True Martial World Chapter 1605

Chapter 1605 Conditions

“Leading guest Elder?” Yi Yun smiled. “Senior Divineheart, you sure think highly of me.”

Yi Yun did not need to feel any gratitude towards Divineheart’s annulment of his original contract since he had already shown his strength. The contract was unable to bind him much, as all he needed to do was submit a hundred years worth of crude ores.

Although he had a good impression of Elder Divineheart, it had not been long since he had come to the Chaos Heavens. There was no real need for him to join the Taixia Ancient Mining.

Divineheart could tell that Yi Yun had no wish to join him.

Peerless geniuses had limitless potential.

As for Taixia, it was not a top faction in the Chaos Heavens to begin with. Taixia was unable to offer irresistible benefits to Yi Yun.

In contrast, once Yi Yun fully developed his strength in the future, Taixia would gain immense benefits from Yi Yun. It was already foreseeable.

“What a pity, I have made a misjudgment.”

Steward Zhou felt depressed. After seeing Yi Yun and Lin Xintong together, Steward Zhou realized what kind of opportunities he had missed.

When he first arrived, Yi Yun was clearly heavily injured. That was why he concealed his strength.

If he had offered timely assistance while Yi Yun was weak, Yi Yun would have owed him one. Perhaps, that would have prompted Yi Yun into agreeing to be a guest Elder and he would be rewarded for it.

“Young Brother Yi I know the Taixia Ancient Mining isn’t very attractive to you.” Divineheart went straight to the point. “However you should be interested in the Heavenly Dao fragment, right?”

The Heavenly Dao fragment was something the Taixia Ancient Mining obviously wanted. However, the probability of snatching it from a crowd of savage beasts with just Divineheart and his Taixia disciples alone was less than ten percent.

“Heavenly Dao fragment” Yi Yun pondered. The next moment, his psyche strength entered his soul sea and appeared in front of Bai Yueyin, forming a figure of light.

“What can the Heavenly Dao fragment be used for exactly?” Yi Yun asked Bai Yueyin.

“For studying,” Bai Yueyin answered Yi Yun simply without even looking at him.

“Just for studying?” Yi Yun shook his head. Although it was impressive, just using it for study alone was of low priority. He had no lack of nomological insights at the moment.

“It’s not just that. There should be different uses that drive the different races into vying for the Heavenly Dao fragment. It’s just that I’m not completely aware of the reasons.”

Yi Yun stroked his chin and said, “The likely reason why Celestial experts would vie for the Heavenly Dao fragment is to devour it to enhance themselves, right? Can’t human warriors do the same?”

Bai Yueyin said, “Celestial experts have extremely powerful bodies, so they can forcibly fuse with a Heavenly Dao fragment. Even so, that poses immense danger for them. For humans, it’s likely their bodies would explode because it’s just too difficult for humans to fuse the Heavenly Dao with their mere flesh and blood.”

“Inside me flows the blood of the Dragon Emperor. It’s the bloodline of one of the twelve Fey Gods”

When Yi Yun mentioned this point, Bai Yueyin paused for a moment. She looked up at Yi Yun and said, “The Fey of the Chaos Heavens have peerless Godly Monarchs who have also inherited the bloodlines of powerful ancient Fey. They might not even be weaker than you. Their bodies are far stronger than yours.”

“But the nomological insight the Fey have is left wanting,” said Yi Yun after some thought. To fuse with a Heavenly Dao fragment, one naturally had to have be adept at nomological forces.

If a warrior’s nomological insights were comparable to the Heavenly Dao at a certain level, they were able to bend the Heavenly Dao forces to their will.

It was unlikely to completely bend to their will, but it still became possible to reduce the impact the Heavenly Dao had on their bodies by seventy to eighty percent.

Bai Yueyin was stunned again when she heard Yi Yun.

Bai Yueyin had never thought very carefully of the Celestials’ ability to fuse with Heavenly Dao fragments.

Now, from the looks of it, the Celestials were relying on both their powerful bodies and their nomological insights, making it so their bodies were innately compatible with laws.

Apart from the Celestials, all the other races had their shortcomings. Humans had weak bodies, while the Fey were poor at laws. The Soul race and Ghost race were even weaker in these aspects.

If a human was able to be simultaneously strong in both laws and body, perhaps they could emulate the Celestials and devour a Heavenly Dao fragment?

