True Martial World Chapter 1610

Chapter 1610 Human Emperor

“This is!?”

Upon seeing the spear beam, Dreamlight felt a sense of the Great Dao of Origins within it.

This feeling resembled that of the Heavenly Dao!

How could that be? This figure’s Great Dao insights were already closing in onto the Heavenly Dao?

Dreamlight roared as a resplendent mirror of light erected suddenly in front of him. But when the figure’s spear struck the mirror, it immediately left the world quaking.


The mirror of light shattered directly as Dreamlight grunted and flew backward. He only managed to find his footing after retreating hundreds of feet.

He looked at the spear-wielding figure standing in front of the palace’s entrance with a somewhat pale face. The strike he had just suffered nearly damaged his soul body!

His face was a blur as he wielded a spear. Just by standing there, he appeared like heaven and earth!

The Great Dao of OriginsHad the nomological insights this figure represented reached that of the Heavenly Dao?

The ordinary warriors present were unperturbed, but the Godly Monarchs were already extremely alarmed.

They knew that Celestial mighty figures devoured Heavenly Dao fragments was to push their laws to match the Heavenly Dao.

Upon cultivating to that stage, one was the Heaven and the Dao itself. Their lifespans would be as long as the universe itself, immortal and indestructible!

However, even the Dao which the Ancestor God had attained appeared to be inferior to the spear-wielding figure. His Dao was perfect and flawless, forming a system in and of itself. Facing this person was akin to facing an entire universe.

“He’s Human Emperor!?”

Dreamlight exclaimed in a heavy noise. These people knew the legend of Human Emperor and knew that the Heavenly Dao fragment planted here was left behind by him.

The reason why he left the Heavenly Dao fragment behind was likely because he had no need for it!

A Heavenly Dao fragment was naturally a treasure. Even for Human Emperor, it would be an absolute treasure among treasures if his laws had yet to attain perfection.

However, Human Emperor had clearly pushed his cultivation level to the peak. He had obtained the Heavenly Dao fragment when the Dao in him had already formed a system in and of itself.

As such, the Heavenly Dao fragment was probably only useful for reference, and far better left for future generations.

Since Human Emperor left the Heavenly Dao fragment here, it meant that he left it for future generations. But now, from the looks of it, the fragment was not that easily retrieved.

“What’s this? Is he testing if we are qualified?”

Ghost Ming looked at the spear-wielding figure with an ashen expression. He had to admit that Human Emperor was indeed powerful; however, he was extremely pissed that he needed to pass Human Emperor’s test to retrieve the treasure.

He was already a mighty Ghost Thearch. Why was he treated like a junior who was here to retrieve heritage?

“It’s just remnant psyche force. It has already been weakened over billions of years. Does he think that he can prevent me from entering with just a projection?”

Ghost Ming snorted coldly.

Dreamlight nodded and said as well, “That’s right. Human Emperor’s nomological insight is heaven-defying. This remnant psyche projection has inherited the Human Emperor’s laws, but the energy within a psyche projection is limited. He might be able to use an ailing projection to test juniors, but it won’t be enough against us.”

Even in the Chaos Heavens, anyone who attained the Godly Monarch realm was a pinnacle existence. There were five Godly Monarchs present, all founding patriarchs of their factions.

“Human Emperor is too arrogant. Let us repeatedly attack and drain this psyche projection’s strength.”

As Ghost Ming spoke, he took the initiative to step forward.

Destroying Human Emperor’s projection was nothing. What mattered was to be wary of the sneak attacks of their peers. But now, if they were taking turns attacking, he would naturally hold back.


Golden Winged Celestial Peng also agreed. Obtaining the Heavenly Dao fragment was only a matter of time. What mattered was the conflict among the five of them.

Ghost Ming held a ghost banner as he slowly walked towards Human Emperor’s projection.

But at that moment, the space surrounding Ghost Ming and Human Emperor’s projection suddenly seemed to experience changes. Furthermore, space did not distort, nor was there any spatial barriers. This feeling was like two people standing in different spaces.

“Spatial dimension laws?” Divineheart was taken aback before he shook his head. “That’s not right. It’s a domain a domain equivalent to the Heavenly Dao. This domain has isolated Ghost Ming from us. However, if the barrier can’t be found, it will be difficult to crack it.”

Divineheart could also sense that the psyche projection which Human Emperor left behind was not obviously powerful. It was quite impossible that Human Emperor would leave behind much of his psyche years ago. It would have also weakened him; however, they already found the pressure exerted by his nomological realm tricky.

“So that’s the case. Domain isolation. Is this a one-on-one test?” Ghost Ming stared at Human Emperor’s projection with a grave expression. “I’m already a Ghost Thearch. To think you want to test me. In that case, I’ll shatter the psyche projection you left behind.”

When Ghost Ming finished his sentence, the corner of his lips curved up, revealing a ferocious and teasing curve. No matter how strong Human Emperor was, he had long left the Chaos Heavens. What if he could refine the psyche projection which Human Emperor left?

He focused on ghostly powers, so if he were to inject Human Emperor’s projection into the ghost banner, the outcome would be unimaginable! Perhaps, the ghost banner’s quality will rise sharply!

“Drain his strength. He is but a projection after all.”

