True Martial World Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Wilderness Divine Hall
Chapter 161: Wilderness Divine Hall

Yi Yun walked to the stone table and saw a new set of clothes and a book placed on top of it.

The clothes were made of linen cloth, rough to the touch but different from the linen clothes worn by commoners. This linen clothes was made with silver threads. It was invulnerable and resistant to the elements, it could even be used as a soft armor. If it were ordinary linen clothes, from the intensity of training a Tai Ah Divine City warrior underwent, it would turn into rags in just a few days time.

As for the book, it was the thickness of a fingernail. Its pages were thin and on the cover it was written “Divine wilderness”!

Flipping through the book, Yi Yun noticed that the book had another world within it. Each page was blank with no written text. But upon injecting one’s spiritual energy into it, one could read the vast amount of information within.

Actually, every page was like a book itself. It introduced one aspect of the Divine wilderness.

Yi Yun flipped through the first dozen pages, and within, it introduced:

“Tai Ah Divine City!”

“Divine wilderness region!”

“Ancient desolate beasts!”


“Rumors of mystical realms!”

The “Divine wilderness” book had about ninety pages. Each page was an eye-opener for Yi Yun!

The first page introduced the Tai Ah Divine City. It began with its history and then the warrior training rules within the Tai Ah Divine City.

The Tai Ah Divine City had many cultivation resources. And more than 90% of them could be exchanged for with dragon scale runes.

The last 10% of cultivation resources not only needed dragon scale runes, but they also needed glory points.

For example, breaking a previous record was a great honor. But, that was too difficult.

This book broadened Yi Yun’s horizons. Yi Yun engrossed himself in reading as he flipped through page after page. After the Tai Ah Divine City was introduced in the beginning, the later parts introduced the desolate beasts within the Divine wilderness and the herbs within the Divine wilderness. It was a survival guide to the Divine wilderness.

This knowledge was very important.

It had to be known that there were many elite desolate beasts in the Divine wilderness that looked normal, or even harmless. If one could not recognize them, and treated them as normal beasts, provoking them would be courting death.

There were also poisonous weeds that looked like precious herbs. If one picked it carelessly and used it, they would experience an unjustly death. If a hero of a generation, that could become a lord within the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, were to die from eating some herbs, would there be anything more humiliating?

The book not only indicated the dangers of the Divine wilderness, it also indicated the great values that those desolate beasts had.

Especially those desolate beasts with a small amount of primordial blood within them, even if they were inferior to the primordial species, they were still a hundred times more valuable than a normal desolate beast!

As for the real primordial species, their value was immeasurable!

Of course even if 10,000 Yi Yun’s were sent against these kinds of desolate beasts, they would all be killed. Only people like the Divine City’s primordial elder could fight one!

The primordial species were natural darlings of the world. They had an affinity with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that was beyond human comparison.

If a primordial species desolate beast could be killed, a desolate bone relic made from its bones would definitely set off a bloody storm!

Eating a relic from a primordial species would not only give great energy, it would also give small insights into the world’s natural laws. This was something even human peerless warriors would envy!

Yi Yun read the “Divine wilderness” book late into the night. Just before dawn, Yi Yun mediated for about two hours. For a warrior at Yi Yun’s level, as long as there wasn’t great depletion of power, two hours of meditation was sufficient to restore one back to one’s optimal state.

“Gather!” Just after dawn, someone shouted outside of the residential area.

Yi Yun quickly washed up and dressed himself before leaving his room.

On the empty grounds outside of the houses, there were already a few dozen people gathered. They had woken up like Yi Yun, and that naturally included Zhou Kui.

Zhou Kui was still carrying his signature battle blade and cranium crusher behind his back, giving off an aggressive feeling.

Zhou Kui looked towards Yi Yun and Yi Yun returned the stare, but they did not speak.

Baldy Qin stroked his chin and smiled playfully. The young heroes, who came to the Tai Ah Divine City, were all competing against each other. With limited resources, they had to grab it from each other, so it was normal for them to have some animosity.

It was inevitable.

“Today, I’ll bring you to the Wilderness Divine Hall! Let’s go!” The bald man was terse with his words, and led them into the Divine City’s center.

The Wilderness Divine Temple Hall was a grand hall right in front of the central divine tower. The Wilderness Divine Hall was enormous, making it the biggest building in the Tai Ah Divine City after the central divine tower. Upon reaching it, many young heroes felt like they were ants, crawling into an emperor’s grand hall.

All the columns by the hall’s entrance were meticulously polished. They were thirty feet tall and thick to the point of needing ten people to wrap around it. It was an amazing sight!