However, Bai Yueyin still shook her head. “Up to now, it’s unlikely any human has attempted it before. Death is a possibility upon failure.”

No one had attempted it, but not just because of a general limited strength. There was a more simple reasonthere were too few Heavenly Dao fragments. Apart from the peerless Celestial expert, no other person had the chance to do so.

Even Heavenly Dao fragments were a handful among Celestials.

The vying for this Heavenly Dao fragment was mainly because of it being in the Xuanyuan Dune. This news had been kept a secret by the factions in control of the Xuanyuan Dune. Otherwise, a treasure that could shake the Chaos Heavens was not something such second-rate factions could vie for.

That included the Celestial expert. His strength was not considered very powerful among Celestials. Typically speaking, he should have reported the existence of the Heavenly Dao fragment to his higher-ups. The fact that he was there alone made it evident that he was planning on taking it all for himself.

Bai Yueyin said, “Even if you plan on devouring the Heavenly Dao fragment, it’s best you do so after you reach the Godly Monarch realm. Even Celestial experts would have to reach the Godly Monarch first before they attempt to devour the fragment.”

Yi Yun smiled and said, “You are getting ahead of yourself. It will not be easy getting this Heavenly Dao fragment with my strength. Even if it was left behind by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch, I have to be able to hold onto it while remaining alive.”

Yi Yun’s combat strength was too weak when faced with the few Godly Monarchs.

However, even if he could not obtain the Heavenly Dao fragment, Yi Yun wished to probe the methods of fusing with a Heavenly Dao fragment. After all, he was destined to oppose the Celestials in the future. Even if there were very few Heavenly Dao fragments, it was still possible for him to attain one.

Yi Yun looked at Divineheart and asked, “I’m indeed interested in the Heavenly Dao fragment. Might I know what you are getting at?”

Divineheart smiled and said, “As long as you are willing to be a guest Elder of my Taixia, I can dictate that you will be able to study the Heavenly Dao fragment for a third of the time if we obtain it.”

Studying a Heavenly Dao fragment would expend the nomological forces within. The Taixia Ancient Mining had many people. There were already two Grand Elders at the Godly Monarch realm. If Yi Yun were to take a third, it was even possible that he would have more time to study the fragment than a Grand Elder. Divineheart was being sufficiently generous in making such a promise.

Of course, this was under the premise that the Heavenly Dao fragment was obtained. If not, everything was just empty talk.

Divineheart naturally knew this as he said, “Obtaining the Heavenly Dao fragment with just me alone is just too improbable. But if I have you, the probability might rise to twenty percent. If we succeed, you can choose to be my Taixia’s guest Elder. If we fail, my Taixia has little to offer that can attract you anyway. We will then annul this hundred-year contract. Young Brother Yi, you then be free to do as you wish. I just hope that we will be considered friends when we meet again in the future.”

Divineheart’s conditions were definitely sincere. They were beneficial to Yi Yun in every single way.

Yi Yun pondered for a few moments before saying, “What happens if I obtain the Heavenly Dao fragment by my strength alone?”

Divineheart looked at Yi Yun in astonishment. He never expected Yi Yun to say something like that.

As a Godly Monarch, he did not even have the confidence of obtaining the fragment. No matter how strong Yi Yun was, he was still far inferior to a Godly Monarch. Ignoring the numerous experts and Godly Monarchs of the Ghosts, Fey, and Souls, along with the Celestial expert from the Myriad Demon Valley, things could only get more terrifying.

In such a situation, it was a good outcome to merely survive. Yet, Yi Yun was planning on trying to snatch food from the tiger’s proverbial mouth?

Wasn’t he being too conceited?

Divineheart appreciated geniuses, but reaching for what was beyond one’s grasp was not ideal. By overestimating himself, Yi Yun was likely to suffer or even perish on his future martial path.

He frowned, but still managed to say, “If you obtain the Heavenly Dao fragment by your own strength, that Heavenly Dao fragment will naturally be yours to keep. It will have nothing to do with my Taixia.”

“Alright then.”

Yi Yun agreed. He was lacking in strength and had offended numerous enemies. If he were to really encounter other Godly Monarchs, he was afraid that they would immediately kill him. It was already not easy for him to approach the sealed area, much less speak of snatching the Heavenly Dao fragment.

By cooperating with Divineheart, he was able to feel more rooted at the very least.