True Martial World Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613 Entering First

Chapter 1613: Entering First

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With the failures before him, Golden Winged Celestial Peng knew how powerful Human Emperor’s projection was. The moment he entered the domain, he stimulated his ancestral bloodline and transformed into a gigantic Celestial Peng.

The Celestial Peng’s wings spanned more than twenty meters wide and his claws were as sharp as blades. All his flesh and even his blood were covered in golden scales. For a Fey Godly Monarch, their bodies were their strongest weapons. They would not falter even if they clashed head-on with a human Godly Monarch’s weapon.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng could match that of a True Dragon. His lifeblood surged like a river as it churned violently.

Even Yi Yun felt his heart palpitate when he saw Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s true manifestation. He had a vague sense that, excluding Divine General Sanguine Ax, Golden Winged Celestial Peng was likely the strongest Godly Monarch there.

However, while Golden Peng’s lifeblood forces erupted, Human Emperor’s projection rose in strength. He absorbed the lifeblood within Golden Peng’s body and transformed it into his own strength.

Upon seeing this, Golden Peng roared with laughter. “You may be able to absorb my strength, but do you think you can emulate my body?”

The strongest aspect of him was his body!

As for Human Emperor’s projection, it was ultimately a projection.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng pounced forward as his raging lifeblood rumbled like thunder. He raised a claw and swiped it straight at Human Emperor’s projection. The claw emitted a sharp sound as it tore through the air, stabbing straight into people’s ears through the domain. It drained the color of many warriors present. They felt like their own bodies were the ones being shredded.

Even though he had half his energy drained, Golden Peng’s body remained extremely powerful.

And at that moment, the projection moved as well.

As his feet moved, the figure vanished from where he stood.

Golden Peng’s pupils constricted.

The projection’s speed was even faster than his?


Suddenly, the projection appeared behind Golden Peng, crushing his back with mighty force while he swiped his spear down with his hand!


Golden Peng let out an angry roar.

The project stayed on his back and swept the spear towards his head!

Regardless how resilient Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s body was, he could not help but turn dizzy.

It was an utter disgrace to have someone step on his back in front of so many Godly Monarchs and juniors!

Golden Peng struggled crazily in a bid to fling the projection away; however, the projection stood firm on his back.

The ground seemed to sense Golden Peng’s rage as it quaked. And in the domain, it felt like a mighty ancient Fey was in a frenzy. Lifeblood surged with horrifying strength.

At that moment, Golden Peng’s golden feathers shot out like arrows. They homed in straight on the projection.

Golden Peng did not easily use his intrinsic golden feathers as it hurt his essence. But his wrath made him ignore that.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Three golden feather sealed every direction as each of them brought with them the force to tear through the lands and destroy mountains. Together, they bombarded Human Emperor’s projection.

Finally, the projection left Golden Peng’s back.

However, the projection appeared in front of Golden Peng the next instant. A long spear with immense force swiped towards him, showing no concern for the golden feathers.

Golden Peng was alarmed as he quickly folded his wings and guarded his front.


With a loud boom, Golden Peng let out a painful grunt as his massive body was sent flying out. His claws hurriedly reached out to the ground, but he still flew out.

In the domain, three golden feathers flew into Human Emperor’s projection, but seemed to sink into a quagmire, turning slow and heavy.

Human Emperor’s projection reached his hand out and grabbed the three golden feathers instantly.


The golden feathers with a sharpness that made them divine artifacts were instantly shattered by the projection’s crushing. It resulted in Golden Peng grunting again.

The flesh around his wings was mangled. He was still short of three golden feathers and his head was bleeding

He roared and charged forward once again and began another bout with the projection.

But what followed was Golden Winged Celestial Peng being utterly battered.

People were astonished to realize that Human Emperor was not only nomologically powerful, but he had also tempered his body. It was completely impossible for Golden Peng to repress Human Emperor with his body.

After a few major clashes, Golden Peng’s armor exploded, covering him in blood. He was then thrown out of the domain by the projection.

The disciples present shuddered in fear. Human Emperor’s projection was already this powerful; it was like he was invincible. How could the trial be cleared?

Golden Peng returned to his human form and took several pills to keep his injuries in check. He scoffed coldly and looked at the motionless Sanguine Ax. “Sanguine Ax! It’s your turn!”

Sanguine Ax gave him a nonchalant glance, not appearing in a hurry to take action. Instead, he said, “Human Emperor is too powerful. There is no guarantee of victory even if I entered. If I return fruitless, what would you do?”

“What’s your idea? Are we going watch helplessly? Human Emperor’s projection’s nomological powers will not be frittered away with time,” said Golden Peng with a frown.

“I do have some ideas,” said Sanguine Ax. He took out a disk array which emitted a faint sanguine aura. Its surface was mottled; testimony to its antiquity.

“An array formation?” Dreamlight said.

