True Martial World Chapter 1603

Chapter 1603 Reunion


Divineheart and Ghost Ming delivered palm strikes at each other. This exchange dissipated more than half of Ghost Ming’s surrounding Yin Qi.

Of course, Divineheart suffered as well. He had expended more than half his Yuan Qi while Ghost Ming had only expended about forty percent of his Yin Qi.

Although Ghost Ming held the advantage, how could Godly Monarchs be so easily killed?

If this continued, Divineheart would still be fine, but the Thousand-eyed Mo would first be killed by Yi Yun.

Ghost Ming could not afford to lose the Thousand-eyed Mo.

Realizing that Yi Yun had roughly blinded a thousand of the Thousand-eyed Mo’s eyes, Ghost Ming’s face turned ashen. He originally looked like a handsome middle-aged man who only had a greenish tint to his face, but now, he revealed a set of fiendish protruding teeth. His eyes were bloodshot and his facial muscles were scrunched up. He looked extremely grotesque.


Ghost Ming directly threw out a ghost banner and before reaching Divineheart, it exploded in mid-air, sending Divineheart retreating!

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun did not hesitate to abandon the Thousand-eyed Mo and escape immediately!

Yi Yun was very far from Ghost Ming to begin with. The moment he escaped, he increased the gap between them by tens of kilometers in a blink of an eye.

Alongside this, Yi Yun had established a temporal barrier around him. Anyone who entered it would drastically slow down. Although Ghost Ming could quickly shatter the temporal barrier, the time it would take to do so would be sufficient for Divineheart’s reinforcement to arrive.

“Well f**king done!” Ghost Ming gave Yi Yun a piercing glance and gave up the thought of wiping out Yi Yun with a single strike. His body emitted wave after wave of black auras which enveloped the Thousand-eyed Mo. One moment later, Ghost Ming and the Thousand-eyed Mo transformed into a black stream of light and instantly departed!

Ghost Ming had fled!

Divineheart let out a long sigh of relief, having no plans on pursuing them. Killing Ghost Ming would be nothing but a joke. He was already very thankful that his side had won and that they had dealt Ghost Ming a great blow.

Of course, quite a number of Taixia Ancient Mining disciples had perished. Thankfully, not many of the stronger ones perished. As for the weaker disciples, so be it. It was normal for there to be losses on their trip into the God Confusion Valley!

And this victory was all thanks to Yi Yun!

Divineheart looked at Yi Yun with a smile. This young man was completely unfathomable!

His bone age was not high, and he was shockingly young! His future achievements were limitless.

Even rarer was the fact that Yi Yun was human!

Humanity had been on a decline in recent years. Their lifebloods were inferior to the Fey, and their psyche powers were no match for the Soul race. In terms of the unpredictability and oddness of combat techniques, they were again no match for the Ghost race. As for the Celestials, strongest of all races, there was no need to elaborate on them.

If there was a strength humanity had, it was balance.

However, balance also meant mediocrity, unless one was a peerless genius. By pushing this balance to the limits, they would become an extraordinary expert without any shortcomings!

However, this was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Now, Divineheart saw a sliver of hope in Yi Yun!

With such a genius around, the Taixia Ancient Mining naturally had to attempt to rope him in. The Taixia Ancient Mining was not having it good in recent times.

“Young Brother Yi, is it alright for you to divulge how long you have been cultivating for?” asked Divineheart with a smile.

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before saying, “About seven centuries or so.”

Ever since Yi Yun ascended to the 12 Empyrean Heavens, not much time had passed. He had just spent a considerable amount of time in the temporal barriers of the Azure Lamp of Time.

Such cultivation time was astonishingly short!

However, Yi Yun had no intention to conceal it. He knew that he would only present his value by showcasing his strength now. It was beneficial for his next choice of action.

“Seven centuries!”

Divineheart’s pupils constricted a little. He could tell that Yi Yun was young, but he never expected his cultivation time to be that short!

In the Chaos Heavens, there were a few geniuses who could barely compare with Yi Yun.

For instance, the Shaomang family clan’s Shaomang Xuan was a genius among geniuses, but he had already cultivated for two millennia!

In terms of potential, Yi Yun far exceeded Shaomang Xuan.

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s words and seeing Divineheart’s reaction, all the Taixia disciples bemoaned their inadequacies.

Yi Yun’s talent was just too terrifying. It made it hard for them to even look at him straight.

The Taixia Divine Lords present had all cultivated for ten thousand years to hundreds of thousands of years. Of course, the ones who had cultivated for an exceedingly long period of time were destined to be stuck in the Divine Lord realm forever.

Compared to Yi Yun, their ages made them feel like they had lived in vain.

“From the looks of it, my cousin, Zhou Fang, died in vain.” Steward Zhou smiled bitterly. Ignoring Yi Yun’s talent, just the fact that he saved the lives of so many Taixia Ancient Mining disciples made his value far exceed Zhou Fang’s.

To exchange one Zhou Fang for so many lives, how was it possible that Divineheart would pursue justice for Zhou Fang’s death?

“This Yi Yun is probably unmatchable by anyone in the recent hundred million years in the Chaos Heavens,” Steward Zhou said wistfully.

At that moment, a stream of light flashed from within Yi Yun’s body suddenly. A dainty figure dressed in white veil appeared in front of Yi Yun.

The figure was naturally Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong’s age was astonishingly young because of her cultivation of the Grand Reincarnation Technique. After she consumed the Godly Monarch-ranked Blood Essence Pill, her blood essence was brimming and there was a rosy glow to her face. It made her look thirteen or fourteen, but her long and slim legs made her look like an exceptional young girl.

At that moment, Lin Xintong was looking emotively at Yi Yun. When Yi Yun saw Lin Xintong’s rosy and adorable face with its adolescent air, he could not help but take a step forward and pull her into his embrace.

The two had been together for several tumultuous centuries. They were often more separated than together, having experiencing too much together. Now, although the enemy had not been rid of, they were finally together.

Lin Xintong missed Yi Yun too much. Although there were many people around, they did not appear to be his enemies; therefore, she could not help but appear.

“This This girl”

Divineheart was taken aback. He already found Yi Yun’s young age exaggerated, but this girl’s age seemed ridiculous

He sensed her bone age and felt that it did not exceed twenty years of age!?

Divineheart was dumbfounded himself. How could there be such a young warrior?

Furthermore, her aura was definitely not of a weakling’s. Although she was far inferior to Yi Yun, she was in no way weaker than a Taixia Ancient Mining Divine Lord!

Even Steward Zhou did not dare claim that he could beat this girl.

This was way too ridiculous!

Divineheart reeled in disbelief as he looked at Steward Zhou, only to see him smiling bitterly.

They originally believed that Yi Yun was already a genius, but another one had appeared!

It was fine if he was inferior to Yi Yun, but this young lass made him lose all his confidence. Having practiced martial arts all these years, seeing Lin Xintong made him question life.

“This Yi Yun is no trifling matter.”

Divineheart felt mixed emotions. The girl’s gaze was clearly filled with deep emotions for Yi Yun. They were obviously Dao partners!