True Martial World Chapter 1598

Chapter 1598 Thousand Eyed Tapir

Yi Yun’s cultivation lasted an entire day and night. During this period, Yi Yun activated the Azure Lamp of Time and under its effects, he cultivated for two months.

By the time Yi Yun finished cultivating, he had used nine out of the fifteen Chaos Crystals, leaving himself six.

In these two months, Yi Yun spent most of the time cultivating the Suanni Contemplative Picture. Any lifeblood expenditures were replenished with Chaos Crystals. Yi Yun’s strength would raise a little every time he experienced a full restoration.

In terms of quality, the Suanni Contemplative Picture was inferior to the Dragon Emperor Technique, but their focuses were different. The Dragon Emperor Technique was a cultivation technique used to raise one’s lifeblood powers.

However, the Suanni Contemplative Picture contained moves in it. Merely having powerful lifeblood without knowing any moves made one’s combat strength naturally limited.

While the azure lamp spun, Yi Yun took out another Chaos Crystal. Yi Yun was bent on obtaining the huge opportunities in the inner valley. However, since he had offended the Shaomang family clan, it was crucial he raise his strength. Life came first before everything else.

At this moment

With a boom, the ground quaked violently as a terrifying energy blast erupted from afar. Yi Yun’s heart stirred as he flew out of his seclusion ground.

He saw that an energy blast had swept past an area tens of kilometers away. The land was in disarray and the might of the terrifying energy blast left him shaking.

Yi Yun focused his gaze and saw a black fog surging into the sky. There was a ghostly aura billowing as a gigantic ghost banner descended from the sky. It was as though the sky was blotted out by a black screen that enveloped everything.

But at that moment, limitless nomological light gathered together and formed a nomological sword which tore through the ghost screen completely!

This was a battle between Godly Monarchs!? Energy blasts that could left him so astounded had to be a result of Godly Monarchs.

“These are moves from humans or ghosts,” said Bai Yueyin. Yi Yun had already guessed it without Bai Yueyin mentioning it. It was likely Taixia’s Godly Monarch Divineheart who was fighting an unknown mighty figure of the Ghost race.

For two Godly Monarchs to engage in such an intense battle, it was likely that they had discovered an incredible treasure.

“I wonder what they are fighting for.” Yi Yun was intrigued.

And at that moment, he discovered a group of human warriors being chased by a monster which was hundreds of feet long.

The monster resembled a gigantic squid. Its body was covered in eyes and each eye looked different. It was as though it could suck the souls of people into them.

“It’s a Thousand-eyed Tapir!” said Bai Yueyin. “They are ghostly beings nurtured by the Ghost race. Every time it kills a Divine Lord, it will grow an eye. The killed Divine Lords are unable to rest in peace as their souls are sealed within the eyes, to be tormented continuously until they are turned into wraiths and lose their memories. They then become used by the Thousand-eyed Tapir. Nurturing a Thousand-eyed Tapir is an extremely vile mystic art. One can nurture a Hundred-eyed Tapir to a Thousand-eyed Tapir, or even a Myriad-eyed Tapir. A Myriad-eyed Tapir has the strength of a Godly Monarch.”

“To not be able to rest in peace after being killed. The Ghost race’s mystic arts sure are ruthless.” Yi Yun placed himself in the shoes of victims. To be devoured by a Thousand-eyed Tapir was truly a life worse than death.

And at the instant he had such a thought, he saw the Thousand-eyed Tapir devour a human disciple. He let out a heart-wrenching cry but, no matter how he struggled, he was like a pebble that fell into a huge lake. It did not cause so much as a stir.

“Martial Nephew Li! Darn it!”

An azure-clothed middle-aged man held a black rule as he struck down with it in a bid to save the disciple. However, his attack was blocked off by a strange beam which emitted from the Thousand-eyed Tapir’s eyes. It failed to be of any use.

“It’s Steward Zhou.”

Yi Yun noticed that the person using the rule was none other than Steward Zhou. The human contingent which Godly Monarch Divineheart lead was naturally from the Taixia Ancient Mining. It was only natural to see Steward Zhou.

Steward Zhou was not weak, but he was facing a Thousand-eyed Tapir which was nurtured by a Godly Monarch from the Ghost race. It had eight thousand eyes and was not far from reaching ten thousand eyes.


The Thousand-eyed Tapir let out shrieks as twelve wisps of black mists spewed out of its body. In a blink of an eye, the black mist transformed into black-robed Ghost warriors. Their bodies were entirely black and the only distinguishing area was at their glabellas, where there was a red eye the size of a fist.

The moment the eye appeared, it spewed out red light like a blood fountain.

“Phuah! Phuah!”

Taixia disciples were penetrated by the red beams as they let out tragic cries before falling to the ground. Their flesh and blood withered at discernible speeds.

Yi Yun saw this scene from nearby and could not help but feel his heart palpitate. The battle techniques of the Ghost race were completely different from that of humans.

Furthermore, these Ghost warriors did not have corporeal bodies. Yi Yun saw that when the human Divine Lords counterattacked, the Ghost warriors would fly back into the Thousand-eyed Tapir. The Thousand-eyed Tapir was like an invincible tank that ferried them around.

Yi Yun did not rashly charge into the fray given the situation in front of him. He felt no sense of belonging toward the Taixia. It did not treat him particularly well, so it was pointless helping them. The only thing he cared about was what kind of treasure the Taixia and the mysterious Ghost Thearch were fighting over.

“Taixia is likely about to lose!” Yi Yun judged the situation. Now, it all depended on Godly Monarch Divineheart to turn the tides of battle. However, Yi Yun had little hopes for him when he saw the ghostly auras in the sky that resembled an abyssal hell.

Bai Yueyin said, “It is hard for Ghost warriors to cultivate. The cultivation techniques they had while still alive were extremely weak. In order to cultivate Ghost race cultivation techniques, many Ghost race geniuses get married in their teens. They then commit suicide after having a child so as to convert their cultivation to a Ghost race mystic technique.

“They leave behind a descendant only to ensure the continuity of their race. And in the million or ten million years after they become a soul, they would no longer know the joy that food and sex brings, much less be able to reproduce. They naturally gain a lot from sacrificing so much. They can live longer and their combat strength is higher than human warriors at the same level.

“I know you are trying to fish in troubled waters, but it will be very difficult. Once you attempt to snatch the treasure, you will incur the fury of two Godly Monarchs. Things will quickly go south if you become their common enemy.”

Bai Yueyin exhorted Yi Yun, but at that moment, the members of the Taixia Ancient Mining also noticed Yi Yun.

They were frantically escaping when they suddenly saw Yi Yun standing nearby. All of them were alarmed.

Back when the Taixia Ancient Mining separated from Yi Yun, they had seen him enter the God Confusion Valley alone. They believed that without any faction protecting him, Yi Yun ‘s venture was doomed. They never expected to see him looking perfectly fine in the inner valley.

Furthermore, Yi Yun was still alone. Did he reach the inner valley all alone!?

“How can this punk be here!?”

The person who spoke was Zhou Fang, Steward Zhou’s cousin. Back then, it was to Zhou Fang’s credit that Yi Yun was labeled a spy. However, due to Godly Monarch Celestial Peng’s presence, it gave Yi Yun an opportunity to leave without any problems.