True Martial World Chapter 1611

Chapter 1611 Celestial Blood Oath

“Senior Divineheart, I’ll be troubling you.”

Yi Yun cupped his fists at Divineheart. For him to make a stand here, he needed to rely on Divineheart.

Before Divineheart even said a word, Yi Yun felt his surrounding temperature plummet.

He turned his head and looked at Golden Winged Celestial Peng.

From the moment Yi Yun appeared, he had completely ignored Golden Winged Celestial Peng. That infuriated the Godly Monarch.

“Do you really think I won’t dare to attack you here?”

Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s voice was deep and powerful. His churning lifeblood forces nearly manifested as visible sound waves. The vibrations they emitted made one’s heart resonate with them as though they would explode.

The Taixia disciples present retreated with pale faces. Even Divine Lord experts like Steward Zhou found their chests feeling heavy and uncomfortable.

Dreamlight took a few steps back and watched the situation like he was watching the show and only hoping for it to be more exciting. He naturally would not involve himself in the personal grudges of the other Godly Monarchs. In fact, he yearned for the others to come to blows.

Divineheart smiled when he saw Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s raging killing intent. “Golden Peng, given the present circumstances, do you want the both of us to fight to an internecine outcome and benefit the others?”

“Haha!” Golden Peng roared with laughter. “You think too highly of yourself. Do you think you can have an internecine outcome with me? Besides, so what if I’m slightly injured. No one can get this Heavenly Dao fragment for now. I really don’t mind expending some of my lifeblood forces.”

As Golden Peng spoke, his lifeblood congealed into a blade that silently enveloped Yi Yun.

“Punk, you think too highly of yourself. Did you think I would not attack you because there are five Godly Monarchs around? You are just a mere Divine Lord. Did you come here wishing to take a share of the loot? Do you think you deserve it!? I’ll now shred you to pieces!”

While Golden Peng spoke, an explosion suddenly boomed.


Ghost Ming was sent retreating out from Human Emperor’s domain. And before him, be it the Seven Kills Shura or the River of the Netherworld Ghosts, they were all destroyed by Human Emperor’s projection with one sweep of his spear!

His spear was the bane of everything!


Ghost Ming was sent flying out of Human Emperor’s domain as his mouth spewed black blood!

Ghost Ming stood up with the help of his ragged ghost banner while his body emanated a rotting stench. He had not tempered his body thoroughly with the Lightning Tribulations. Although he had materialized flesh and blood for his body, he still had a rotting cadaveric air. Only if he experienced multiple Lightning Tribulations would his flesh and blood turn as crystalline as jade.

Upon seeing this scene, Golden Peng’s expression darkened slightly. Ghost Ming had failed!

Although he had guessed that Ghost Ming would fail, he never expected him to fail so quickly.

At that moment, Ghost Ming’s eyes were a nether green. As a Ghost Thearch, he had cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years and was the strongest entity in the Nine Netherworld Lands. Yet, he had lost terribly.

However, even Sanguine Ax was unable to crack the array formation, so although his eyes burned with anger, he could do nothing to the palace or the projection!

By this point, Ghost Ming had half his strength siphoned away by Human Emperor’s projection. He silently took out a Chaos Crystal and began to restore his strength.

He had noticed the clash between Golden Peng and Divineheart, but had no plans to involve himself in it. He yearned to see them have an internecine outcome.

Yi Yun had already drawn Mirage Snow. With Ghost Ming not participating, there was no need for him to flee if he joined forces with Divineheart to fight Golden Winged Celestial Peng.

At this moment, the suppressive might of a tumultuous tidal roar suddenly emitted from Divine General Sanguine Ax. It caused the opposing Yi Yun, Divineheart, and Golden Winged Celestial Peng to take a step in retreat.

Golden Peng looked angrily at Sanguine Ax. “Divine General, what’s the meaning of this? This punk killed a genius of my clan. Why are you stopping my killing of him!?”

Even the mighty Golden Peng felt a little fearful against Divine General Sanguine Ax.

Sanguine Ax spoke with a voice that sounded like colliding metal. “Before the Heavenly Dao fragment is in hand, no conflict is to arise!”

Sanguine Ax was originally fine with seeing the others fight to the death, but Ghost Ming’s failure changed his mind.

It was very difficult to crack the array the Human Emperor left behind!

If all five Godly Monarchs were to take turns, there was still a chance. But if there was any internal strife which frittered away their strength, the chances were only lower.

Sanguine Ax thought nothing of the survival of Yi Yun, an ant-like junior. What was of utmost priority was the Heavenly Dao fragment!

“Divine General, are you planning to use us as the vanguard?” Golden Peng sneered. “All of us wish to obtain the Heavenly Dao fragment, but you are the strongest one here. You naturally have the highest chance of obtaining it. The seal left behind by Human Emperor is still an unknown. What if only one person is allowed to pass the test for entry into the palace?

“The lot of us have no means to refine the Heavenly Dao fragment, so even if we pass the test and obtain the fragment, all we can do is study it. We are unlike you who can refine the Heavenly Dao fragment for yourself If you did succeed alone, we would be unable to vie for the fragment if you do not come out from the palace.”

When Golden Peng said this, everyone’s expression changed slightly.

Perhaps, after all the work they did, they would only end up benefiting Divine General Sanguine Ax alone.

Dreamlight said as well, “Divine General, that plan of yours sure is good.”

Instantly, the four Godly Monarchs looked at Sanguine Ax. Based on the present circumstances, Sanguine Ax clearly wanted to be the last to enter. They obviously were unwilling to be stepping stones for him.

Sanguine Ax sighed slightly. The situation they were facing was indeed complicated.

If a bunch of factions that were lacking in strength obtained a treasure that could stir the entire Chaos Heavens, he naturally wanted to monopolize it. But now, he knew it was unlikely.

In fact, with his standing among the Celestials, even getting a smidgen of a Heavenly Dao fragment would be a huge opportunity for him.

Having cultivated to this stage, Sanguine Ax had a calm temperament. Although he was greedy, he was not excessive. He knew how to relent.

He said, “Even I cannot fully refine this Heavenly Dao fragment. I will at most refine half of it! Furthermore, the array of the heritage area will likely have the heritage as the array core. Once the heritage is taken, the array will slowly weaken. There’s no way for me to hide in there perpetually.”

“I can swear on my divine heart that I’ll leave the remaining half to you! If I were to violate my oath, my heart will crumble and the heavens will wipe me out of existence!”

As Sanguine Ax spoke, he punched himself in the chest and spat out a mouthful of dark gold blood. The blob of blood manifested as an ancient totem in midair before slowly dissipating.

“A Celestial Blood Oath”

The four Godly Monarchs were alarmed when they saw this. Such a blood oath was the highest level of oaths the Celestials made. Making one would drain a little bit of their Origins power.

They were all knowledgeable people, so they naturally could tell that Sanguine Ax had not faked his blood oath. The cost of violating the oath was just too high. It was very common for their divine heart to collapse and shatter.

From the looks of it, he truly planned on only refining half of it.

Upon realizing this, everyone’s mind whirled. They did not have much hope of actually getting the Heavenly Dao fragment to begin with, but Sanguine Ax had made his attitude clear. It was very possible that they could benefit in an adequate manner.

Even a smidgen of the Heavenly Dao fragment was tempting!