True Martial World Chapter 1606

Chapter 1606: Opening of the Seal

Everyone else from the Taixia Ancient Mining heard Yi Yun's conversation with Godly Monarch Divineheart. As leading guest Elder, his status was just beneath that of the two Grand Elders. Even the sect lord of the Taixia Ancient Mining had to be respectful when facing Yi Yun.

As for Steward Zhou, his standing in Taixia was about five grades lower than Yi Yun's. There was no need to even elaborate for Purple Succubus.

"Young Brother Yi, since you have agreed to it, you will be my Taixia's leading guest Elder from this moment forth unless you wish to depart on your own terms."

Just as Divineheart said that, a blinding light erupted hundreds of kilometers away. Immediately following that, the sky seemed to be ripped open by something as a black combat ax fell from the sky!

The ax was burning with red sanguine light, as it emitted a suppressive baneful aura. Even from afar, it sent the lifeblood of everyone churning.

"That's… a weapon of the Celestials!" Divineheart drew a deep gasp. "Divine General Sanguine Ax has begun taking action."

Divine General Sanguine Ax was also the lord of Myriad Demon Valley, the only Celestial expert in this expedition to the God Confusion Valley.

Many factions had come to the Xuanyuan Dune, with Myriad Demon Valley being the strongest faction. None of the Godly Monarchs present were his match.

Accompanied by Divine General Sanguine Ax's attack, divine light shimmered in the vicinity of five hundred kilometers. There were Godly Monarchs rushing over!

"Let's go there as well." Divineheart glanced at Yi Yun. "That's where the fragment is sealed."

Ever since the various factions in the Xuanyuan Dune first obtained the Chaos Bell fragments, they had been studying them for years. They were now capable of identifying the approximate location of the sealed area.

And through the Xuanyuan Dune's spirit tide, the sealed land had already surfaced.


Yi Yun nodded. With Divineheart present, he could head over in broad daylight. Otherwise, he would have had to furtively find his way there.

"Oh… I forgot to mention something while we were negotiating…" said Yi Yun suddenly.

"Yea?" Divineheart's brows pricked up.

"I offended a few people on my way into the God Confusion Valley."

Divineheart laughed. Was Yi Yun afraid he could not hold down the situation?

"We warriors have always lived in contention! We contend for resources, cultivation techniques, and even our martial path! Contention naturally leads to the offending of others. That's nothing. You are now my Taixia's guest Elder in name. With me supporting you, there's no need for you to worry about any faction. I have many means at my disposal as well."

When Divineheart said that, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

Many Godly Monarchs had their trump cards. However, they were used only when lives were at stake. One might be willing to risk their life, but their opponent might not. Therefore, a Godly Monarch was a force to reckon with. Even Divine General Sanguine Ax would not dare to truly push a Godly Monarch to the edge.

"Senior Divineheart, I feel assured by what you said. On the way here, I encountered the Herbal Garden of Confusion. When I entered to pick its herbs, I offended members of the Soul race. Back then, their Godly Monarch was present as well…"

Divineheart was taken aback. "Godly Monarch Dreamlight?"


"That's… still alright…" Divineheart turned a little gloomy. They had already made Ghost Ming a sworn enemy. Just Ghost Ming alone was fine, but he felt the situation would be thorny when Dreamlight was added to the mix.

"That's actually not very important. The main thing is that I later encountered the Shaomang family clan of the Desolate clan. I had a conflict with them, so I killed some of them. One of them was called Shaomang Xuan… I killed him too. I heard that Golden Winged Celestial Peng, who came to represent the Fey this time, is also from the Desolate clan…"

As Yi Yun said this, he realized that Divineheart's face was already ashen.

Shaomang Xuan!? He was killed by you!?

Is this what you describe as forgetting to mention who you offended?

Do you know what standing Shaomang Xuan has in the Desolate clan?

Divineheart was rendered speechless. He suddenly wondered if he had done something stupid. Was it really beneficial to rope Yi Yun into the Taixia Ancient Mining as a leading guest? Was he courting disaster for himself!?

Meanwhile, Steward Zhou and company in the periphery had also naturally heard their conversation.