The rocks used to build the temple were extremely heavy and in large pieces. They were like pieces of rock shaved off a small mountain and then pieced together. Molten iron was injected within the gaps and under light, the iron gave off a cold metallic sparkle.

The hall was significantly spacious. With a glance, Yi Yun saw that there were many people gathered in it.

There were both men and women. Women accounted for about a third. The Jin Long Wei were all men, but there was no shortage of female cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City. These females mostly came from family clans or the royal family. Some even came from counterparts of the Jin Long Wei; for example, the Qing Luan Wei was the female regiment.

The people within the hall mostly dressed in style. Some of them were in their noble clothes. Besides flying fish robes, there were even python robes!

Python robes were worn by barons!

The noble titles of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom were not inheritable, and was not a title held for life. If a warrior were to lose his strength for some reason, his title and treatment would be reduced. Of course, being wounded because of fighting for the country was not included.

Yi Yun looked at the youth wearing the python robe. He was about fourteen-years-old. For him to be made baron at such an age meant he had superior talent!

“Fourteen-year-old baron…I wonder how strong is he?” Yi Yun muttered to himself. Suddenly he contracted his pupils and looked in another direction.

There was a youth in embroidered clothing wearing a Qiuniu robe and sitting gallantly on a chair.

A Qiuniu robe meant a viscount!

A sixteen year old youth had been made a viscount?

What was a viscount? Even the Divine Capital’s Jin Long Wei’s general Yan Menglong was only a viscount.

A youth had the same viscount title as a general!

Yi Yun was really surprised.

He realized that many people in the hall avoided the youth in embroidered clothes.

About 99% of the people present stood. Yet, this youth sat there indifferently as if he was a king.

The youth’s eyes glanced everywhere with the corner of his eyes. He had a purple long sword in his hand and a red ring on his finger.

“Interspatial ring…” Yi Yun recognized the ring. This interspatial ring’s price was extremely high. Yi Yun still did not have a interspatial ring. He carried an animal hide bag, half the size of a person, on his journey to the Divine wilderness.

“Do you know him?” Yi Yun asked Song Zijun who was beside him. Yi Yun only used his eyes to point out the youth, but Yi Yun did not expect that just this gesture was noticed by the other party!

The youth swept his gaze towards Yi Yun and Song Zijun. After a very short time, he ignored Yi Yun and looked elsewhere.

But in that instant, it made Song Zijun gasp.

“Sword Intent! His eyes has already learned how to use Sword Intent to form…”

When the youth had looked over, Song Zijun had felt as if a sword had reached in between his brows. That cold touch made his pores contract.

A swordsman could train their arms, palms and legs into swords. A palm strike was similar to a strike from a sword. At the final stages, even a glance could be made into a sword, killing people with a glance!

This youth had not reached the stage of making his glance like a sword, but he had already managed to form it.

“Who is he?” Yi Yun asked once again.

But Song Zijun shook his head, “No idea…”

Song Zijun was from the Song family in the Jing state’s Nanjun province. And the Nanjun province of the Jing state was just a small place and nothing against the vast Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Hence, Song Zijun did not know many outstanding people.

At this moment, a person beside Song Zijun said, “His name is Yang Qian, and is from the Tai Ah royal family. He entered the Tai Ah Divine City at twelve and has been training here for three years. Now, Yang Qian has broken within the top hundred of the Heaven and Earth rolls. This year, he might even enter the top ten!”

“Tai Ah royal family!” Yi Yun took a deep breath. In the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, there were influential clans and family clans, but none of them could compare with the royal family!

As for the Jing state’s various provincial family clans, they were like ants in front of the royal family.

Ever since the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was established, the royal family’s bloodline had lasted for tens of million years.

In these tens of millions of years, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family had strict rules for marriage. Every member of the royal house had their marriage decided by elders. There was no private marriages or they would have to give up their royal status.

The marriage choice of the royal family were super family clans with deep heritages, or some superior bloodline from some ancient mystical tribes. If not, they had to have individual talents that overshadowed many.

In short, every talented, elite and proud children of heaven were absorbed by the royal family. The reason was to ensure that their offspring’s bloodline would grow stronger. Only then was a genius more likely to be born.

It was this unreasonable system that ensured that the Tai Ah royal family was to prosper and ensure their power.

The royal family’s heritage was impossibly deep. In the royal family, there was no shortage of treasures. But it did not mean that one could enjoy all these resources by being of royal descent. There were too many people of royalty, hence only the exceptional ones within the royalty were eligible for the nurturing by the royal family.

Under such circumstances, it was not surprising that Yang Qian had obtained the title of viscount at the age of fifteen.