True Martial World Chapter 1607

Chapter 1607 Crossing Swords

While energy surged through the sealed land, Yi Yun looked up and saw a golden beam of light tear through the world. Contained within was a mighty suppression which resembled rumbling golden lightning.

Yi Yun instantly knew that his enemy was here.

In a blink of an eye, a man with a pair of huge golden wings on his back landed in front of Yi Yun. There was the faint sound of roaring ocean waves emitting from his body. However, it was not a result of waves, but the swooshing of his blood.

This alarmed Yi Yun. How potent was his lifeblood to produce the sound of crashing waves simply from its flowing?

Following right behind the golden-winged man were members of the Desolate clan of the Fey.

Bronze Drum was also surprisingly among them.

The lucky survivors of the Shaomang family clan had also come with the Desolate clan. Without Golden Winged Celestial Peng leading them, survival was impossible.

The moment Golden Winged Celestial Peng appeared, he glared at Yi Yun. “Was it you who killed Shaomang Xuan?”

Yi Yun stood in front of Lin Xintong as he pressed his finger gently on his interspatial ring. “That’s me.”

A golden glint flashed in Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s eyes. He never expected Yi Yun to so readily admit to his deed.

“Good, very good. In that case, prepare to die!” Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s tone was extremely oppressive, but at that moment, Divineheart took a step forward and stood beside Yi Yun.

“So this is the reason for your confidence. It’s no wonder you dare appear here.”

The corners of Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s mouth suffused a teasing smile. He was not surprised that Yi Yun and Divineheart would join forces since the both of them were humans. Yi Yun’s strength was not to be underestimated, considering how he had slain Shaomang Xuan. It was only expected for them to become allies.

Bronze Drum gave Yi Yun a strange glance. He had been eager to fight Yi Yun all this while, but when he realized that Yi Yun was capable of killing Shaomang Xuan, he guessed that he was not Yi Yun’s match. He was now thankful that he did not provoke Yi Yun at the entrance to the God Confusion Valley.

At that moment, another two factions arrived. One of them emitted an overwhelming ghostly aura while the other resembled the soul of a sword. Just one look at their leader left one’s soul sea in pain.

Ghost Ming!

As well as Godly Monarch Divine Dream!

By the time the two Godly Monarchs arrived, Divine General Sanguine Ax had already finished devouring most of the Ancient Fey. He looked up at everyone present.

His fangs were stained with blood as he stood up straight, his massive body towering over everyone there. Even at full height, the huge Golden Winged Celestial Peng failed to reach his knee.

“If you want to attack, try doing it now.”

Divineheart sent Ghost Ming and Golden Winged Celestial Peng voice transmissions. The sealed land was about to be opened. With Divine General Sanguine Ax present, any internal strife would only benefit him. It didn’t matter if Divineheart could block them from getting to Yi Yun or not.

Ghost Ming snorted coldly as he stared at Yi Yun with burning killing intent.

Divine Dream also glanced at Yi Yun. He was not surprised by Yi Yun’s appearance here. However, he was quite astonished by Ghost Ming’s and Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s intent to kill Yi Yun.

This Yi Yun sure is someone who’s good at stirring trouble.

Divine Dream did not have much of a vendetta with Yi Yun. He was not bent on killing Yi Yun since all he wanted was the herbs Yi Yun had obtained from the Herbal Garden of Confusion.

When he saw that Yi Yun was backed by Divineheart, he wiped that thought from his mind.

“Yi Yun, the seal is about to be released. Now’s the time to reconsider your entry,” said Divineheart.

It was without question that Golden Winged Celestial Peng and company would enter the sealed land. Having offended them, Yi Yun could take the opportunity to leave the God Confusion Valley as a means to survive. Besides, the situation inside was still an unknown. It was possible that he would not be able to protect Yi Yun.

“There’s no need. I plan on entering,” said Yi Yun. Even if he left now, he would still be pursued by Ghost Ming and the Desolate clan eventually.

Realizing that Yi Yun had steeled his heart, Divineheart stopped trying to persuade him otherwise. “Alright, with the decline of humanity, we would only end up being crushed to death by them if we did not vie for opportunities.”

With that said, he handed a jade talisman to Yi Yun.

“Inside it is a high level voice transmission array. The situation inside is an unknown. If we were to get separated, you can use this to contact me. However, the God Confusion Valley suppresses perceptions to begin with, so I’m guessing the the nomological suppressions are even stronger inside the seal. This jade talisman can only be used once,” said Divineheart.

Yi Yun nodded as he took the jade talisman. He sensed it slightly and discovered that engraved within was an extremely complicated voice transmission array.

In the God Confusion Valley, such voice transmission jade talismans were hardly of any use. If the user’s strength was lacking, the voice transmission would be constantly attenuated during the transmission process. In the end, it might not even complete the transmission. It was a sign of Divineheart’s recognition of Yi Yun’s strength that he handed him the talisman.

At that moment, the world suddenly quaked. As though the sealed land had absorbed enough energy, a gigantic vortex surfaced abruptly in mid-air.

The vortex constantly spun as it released lustrous and gaudy colors. Weaker warriors could not help but fall into a daze when they saw it. They felt that the vortex was expanding in size while bearing down on them.

Suddenly, Yi Yun felt a gigantic suction force from the vortex. However, the suction force did not seem to be targeting him.

Sensing something, Yi Yun took out his Chaos Bell fragments.

