun did not feel the pinch using it.

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