As Ghost Ming had this in mind, his expression changed suddenly. He felt that his strength was being rapidly drained.


The surrounding people also saw this scene. Ghost Ming could not stop it as he was repressed by the laws!

Was Human Emperor that powerful?

Everyone’s expression changedespecially Ghost Ming whose energy was leaving him. The color in his face drained.

If this continued, he would be exhausted of his energy. Although he could replenish it with Chaos Crystals, who knew how long the draining would continue?

Ghost Ming turned anxious and just as he was about to gather strength to deliver a blow, the energy drainage stopped.

He discovered that the energy he had left had been drained exactly by half.

And the missing half had flown into Human Emperor’s projection.

Ghost Ming was taken aback. He attempted taking out a Chaos Crystal in a bid to replenish his energy.

However, half the Chaos Crystal’s energy was also drained by Human Emperor’s projection!

He could replenish his energy with Chaos Crystals, but both parties would share the same amount of replenishment!

What kind of means were these!?

Ghost Ming’s expression turned uglier. What level did Human Emperor cultivate to?

Now, he was not facing a projection.

Instead, he was facing Human Emperor who possessed half his energy as well as the Heavenly Dao laws!

Even Ghost Ming felt a sense of foreboding.

As a Ghost Thearch, how could he be scared by a mere projection?

“Trying to test me? I’ll refine you!”

Hum Hum Hum!

Cold winds stirred as ghosts wailed in unison!

The ghost banner released a shriek as seven massive devils manifested. They wore armor, had a single horn on their heads, and had bloodshot eyes. They all looked different, looking like Shuras that crawled out from hell.

“It’s Ghost Ming’s Seven Kills Shura! From the looks of it, Ghost Ming is planning to use all his strength!” Upon seeing the seven devils, Divineheart’s expression sank. He had previously suffered under the Seven Kills Shura.

These devils not only had limitless strength; they also affected one’s psyche powers!

As for Human Emperor’s projection, it was a psyche projection.

Meanwhile, ghostly shadows appeared in the area around Ghost Ming, turning into what appeared like the River of the Netherworld, a perilous ground.

Myriad Ghost Demon Domain!

In the Myriad Ghost Demon Domain, Ghost Ming was the absolute hegemon.


The seven devils rushed at Human Emperor’s projection. As for Ghost Ming, he conjured the Myriad Ghost Demon Domain which surged outwards before slamming it down.

This strike would have instantly reduced a million-population city to a ghost city with not one living soul!

Against Ghost Ming’s attack, Human Emperor’s projection suddenly vanished. In a blink of an eye, the projection seemed to phase out of existence and with the passing of time, appeared silently inside Ghost Ming’s ghost domain.

However, Ghost Ming’s ghost domain did not react much to the infiltration of Human Emperor’s projection!

He even felt for an instant that the ghost domain seemed to be giving his opponent the advantage.

The projection was the true hegemon!

“How is this possible!?” Ghost Ming’s expression changed drastically.


The spear swept forward!

The seven devils were instantly reduced to nothingness; yet, the spear did not lose its momentumthe spear tip was aimed straight at Ghost Ming!


A black ghost suddenly appeared in front of Ghost Ming as it was instantly stabbed by the spear.


The black ghost exploded directly as Ghost Ming grunted and flew backward.

He looked down at his chest which had already been lacerated. He was bleeding black blood profusely. The spear strike had nearly dissipated his soul body!

If he had not experienced the tempering of Yang Lightning and condensed a body of flesh and blood, that strike would have destroyed his soul.

This test could easily take a person’s life if they were not careful.

Furthermore, he felt that he did not appear to be the projection’s match!

The projection shared energies with him. If he replenished his energy, the projection would be replenished as well. The rules were very clear: defeat Human Emperor’s projection with the same level of strength.

He had planned on using the strategy of draining his opponent originally, but now, it was impossible.

For a mighty Ghost Thearch like him to come all the way here, he had actually failed to pass a test?

Ghost Ming was wondering what he was to do when a beam of light from nearby tore through the air at that moment.

Ghost Ming did not dare look; all he did was split off a wisp of his psyche to sense the newcomer.

The person was surprisingly Yi Yun!?

“Oh? Yi Yun!”

Golden Winged Celestial Peng turned his head as his gaze turned as sharp as a dagger! He had previously joined forces with Ghost Ming in a bid to retain Yi Yun, but Yi Yun had managed to escape.

Yet, this punk dared to return!

Yi Yun was relying on Dreamlight and Divine General Sanguine Ax’s presence, with each side curtailing the other to cause the situation to turn chaotic. Under the present circumstances, Yi Yun seemed certain that he would not dare attack him without thought.

Well done.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng sneered. It was not like he had never met someone who opposed him ever since he became a Fey Thearch, but the only junior who dared to do so was Yi Yun.

“Young Brother Yi.”

Divineheart smiled faintly. Yi Yun landed and stood beside him. The Chaos Crystals which he did not finish absorbing had all been taken away by him. As for the Heretical God Lightning, he had stored it away in his Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

On his trip to the God Confusion Valley, Yi Yun’s murdering and seeking of treasures had benefited him with massive amounts of refined ores, Chaos Crystals, and various herbs. Of course, none of these could compare to the final Heavenly Dao fragment!