Steward Zhou's mouth was agape, but he did not manage to say a word.

Shaomang Xuan was very likely the next family head of the Shaomang family clan. He was an elite among elites. Previously, a few of them had guessed that Shaomang Xuan might barely match Yi Yun. But great, he had already been killed by Yi Yun!

Although the Desolate clan was comprised of several families, they were rather cohesive when faced with a common enemy.

How could Golden Winged Celestial Peng take things lying down?

Yi Yun did not speak further. He believed his breakthrough to the Godly Monarch realm was just a matter of time. He had no need for superfluous aid, but timely aid when he was in trouble. If the Taixia Ancient Mining only wished to invest in him to gain benefits in the future, there was no reason for him to cooperate with such a faction.

If they were willing to take some risk, he did not mind helping the Taixia Ancient Mining in the future.

Divineheart hesitated for a moment before saying, "It's not easy for us humans to produce an elite like you. If Golden Winged Celestial Peng wants your head, I can help you fend him off. However, if several Godly Monarchs want your head, even I will be in danger when the time comes. I can at best help you escape."

"Thank you, Senior Divineheart."

Yi Yun cupped his hands. All he needed was Divineheart's promise. He already had a few means to protect himself, so he just needed a force to deliver shock and awe to make his enemies hesitate.

"Let's go!"

Divineheart flew through the air as Yi Yun followed closely behind. Steward Zhou and the rest followed as well.

The appearance of the sealed land was too sudden. The Taixia Ancient Mining had made rushed preparations, so apart from Divineheart, the middle echelons were lacking in strength.

Fifty kilometers were quickly traversed. When Yi Yun landed, he drew a cold gasp at the scene which greeted him.

He saw that an area spanning five kilometers in the God Confusion Valley was dyed red with blood. In the middle, the ground had collapsed into a humongous crater. An Ancient Fey, whose head resembled a tiger with a mane on its back, was burning in flames. It was at the center of the crater on its last breath.

There were a few massive wounds on its body. Most striking of all was the massive black ax that remained embedded in its back.

"An Ancient Fey!"

Yi Yun had once obtained Ancient Fey blood. He knew very well that this heavily injured behemoth was a powerful Ancient Fey. The Sinkhole had a similar behemoth named Bi'an 1 . However, it only existed in ancient times.

However, this behemoth had been slain by Divine General Sanguine Ax.

Not only so, Divine General Sanguine Ax was pressing the behemoth down with both hands, leaning over its neck to suck at its blood! Divine General Sanguine Ax's huge body appeared negligible beside the Ancient Fey. However, he was able to keep it down.

At that moment, Divine General Sanguine Ax's bronze body was stained with the beast's blood. He did not react to the crowd's arrival. All he did was continue drinking the Bi'an's warm blood, the smell of it seeming to intoxicate him.

The Bi'an had yet to pass away yet. Its body continued convulsing, a testament to its powerful vitality as an Ancient Fey.

Only when all the blood was sucked dry did Divine General Sanguine Ax tear the Bi'an's flesh. Chunks of blood-infused flesh, each weighing hundreds of kilograms, were indifferently chewed by him before they were swallowed.

Divine General Sanguine Ax quickly finished his savage consumption, revealing the Bi'an's golden bones.

Divine General Sanguine Ax's strength was tremendous as he nonchalantly tore apart the Bi'an's corpse. Even its bones were chewed to bits in his mouth.

This scene disgusted many people. The Celestial's Divine General was truly cruel!

"This Ancient Fey must have been attracted by the seal. Heaven Earth Yuan Qi gathered when the seal appeared so this Ancient Fey came here to devour the worldly energies. Instead of feasting, it was feasted upon by Sanguine Ax," Divineheart said in a heavy voice.

Sanguine Ax was just too strong. Celestials were indeed the precious offspring of the world.

"In that case, the seal will appear very soon."

Yi Yun narrowed his eyes. Indeed, he sense a surging worldly force surge over from nearby. The God Confusion Valley's spirit tide energies were being drawn by this piece of land.

An independent space…

Yi Yun sensed that in this independent space was the place where Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had sealed the Heavenly Dao fragment.