True Martial World Chapter 1609

Chapter 1609 Heavenly Dao Fragment

Yi Yun’s idea of using the Heretical God Lightning to temper his body was somewhat insane. How could the typical body withstand the power of the Heretical God Lightning?

However, Bai Yueyin knew very well of Yi Yun’s potential. She knew that he was not making an aimless choice.


“It’s not impossible to use the Heretical God Lightning to temper your body, but the risk involved is considerable. This is not the Lightning of Heavenly Punishment. To use the Heretical God Lightning to temper your body is probably unprecedented. No one will know the kind of variables your plan will involve,” said Bai Yueyin.

How could Yi Yun not know of the risk Bai Yueyin mentioned?

However, Yi Yun felt his lifeblood boil when he saw the Heretical God Lightning. His True Dragon bloodline was being stirred in a subtle manner as well.

He seemed to sense a sliver of danger!

However, this kind of danger thrilled Yi Yun somewhat.

The martial path was to go against the Heavens. He did not have much time left.

Most critically, Yi Yun wished to absorb the Heavenly Dao fragment. His body was currently far from capable of doing so. However, if he tempered his body with the Heretical God Lightning, things would be different.

Yi Yun extended his hand and struck forward. Mud and rocks stirred as the hole including him was buried together in a blink of an eye.

From the outside, it was a desolate plain. Even the stirring energies were concealed by Yi Yun.

And underneath the desolate plains, no one knew that it hid a tiny world.

Even a Godly Monarch would not discover it without searching for it carefully.

However, all the Godly Monarchs were seeking the traces of the Heavenly Dao fragment, so how could they show any interest to the desolate plains?

In the underground cave, Yi Yun sat cross-legged on top of the Chaos Crystal.


Yi Yun shouted in a deep voice as his body immediately produced a vortex. All the surrounding Chaos Crystal energies in the cave immediately surged toward Yi Yun.

Yi Yun’s body sucked at the tremendous amounts of pure energy like a bottomless black hole. It was as though it would never be filled.

As he absorbed the energy, Yi Yun’s body gradually turned as crystalline as jade. In this dark cave, he gradually emitted a blinding glow.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of roaring tides sounded, but they were a result of the churning lifeblood in Yi Yun’s body.

The rocks surrounding him was tainted with a jade green color. One day, they could perhaps transform into a xenomorphic ore.

Probably no Divine Lord in the entire Chaos Heavens was as extravagant as Yi Yun. These Chaos Crystals if taken outside were enough to establish a sect and support more than a thousand disciples.

However, they were all being expended by Yi Yun alone. The increase in his strength was a lot faster by cultivating with Chaos Crystals. But now, Yi Yun felt that his strength was approaching a limit.

At that moment, his skin was as fair as white jade and crystalline. A converged but terrifying aura was constantly emitted from him.

As for the Chaos Crystals that surrounded the Heretical God Lightning, they were already gone. All that was left was a tiny bit of crystal to contain it.

As though it sensed something, the Heretical God Lightning kept swimming inside the crystal, shimmering with a dangerous glow.

Yi Yun opened his eyes.

“It’s time!”

A glint flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes as he abruptly extended his hand, reaching straight into the crystal in a bid to grab the Heretical God Lightning!

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly pricked up his brows. “Oh?”

With a thought, a jade talisman immediately flew out and floated in front of Yi Yun.

“Godly Monarch Sanguine Ax has discovered the Heavenly Dao fragment!” Divineheart’s voice transmission sounded from the jade talisman.

Has the Heavenly Dao fragment already been found

A glint flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes. The Heavenly Dao fragment was in the core regions of the array formation. As for Divine General Sanguine Ax, they were surrounding the area. It prevented Yi Yun from entering.

These people were not to be trifled with after all. They had found it so quickly.

“It looks like tempering my body with the Heretical God Lightning will be delayed temporarily,” thought Yi Yun.

Since the Heavenly Dao fragment had appeared, it probably meant that all the Godly Monarch factions would be rushing there.

Yi Yun was naturally not going to miss it.

Meanwhile, a magnificent palace stood above the clouds on a mountain that was in shambles.

The insides of the palace were enshrouded in an azure aura. It emitted an extremely raw and magnificent quality that reminded one of the beginnings of the universe. From time to time, celestial bodies and all myriad items in the world would flash across it. It seemed to contain an entire universe.

A glance was enough to identify what the phenomena meant.

Sealed within the palace was the Heavenly Dao fragment!

Only a Heavenly Dao fragment could conjure the scenes of a world’s creation.

The Dao of Heaven was the laws that all myriad beings in the universe followed. It was unique.

At that moment, in a gigantic square outside the palace, a giant held a bloody ax as he cleaved down heavily at the palace.


The force of giant’s ax was redoubtable!

This strike probably could destroy the entire mountain, much less the palace.


Just as the giant’s ax landed, a strong repulsive force blasted out from the palace.


Powerful shock waves blasted out, sending the bronze giant retreating!

His eyes burned with fury as he stared at the palace coldly.

The palace remained intact, standing there as though it would last for all eternity.

“What a powerful sealed array formation! Even Godly Monarch Sanguine Ax is unable to forcibly crack it.”

On the square, Godly Monarchs Dreamlight and Divineheart, as well as Golden Winged Celestial Peng, were already present.

With them were the Soul and Fey disciples, as well as the Taixia Ancient Mining’s Steward Zhou and company.

Being the first to find where the Heavenly Dao fragment was sealed, Sanguine Ax had already launched seventeen strikes at it!

Each strike was stronger than the last.

His immense strength was something even a Godly Monarch would find difficulty in resisting!

But before such a terrifying power, the array formation was unperturbed. Instead, the repulsive force grew in in strength, forcing Sanguine Ax to retreat when it reached him!

Thankfully, Celestials had powerful bodies. If someone were in his shoes, they might not be able to escape unharmed.

With Sanguine Ax retreating, it was evident he had no plans on trying again.

“I can give it a try,” said Dreamlight.

His soul was extremely powerful, so he had an upper hand when it came to array formations.

With that said, Dreamlight flew forward. He shook his finger as a terrifying force that stabbed at people’s minds condensed into a gigantic needle.

Upon seeing the needle, disciples who had relatively weaker souls even felt as though their eyes were bleeding.

“We’ll die! Don’t look at it any longer!” Steward Zhou said softly.

He bore the mental assault with great difficulty. The needle’s target was not them, but just a remnant part of its might left their souls unstable. Legend had it that Dreamlight could cause large numbers of warriors to die before him with a mere gaze. From the looks of it, the legend was true!

“Go!” Dreamlight said lightly as the needle instantly shot out and stabbed into the array formation seal.


A loud boom sounded as the surface of the palace produced ripples that made it like a fleeting dream and unreal object. The Soul disciples revealed looks of joy when they saw the palace’s perturbations.

However, Dreamlight’s gaze turned heavy. At that moment, a loud boom sounded from the palace as the ripples surged out like a tidal wave. It formed a spear-wielding blurry figure that appeared lofty.

Suddenly, the figure aimed its spear tip ahead and moved, heading straight for Dreamlight in an abrupt assault!