True Martial World Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612 Setback

“I’m unable to enter to take on the trial again, but Human Emperor’s projection has been weakened by me. I naturally deserve a portion of the half fragment!” Ghost Ming said.

Having seen these people negotiate with the Celestial who even went as far as taking a blood oath, he was naturally afraid that he would be discriminated against. Of course he would be against it.

“That’s only natural,” said Dreamlight. He knew very well that when the Heavenly Dao fragment was split among them, there would be another round of competition for it.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng gave Yi Yun a glance. Since Divine General Sanguine Ax had spoken, it was already impossible for him to kill Yi Yun where they were.

As long as Yi Yun wasn’t foolish, he would definitely leave before the protective array formation of the Heavenly Dao fragment was cracked. When that happened, it would truly be difficult for him to kill Yi Yun.

With this in mind, Golden Peng suddenly scoffed sinisterly as he said to Divineheart, “Hand this punk’s life to me, and I can swear on my Fey core that I’ll leave you another piece of the Heavenly Dao fragment.”

Golden Peng’s words were truly diabolical!

The allure of a Heavenly Dao fragment was just too huge. He refused to believe that Divineheart would not be tempted. And even if he was not tempted, it would plant doubts in Yi Yun’s mind, allowing him to easily separate the two.

Before Divineheart said a word, Dreamlight said lightly, “This punk has no right to stand here. Let him return to where the Taixia contingent is standing.”

Dreamlight naturally did not have any good feelings towards Yi Yun either.

There were five Godly Monarchs present, only Yi Yun was a Divine Lord. He stood out like a sore thumb.

Divineheart took a deep breath, cursing at how good Yi Yun was at causing trouble. Apart from Divine General Sanguine Ax, he had offended the remaining three Godly Monarchs. Now, if not for Sanguine Ax’s need for him, things would have turned terrible.

“Go back to the Taixia contingent. I’ll be very pressured while you are here. Do not be fooled by Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s attempt to sow discord. He thinks too highly of himself to promise me benefits which he has yet to obtain.”

Yi Yun took a look at the Godly Monarchs present and nodded, retreating back to the Taixia contingent.

Since his strength was inferior, it was necessary to exercise temporary forbearance. It was best he kept a low profile while four Godly Monarchs stood opposite him. If he pressed his luck and offended Sanguine Ax as well, perhaps Divineheart would abandon him.

Yi Yun walked to Steward Zhou’s side and planned to observe the battle in the sealed world. He wanted to have a thorough understanding of the array before deciding if he could charge into Human Emperor’s domain rashly. Besides, it was possible he’d be stopped by Sanguine Ax if he tried.

At this moment, Purple Succubus walked towards him and bowed. “Elder Yi, I would like to thank you for saving my life. I was entertaining angels unawares when you first entered Taixia. Elder Yi, if I had offended you in any way, please forgive me.”

Purple Succubus’s voice was feminine and sweet, as though she had smeared it with honey. She was voluptuous and beautiful to begin with. Now with her smile, she looked coquettish. In fact, she knew very well that it was impossible for her to catch Yi Yun’s fancy. However, acting slightly charming in front of men was never a bad move. At the very least, she knew Yi Yun and if she wanted to survive in Taixia, it was necessary to curry favor with Yi Yun.

Yi Yun only nodded and did not say anything else. His focus was trained on Dreamlight.

Dreamlight had stepped into Human Emperor’s domain and he had begun fighting Human Emperor’s projection.

He was placed in the same situation as Ghost Ming. The moment he entered the domain, half of his strength was drawn away by Human Emperor’s projection.

From the looks of it, it was already impractical to fritter off the projection’s energy reserves. The only viable strategy was to fritter off the nomological powers inside the projection.

No matter how powerful Human Emperor was, the number of nomological marks he left behind was limited. It could be worn away.

As a member of the Soul race, Dreamlight’s psyche strength was the strongest among the five Godly Monarchs; therefore, he kept launching psyche attacks at the projection!

His psyche forces were impregnable, like a blade!

Human warriors paid great attention to protecting their souls and psyche strength, so no one would wantonly use their psyche strength against their enemies. Any mistake could result in them becoming retards.

However, Dreamlight had no such qualms. He even used his psyche forces as a bomb, commanding them to explode at the moment they struck the projection!

This form of explosion was practically suicide for human warriors, with a very high possibility of being wiped clean of existence.

But to Dreamlight, it was just par for the course. His soul had already been cultivated to an eternally immutable state. After his psyche forces exploded, he instantly recovered. It only expended some of his energies.

The strength of his soul left even Yi Yun envious.

After expending most of his energies, Dreamlight’s face turned pale. As for Human Emperor’s projection, he was enveloped within the confines of Dreamlight’s psyche self-explosion.

At that moment, Dreamlight’s expression was cold and filled with killing intent. “I refuse to believe that a human like you, no matter how strong you are, will have psyche strength greater than mine. Besides, this is merely a psyche remnant you left behind. Begone!”

Dreamlight roared as he manifested the surrounding psyche energies into something corporeal.

Dream Confusion Space!

Instantly, the dream realm could not be distinguished from reality. Dreamlight’s psyche forces transformed into 18,000 swords as they shot towards the projection from every angle.


Dreamlight bellowed, but at that moment, a gigantic black wheel appeared behind the projection.

10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!

The wheel was like an bottomless vortex which pulled all the psyche swords into it.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The psyche swords shattered as most of Dreamlight’s psyche forces were destroyed before they managed to self-destruct.

No matter how powerful Dreamlight’s soul was, the color in Dreamlight’s face drained as the gigantic wheel bore down on him due to the massive loss of psyche energy. He had no means to defend against the projection.


The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence struck Dreamlight heavily, causing his body to quake excessively. The flesh on his body and face formed cracked patterns like those in porcelain.

Dreamlight grunted and flew backward for more than a thousand feet before smashing into the ground. His face was ashen.

The injuries he suffered were much worse than Ghost Ming’s!

As for Human Emperor’s projection, he stood proudly before the Heavenly Dao palace with spear in hand. His blurry facial features made one feel a baffled sense of might and oppression.

Dreamlight had also been defeated, a more dismal defeat than Ghost Ming!

People knew what was on Dreamlight’s mind. He was hoping that with his powerful psyche force, he could restrain the remnant psyche energy which Human Emperor had left behind. He did not hold back because he wished to enter the Heavenly Dao palace first to reap more benefits.

Unfortunately, he had gone for wool and come home shorn! His eternally immutable soul had suffered a sliver of damage!

Apart from disciples from the Soul race’s Heavenly Dream Path, no one bothered to worry over Dreamlight’s condition. After Dreamlight, it was Divineheart who went on next.

Having seen two Godly Monarchs defeated one after another, Divineheart knew that his hopes for victory were slim. He did not risk his life and was defeated in less than a minute. He was swept out of the domain by Human Emperor’s projection.

As such, out of the five Godly Monarchs, there were only Golden Winged Celestial Peng and Divine General Sanguine Ax left.

Sanguine Ax shot Golden Peng a silent glance. With a cold sneer, Golden Peng walked into Human Emperor’s domain.