The Chaos Bell fragments hummed as a result of the vortex’s attraction.

“Xintong, enter the tower first,” said Yi Yun.

Lin Xintong nodded gently. With a flash of her body, she entered the God Advent Tower.

With that, Yi Yun stopped resisting as he allowed the vortex’s suction force to completely bind him and the Chaos Bell fragments as he was pulled in.

The other Godly Monarchs had similar realizations. They stowed their disciples into their cave abodes before allowing the vortex to pull them in.

The moment he entered the vortex, Yi Yun immediately felt a terrifying force shredding his surroundings. However, the moment the force made contact with his Chaos Bell fragment, it would immediately turn mild. Furthermore, a familiar aura would release from the Chaos Bell fragments.

“Senior Lin” A female voice filled with nostalgia sounded inside Yi Yun’s soul sea.

The Chaos Bell originally belonged to the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch, and the seal was also set up by him. One could only enter the seal by possessing a fragment; otherwise, any forced entry into the vortex would result in them being ripped to shreds.

With the Chaos Bell fragment’s protection, Yi Yun quickly passed through the vortex safely and appeared in a vast expanse.

The space seemed to have a strange law permeating it. There were restrictions everywhere, with fog filling every inch of the area. It was like the God Confusion Valley outside. None of the celestial bodies could be seen. Indeed, it was an independent space.

Yi Yun appeared in the same area as Divineheart. However, a sneer sent Yi Yun’s heart sinking.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng and Ghost Ming appeared just hundreds of feet away from him and Divineheart. As for the other Godly Monarchs, there was no trace of them.

Back when he passed through the vortex, Yi Yun had guessed that they might appear in different spots. However, his luck was really quite terrible for Golden Winged Celestial Peng and Ghost Ming to appear in the same spot that he did.

To Golden Winged Celestial Peng and Ghost Ming, it was definitely a fortunate turn.

They did not need to worry about Sanguine Ax watching from the sides. Even Divineheart lamented inwardly when he realized the situation he was in.

“From the looks of it, the heavens want you destroyed,” said Golden Winged Celestial Peng with a sneer.

“Golden Peng, I have a grudge with him as well. Say, between us, who will be the one to determine the way he dies?” said Ghost Ming as he let out a strange laughter.

“Hmph, there’s no reason for me to discuss with a old ghost like you. May the best man succeed,” said Golden Winged Celestial Peng.

“Yi Yun, I can only help you fend off one,” said Divineheart via a voice transmission.

“Senior Divineheart, please help me fend off Golden Winged Celestial Peng then,” said Yi Yun.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s body was powerful, but more critically, he was extremely fast.

With Celestial Peng’s extreme speed, it was difficult to escape from him.

“Alright, good luck then! That Ghost Ming has sinister and crafty means. He appears in different spots unpredictably, so you have to be careful,” said Divineheart as he laughed. “Golden Peng, aren’t you ashamed that you’re attacking a junior? I’ll be your opponent!”

Ghost Ming was taken aback when he saw this development. Following that, he let out a cold, sinister laughter. “Little Bastard, do you think that you have a chance of surviving a fight with me? Or do you think that, compared to being skinned alive by Golden Winged Celestial Peng, you would rather have your soul obliterated by me?”

The moment his voice faded, Ghost Ming attacked.

He was ruthless by nature and did not care about naysayers’ critique of him attacking a Divine Lord as a Godly Monarch. He did not care even if he was criticized as delivering a sneak attack.

“Little Bastard, you made the wrong choice!”

A sinister wind whistled as Ghost Ming suddenly appeared in front of Yi Yun. His cold claws suffused an extremely terrifying ghostly aura as they reached towards Yi Yun.

Before his arrival, Yi Yun already sensed an instability in his soul. He nearly had an out-of-body experience. A numbing cold also blanketed his body, retarding his motions to the point of complete immobilization.

Yi Yun suddenly felt the threat of death descend upon him as his heart jolted. However, he showed no fear. He was already invincible against anyone inferior to Godly Monarchs. As such, it was about time for him to clash with one!


A dragon’s roar boomed from Yi Yun’s body as a dragon phantom suddenly appeared behind him. Meanwhile, Yi Yun’s surging lifeblood blasted out intense heat like a sun.


Nearly all of Yi Yun’s lifeblood was transformed into a corporeal flame as light bloomed from his body while his body constantly emitted the roars of a dragon.

Such potent lifeblood forces even made Golden Winged Celestial Peng involuntarily look over. With a ghostly body, Ghost Ming was weak against lifeblood forces, so his attack stalled slightly.

Taking the opportunity, Yi Yun roared angrily as he released the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and slammed it at Ghost Ming!


Ghost Ming was caught by surprise as he was struck by Yi Yun’s surging lifeblood forces. Although he was uninjured, he took one tiny step back!

Ghost Ming was enraged for he never expected that Yi Yun could actually produce such a terrifying impulse.

His embarrassment drove him to kill Yi Yun, but Yi Yun had unhesitatingly escaped a great distance away after the successful strike. In a blink of an eye, he charged into the fog.

Divineheart was pleasantly surprised when saw that not only had Yi Yun escaped, but he had also made Ghost Ming suffer a little before escaping.

“Hahaha, Ghost Ming. Do you think you deserve being called a Godly Monarch? Hahahaha!” Divineheart laughed when he saw his enemy suffer a setback. He then threw out dozens of disk arrays before turning to escape.