True Martial World Chapter 1599

Chapter 1599 Diverting Trouble

“That’s Yi Yun!”

While engaging in a fight-and-retreat pursuit, the Taixia Ancient Mining warriors exchanged voice transmissions.

“This punk has really hidden his strength. Although we already knew he was not simple, we never expected him to reach the inner valley alone!” Zhou Fang had an ugly expression. Even the Taixia Ancient Mining had lost some disciples on their journey into the inner valley. Godly Monarch Divineheart was also unable to protect everyone. Therefore, it was inevitable that some disciples perished as they reaped resources along the way.

They had a Godly Monarch protecting them, but even so, they were left in wretched states when fighting the Ghosts. Zhou Fang obviously felt pissed seeing Yi Yun standing there watching their battle like their troubles had nothing to do with him.

“I have to divert the trouble. I can’t let this punk stay comfortable. He has hidden strength, so he can share some of the pressure for us!” Zhou Fang rapidly said to a few trusted disciples.

They immediately understood his intentions and changed directions together with Zhou Fang and flew toward Yi Yun.

Behind them, there were five Ghost cyclops. All of them had Ghost Lord cultivation levels and were locked in a relentless pursuit!

“Martial Nephew Yi, well done. I never expected you to reunite with us in the inner valley so soon. Quick, receive us!” Zhou Fang shouted from afar.

Yi Yun was originally from the Taixia Ancient Mining and shared the same race. There was no need to act. Besides, Yi Yun was naturally extraordinary to have reached the inner valley alone. Perhaps, they could find an opportunity to reverse the combat situation with Yi Yun helping.

As the distance between them drew closer, the five Ghost warriors also diverted their attention onto Yi Yun because of Zhou Fang’s words.

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly grinned. “Who did you say is receiving you?

“I’ll receive you right now!”

Yi Yun roared as all his lifeblood powers erupted like a volcano!


A loud dragon’s roar shot to the highest firmaments. At that instant, a gigantic divine dragon phantom appeared behind Yi Yun. His lifeblood powers were as deep and vast as the ocean. It caused one’s blood to boil!

The tremendous lifeblood pressure made Zhou Fang’s fellow disciples feel as though they had crashed into a wall!

And at that moment, Yi Yun held the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and smashed it right at Zhou Fang!

Nine Stances of the Ascending DragonReverse Scale!

With Yi Yun’s Dragon Emperor bloodline, his usage of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron as a weapon was like sending meteors to the ground. And right at the impact site was Zhou Fang!

Zhou Fang was appalled. He believed that even if Yi Yun felt aggrieved, he would keep mum and help fend off the attacks for them due to the urgency of the situation.

He never expected that as a human and a member of the Taixia Ancient Mining, Yi Yun would so blatantly attack them while Godly Monarch Divineheart was around!

“Yi Yun, you have a death wish!”

Zhou Fang was only able to say that before he faced the Ascending Dragon Cauldron’s impending blow.

With his life on the line, Zhou Fang was only able to swipe the black saber in his hand to fend it off!


With a loud explosion and energetic blasts, Zhou Fang felt his arm quake violently. He nearly dislocated his arm as Yi Yun’s potent lifeblood powers together with the Dragon Emperor Technique pounded Zhou Fang’s organs. He spat out blood from his severe injuries!


Zhou Fang cried out tragically as his body was sent flying away. But right behind him were the five Ghost Lords!

They had drawn energies from the Thousand-eyed Tapir and were at peak conditions. They originally believed that Yi Yun was here to reinforce the humans and were planning to attack. They also turned stupefied, having never expected the sudden turn of events.

However, they were ghosts after all. Their emotional upheavals were more subdued than humans. After just a thousandth of a second of hesitation, they attacked!

“Whew Whew Whew Whew!”

Five grisly red beams of light shot towards Zhou Fang and company.

“Puah Puah Puah!”

The red beams of light penetrated the hearts of the Taixia disciples from behind. All of the disciples around Zhou Fang died tragically.

As for Zhou Fang, he was slightly stronger. He managed to avoid having his vital spots penetrated at the critical moment, but his arm and thigh were penetrated by two beams of red light.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Zhou Fang screamed. In a blink of an eye, his injured thigh and arm began to wither and shrink. His vitality was rapidly depleting!

Ghost warrior attacks contained a corrosive force.

He clenched his teeth and slashed with his black saber, immediately severing his injured arm and thigh. Instantly, blood splattered as Zhou Fang’s dismembered limbs withered into dried pieces of meat in mid-air.

“You You”

The corners of Zhou Fang’s mouth was stained with blood. He did not hate the Ghost warriors; instead, he hated Yi Yun.

Having lost a limb and a leg, with no way to reattach them, his strength would greatly drop even if he survived the day!

“You dare attack me? How extremely foolish of you. Do you think you have the right to become a minion of the Ghosts?”

Ghosts had always been exclusive. Humans and Fey could still share common ties as there was only a racial difference. But between humans and ghosts, they were separated by life and death.

After hopping onto the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, Yi Yun looked at Zhou Fang and sneered, “You think too highly of yourself. I just found you a sore sight and wanted to kill you. It’s just that simple.”

As Yi Yun spoke, a blue sword appeared in his hand. He aimed its tip at Zhou Fang as killing intent bore down on him.

A look of horror immediately appeared in Zhou Fang’s eyes. He had already lost an arm and leg. Yet, Yi Yun was still bent on exterminating him?

Godly Monarch Divineheart was still around!

“Since I’ve offended you, I might as well wipe you out, right?”

As Yi Yun spoke, he slashed out with his sword.


A cold beam containing destructive forces stabbed at Zhou Fang.


Zhou Fang was alarmed. He brandished his black saber to fend off the attack, but having lost two limbs, he had lost a great deal of energy. He was unable to use even half his powers, so the difference between him and Yi Yun was just too great.


The black saber in his hand was sent flying as Mirage Snow did not lose any momentum. Like a snake ejecting its tongue, it stabbed straight into Zhou Fang’s throat.

The sword paused as a rain of blood sprayed out. Zhou Fang’s head flew up hundreds of feet high, and that was the end of him!

Yi Yun reached out and grabbed Zhou Fang’s interspatial ring.

Meanwhile, Yi Yun had already sensed a killing intent lock onto him.

He turned back and saw that it was Steward Zhou!

“Yi Yun, you killed Zhou Fang!?”

Steward Zhou had just engaged in an intense battle with a Ghost Lord. He had sent his opponent retreating, but was unable to save Zhou Fang. In just a few seconds, Zhou Fang was already dead.

Zhou Fang was his cousin after all. Although the familial ties were not deep in a large family clan, it was not okay to allow Yi Yun to kill a family member.

“He wanted to harm me and I killed him. There’s nothing wrong with that,” said Yi Yun calmly.

Steward Zhou frowned, but at that moment, he did not dare fight Yi Yun. The dangers of the Ghosts were still looming while Yi Yun was unfathomable!

Yi Yun’s strength had far exceeded his expectations. He had traveled the outer valley alone and killed Zhou Fang in seconds!

Although Zhou Fang was inferior to him, he was not much stronger. It also meant that Yi Yun’s strength was definitely above his!

How was a junior like him this powerful? His future was practically unlimited!

The moment he thought about how he had belittled Yi Yun all this while and offended Yi Yun back when they first entered the God Confusion Valley, Steward Zhou felt deep regret.

This person was originally a member of their Taixia Ancient Mining. But now, he was almost an enemy.