True Martial World Chapter 1602

Chapter 1602 Lin Xintong Awakens

Godly Monarchs had sharp ears and bright eyes. Even though Divineheart was engaging in a battle, he had paid attention to Yi Yun’s conversation with Steward Zhou.

“The pill is remuneration for the work you just did. Continue and there will be more!”

Godly Monarch Divineheart’s hearty laughter resounded. He could tell that Yi Yun was a person who would not commit himself until success was certain. To get Yi Yun’s help, he had to first provide him with sufficient benefits.

Previously, Divineheart had been repressed by Ghost Ming. Apart from a difference in strength, there was the important distraction of Divineheart worrying over Taixia Ancient Mining and its disciples. They were in a perilous environment and a continued battle would result in their complete wipe out.

Now that Yi Yun had joined the fray, the combat situation had completely reversed.

The twelve Ghost Lords together with the Thousand-eyed Mo had been beaten thoroughly by Yi Yun. Now, all that was left was Ghost Ming.

Ghost Ming turned flustered. Now that Divineheart was able to focus on his battle with him, his advantage would slowly erode with time!

“Hahaha! Ghost Ming, if you have what it takes to drag this out, let’s see who suffers in the end!”

“Yi Yun, the bronze fragments that dropped are all treasures. The ones you grab are yours! You deal with the Thousand-eyed Mo and I’ll pay you with Chaos Crystals!” said Divineheart loudly as he fought Ghost Ming.

“Elder Divineheart sure is generous!”

Yi Yun roared with laughter. He did not have a good impression of the Taixia Ancient Mining members, but Divineheart’s actions matched his palate.

The Nine-heart Life Rejuvenation Pill would not only replenish Lin Xintong’s missing blood essence, but it would also push her beyond her past limits!

Previously, Yi Yun had sealed Lin Xintong in a temporal barrier. Decades would only be tens of days to Lin Xintong and would not affect her cultivation at all.

“Elder Divineheart, I can smash this Thousand-eyed Mo blind, but I need to know what these bronze fragments are for!”

“No problem!” Divineheart replied without any hesitation. Yi Yun let out a long shout as he held the Ascending Dragon Cauldron in hand and smashed it at the Thousand-eyed Mo.

His lifeblood powers were best for dealing with ghosts.

With a loud roar, Yi Yun rode on a 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence while the Ascending Dragon Cauldron slammed down like a falling star.


The ground ruptured as Yi Yun’s strike delivered immense lifeblood powers into the Thousand-eyed Mo’s body. It then split into countless True Dragons and surged in every direction.

Many of the lifeblood dragons tore right out of the Thousand-eyed Mo’s eyes as they went blind one after another!

The Thousand-eyed Mo’s eyes had ghosts sealed within. When an eye went blind, the ghost within was wiped out of existence.

Ghosts wailed as the Thousand-eyed Mo struck back relentlessly. Gnarly red sanguine light shot at Yi Yun while countless haunting specters pounced onto Yi Yun to bite him!

Cha! Cha! Cha!

Yi Yun’s clothes tore as his firm muscles bled from the specters’ biting. But at that moment, a terrifying black flame blasted out from his body. Large numbers of ghouls were burnt to ashes.

“What kind of fire is that?”

The Taixia Ancient Mining members were long curious. Ordinary flames were ineffective against ghouls, but Yi Yun’s flame was able to burn right through psyche energy.

The ghouls’ encounter with the black fire was like snow meeting molten metal, where the only outcome was rapid melting.

This Yi Yun had potent lifeblood and also an extraordinary fire force. He was basically the nemesis of ghouls.

If this continued, even if the Thousand-eyed Mo was able to last till the very end with its immense strength, it would be greatly weakened by Yi Yun’s attacks. Wouldn’t Ghost Ming feel the pinch?

This was a ghost beast he had spent countless time and effort to nurture. To be beaten by Yi Yun so terribly after reaching just short of perfection, it was unknown how many living spirits it would take to restore it to its former glory.

