True Martial World Chapter 1604

Chapter 1604 God Confusion Valley's Secret

Any one of the twoYi Yun or the mysterious girlwould be heaven-defying. Yet, the two of them were Dao partners. This was probably defying the heavens until they turned topsy-turvy.

Of course, even so, Divineheart had no thoughts of harming Yi Yun. There was just too much the Chaos Heavens had to offer. Their Taixia Ancient Mining could only take a small portion of the pie. Even all of humanity only took a limited portion of it. If Yi Yun successfully developed his strength, he could lead humanity to gain even more. As such, they would possibly be able to obtain even more benefits.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong hugged each other for several seconds before separating. They were in the God Confusion Valley and had to rein in their romantic emotions.

“Senior Divineheart, can you now tell me what these bronze fragments are?”

In fact, Yi Yun already had some guesses. He was only asking to confirm them.

Divineheart hesitated for a moment before setting up a sound-insulating barrier, isolating them from the low-ranking Taixia disciples.

Upon seeing Divineheart go to such lengths, Yi Yun also guessed that the bronze fragments were no trifling matter.

“I can tell you, but I will have to request that you and this lady beside you swear on your Dao heart. Whatever you hear today shall not be divulged.”

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before nodding. He swore on his Dao heart with Lin Xintong.

It was pointless if one was ordinary, but it was absolutely trustworthy when peerless geniuses swore on their Dao heart. For a genius, a damaged Dao heart was an unacceptable loss.

Divineheart said, “Young Brother Yi, please pardon me. There is no other reason for it, except that even if I return empty-handed, this news must not be leaked.”

“I understand.”

“Alright, then I’ll tell you everything. The bronze fragments you possess are the fragments left behind by a shattered ancient bell.”

“Ancient bell? That means that these fragments are just remnants of an artifact?” Yi Yun pricked up his brows. If they were only remnants of an artifact, no matter how impressive the artifact was, these fragments would not have been that valuable.

A fragmented artifact, especially one that was in so many pieces, had limited uses.

“Yes, that ancient bell is named the Chaos Bell. It’s said to be an artifact of a peerless ancient expert. The expert was very strong, so strong that even I do not know. All he left behind in the Chaos Heavens were legends about him. Furthermore, it seems that peerless expert is a human! Later, it became unknown if this peerless human expert’s title was spread or if it was given to him, but in short, he was called the Human Emperor in the Chaos Heavens.”

Divineheart delivered his speech slowly. When he said the words ‘Human Emperor,’ his heart revealed a longing. Even humans could produce such apeerless mighty figure in ancient times!

Humans having immense potential was not empty talk. However, that person had vanished. As for where he went, no one knew. If the Human Emperor had not isolated himself from worldly matters and instead led humans to dominate the Chaos Heavens, humanity would have ushered in a triumphant age billions of years ago.

When Divineheart said this, Yi Yun’s guesses had been mostly confirmed. He took a glance at Bai Yueyin in his soul sea and saw her eyes moist and silent, as though she was lost deep in thought.

“Since Senior Human Emperor is that powerful, who could have shattered the Chaos Bell? Furthermore, why are all of you eyeing the Chaos Bell’s fragments?”

Yi Yun knew that Divineheart and the departed Ghost Ming had many Chaos Bell fragments with them. The pieces they had were much bigger than the ones he had.

“If the legends are right, Human Emperor had slain the strongest Celestial back then! As for why they fought, it is still a mystery. Perhaps, Human Emperor could not stand for what the Celestials did

“The strongest Celestial’s strength was not to be underestimated. It is likely that the Chaos Bell was shattered by him.

“Although these legends take our breaths away, they are not the reason why we have entered the God Confusion Valley to seek the Chaos Bell fragments. The real reason is It is said that back when Human Emperor killed the strongest Celestial, he had extracted a fragment of the Heavenly Dao which the strongest Celestial had devoured and sealed it within the God Confusion Valley.”

“What!? A Heavenly Dao fragment!?”

Upon hearing Divine Emperor’s words, Yi Yun felt his heart jolt. Human Emperor was no doubt the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch!

Yi Yun was aware that the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had slain an Ancestor God. The Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had also split the Ancestor God’s body in 33 segments and sealed them away. The number 33 likely had to do with the fact that the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch came from the 33 Skies.

However, Yi Yun never expected that the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had obtained the Heavenly Dao fragment inside the Ancestor God’s body!

Yi Yun long knew of the Ancestor God’s devouring of the Heavenly Dao. The Sinkhole’s Heavenly Dao was still missing a piece. It was still a question if the Heavenly Dao which the Ancestor God devoured was the Sinkhole’s piece.

“So your goal here is to find that piece of Heavenly Dao fragment?” Yi Yun had already made the guess.

“Exactly so. Before this, we were unclear where the sealing array formation was. It was only later when people obtained the fragments of this Chaos Bell that we had an idea.”

“Although the Chaos Bell has already shattered, it still contains the Human Emperor’s nomological powers. People also speculated that gathering all the nomological powers is the key to opening the seal.

“All the Chaos Bell fragments are in the Xuanyuan Dune; therefore, the ones to discover the Chaos Bell fragments are limited to the few factions of the Taixia Ancient Mining, Nine Netherworld Lands, Desolate clan, Myriad Demon Valley, and the Heavenly Dream Path.

“These factions are not considered the strongest in the Chaos Heavens, but we enjoy the benefits of a favorable position since the Xuanyuan Dune is under our control!

“Therefore we are the only ones who came to the God Confusion Valley this time. Of course, we would not divulge this news to other factions.

“Our Taixia did not prepare well for this operation. The rest have likely obtained bigger fragments and confirmed the method of opening the array formation before we even learned of it. We were quite behind.”

“I see.”

Yi Yun was enlightened. In order to keep it a secret, information regarding the Chaos Bell fragments were only known by the upper echelons of the major factions. A maidservant like Shan Ling naturally had no idea. The God Confusion Valley treasure she mentioned was probably only a result of rumors.

For the Taixia Ancient Mining to choose to tell him such secretive information, it was mainly to rope him in!

The second reason was that the Taixia Ancient Mining likely lacked the confidence to vie for the Heavenly Dao fragment!

The Taixia Ancient Mining had rushed to set up a team. Although Godly Monarch Divineheart had led the team, they had suffered losses against Ghost Ming. Furthermore, the Myriad Demon Valley had sent a Celestial expert. There was no doubt that the Heavenly Dao fragment was attractive to Celestial experts.

Divineheart was hoping that Yi Yun could help him in snatching the Heavenly Dao fragment!

Divineheart did not conceal his motives as he said directly, “Young Brother Yi, I can annul the contract you signed with the Taixia Ancient Mining. I wonder if you are willing to be the leading guest Elder of my Taixia?”