At that moment, Ghost Ming’s killing intent towards Yi Yun had reached an extremum.

While Yi Yun was battling the Thousand-eyed Mo, inside the Azure Lamp of Time’s world!

This place was like vast and boundless space. The Azure Lamp of Time’s former ownerGodly Monarch River of Forgetfulnessstill had a remnant soul left. And this remnant soul had nearly fused with the Azure Lamp of Time.

Right in the middle of the stellar space, Lin Xintong floated silently. She was covered in a veil while a resplendent red lotus mark sat at her glabella. She looked like a lost fairy.

Bai Yueyin’s soul appeared in front of Lin Xintong. With a thought, the Nine-heart Life Rejuvenation Pill appeared in front of her and flew into Lin Xintong’s mouth. It transformed into pure energy as it spread throughout Lin Xintong’s limbs.

A Blood Essence Pill usually had mild medicinal properties. However, for warriors who had burned blood essence in large amounts and were in need of Blood Essence Pills for replenishment, their bodies would often be weak and drained dry. It was even possible that they would suffer a drop in realm.

To make such a person recover, harsh medicine naturally could not work.

Therefore, even for Godly Monarch-ranked Blood Essence Pills, their medicinal properties were mild. Lin Xintong experienced no physical burden when absorbing it.

At that moment, Bai Yueyin was protecting Lin Xintong! Although she was only a spirit, her psyche powers were potent. She had once cultivated in the Grand Reincarnation Technique with Lin Xintong and had nearly fused as one. She knew Lin Xintong’s body better than anyone, so with Bai Yueyin’s psyche energy guidance, the Nine-heart Life Rejuvenation Pill’s medicinal essence was rapidly absorbed by Lin Xintong.

Bai Yueyin could sense that Lin Xintong’s lifeblood powers were being restoring at an astounding rate.

“She’s truly abnormally talented.”

Bai Yueyin sighed. Such a perfect Pure Yin body, together with Yi Yun’s help, allowed Lin Xintong’s attainments to easily exceed hers.

What was different was that Bai Yueyin wished to follow in the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch’s footsteps back then, but failed to have her wishes fulfilled. It became an obsession of hers that plagued her for billions of years.

As for Lin Xintong, she was destined to follow Yi Yun and travel the cosmos with him as long as he remained alive.

This left Bai Yueyin feeling wistful.

“Master These pills”

Lin Xintong slowly opened her eyes. The temporal barrier had already been dispelled by Bai Yueyin.

“Yi Yun found it for you. Your lifeblood has mostly been restored. However, half of this Nine-heart Life Rejuvenation Pill’s medicinal effects remain. They are retained in your body, so slowly absorb them to strengthen your lifeblood.”

“Yi Yun found this for me?” Lin Xintong bit her lips. She also knew that such a pill was extraordinary. How did Yi Yun obtain one?

Bai Yueyin guessed Lin Xintong’s thoughts and said, “It’s a long story. We are no longer in the Sinkhole, but in the Chaos Heavens. Yi Yun is currently in battle. You can take a look outside and gain more experience. If you encounter danger, you can always retreat.”

With that said, Bai Yueyin vanished.

This was not the Sinkhole?

Lin Xintong probed the Azure Lamp of Time with her perception and when she saw the scene outside, she was stunned!

From Bai Yueyin’s tone, it was as though Yi Yun was engaging in a most ordinary battle. But when she gave a cursory sweep outside, Lin Xintong clearly sensed two terrifying powers suppressing them from above.

The feeling was that of Godly Monarchs!

Two Godly Monarchs were engaging in an intense battle in the sky, and one of them was releasing horrifying killing intent at Yi Yun!

This left Lin Xintong alarmed. And below, there was a terrifying beast which had eyes all over its body. Its aura far exceeded people like Sacred Horizon Divine Lord or Eclipse Arhat from before. And such a behemoth was fighting Yi Yun.

As it endured Yi Yun’s relentless attacks, it was already heavily injured and looked wretched.

Yi Yun was already this strong.