“That’s right. I’ll use an array formation to drain the energy of the array formation here. Once the array formation is weakened, the projection’s nomological powers will weakened, giving me absolute confidence when I enter.”

Dreamlight revealed a ruminative look.

It was indeed a solution to use an array formation to drain the array formation.

“This array formation does not have a head count limit. To achieve the best results, I have decided to include all the disciples present in the array formation’s activation,” said Sanguine Ax.

Although Divine General Sanguine Ax’s tone was overbearing and made the various Godly Monarchs read it as veiled criticism, none of them retorted, since it was to no one’s advantage if this dragged on.

At this moment, Sanguine Ax flipped his hand again, revealing a pill suffusing a faint sanguine aura. “These disciples are lacking in strength. They can use this pill to stimulate their lifeblood.”

Ghost Ming reached out his hand and pulled it towards him. The pill arrived in Ghost Ming’s hands since Sanguine Ax did not stop him.

He held it in his hands and suddenly chuckled. “Although this pill can raise one’s strength, there is a cost to the stimulating of potential. It might even affect one’s talents and future.”

Upon hearing Ghost Ming’s words, the originally unfazed disciples from the various factions immediately had drastic changes in expression.

With Ghost Ming mentioning this, Sanguine Ax remained composed. “That’s right. But since time immemorial, how many people have become Godly Monarchs? So what if a little potential is wasted? Besides, I will naturally compensate them.”

Sanguine Ax then took out another pill.

It was completely golden in color as though it was cast from golden blood. Just the sight of it made their lifebloods churn.

This is a Divine Blood Pill, unique to my race. Just this pill alone is enough to compensate them,” said Sanguine Ax.

Indeed, the expressions of many disciples turned better after Sanguine Ax finished his sentence.

Just as Sanguine Ax put it, their martial path was fraught with difficulties. For instance, people like Steward Zhou, who was already at the ends of his martial path. The Divine Blood Pill in front of them had the slim possibly of allowing one to produce divine blood according to rumors. It would then give them the strength unique to the Celestial bloodline.

Even if they were unable to get the power of the Celestial bloodline, just the tempering of their bodies was sufficient.

Steward Zhou and company were moved.

Sanguine Ax took in the reaction of everyone and sneered inwardly. How could the array formation left behind by Human Emperor that easily weakened? When the time came for the array formation to activate, it was even possible to suck dry the weaker ones.

The disk array in his hand immediately flew out as nomological forces instantly enveloped the square, producing blood-colored formation maps on the ground’ surface. Numerous points of light appeared and those spots were where the warriors were needed to stand.

“Fellow Godly Monarchs, stay with me in the array core. As for the rest, enter the array,” said Sanguine Ax.

“Yi Yun, I’ve seen this array before” At that moment, Bai Yueyin’s voice sounded in Yi Yun’s mind. “It’s likely a Heretic Blood Array from ancient times. It can overdraw a person’s lifeblood and only Sanguine Ax can deactivate it. The other four Godly Monarchs could be unaffected by the array formation, but for the rest, they might have their martial paths severed.”

“I know.” Yi Yun spoke as he walked toward the array.

While huge groups of people were moving, Yi Yun appeared inconspicuous among them.

When he reached the boundary of the array formation, Yi Yun was in no rush to enter. Instead, he circled the array’s periphery and unknowingly, he had arrived near the palace where the Heavenly Dao fragment was.

“I instructed everyone to enter the array. Where do you think you are going?”

Sanguine Ax frowned as he looked at Yi Yun who was getting further away from the array.

And at that moment, Yi Yun suddenly transformed into a beam of light and flew towards Human Emperor’s domain!

“What are you doing?”

Sanguine Ax was instantly infuriated. He was not worried that Yi Yun would obtain the Heavenly Dao fragment, but peeved that Yi Yun had disobeyed his command.

At that moment, Ghost Ming was the closest to Human Emperor’s domain.

“Since you want to die, I will grant it to you!”

With a haunting growl, water from the River of the Netherworld immediately surged at Yi Yun, bringing with it billowing Yin Qi.

Upon hearing Ghost Ming’s voice, Yi Yun raised his speed up another notch.


The River of the Netherworld struck Yi Yun, but did not injure him because in between Yi Yun and the River of the Netherworld was an invisible barrier.

Yi Yun had already entered the Human Emperor’s domain.

As for the River of the Netherworld and everything else, they had all been blocked outside the domain.

And Human Emperor’s domain only allowed for one person to enter at a time.

Having failed at his attack, Ghost Ming’s expression turned ashen. However, he quickly sneered. “He really has a death wish!”

If Yi Yun had entered the array without a fuss, he would not have been able to do much to him. However, it was unknown what got to Yi Yun; he had charged straight into the trial’s domain. Once he was expelled with severe injuries, death was the only way out for him!

“Does he actually believe he can pass the trial?” Golden Peng revealed a sliver of derision.

Sanguine Ax looked at Divineheart with a sunken expression. At that moment, Divineheart was lamenting inwardly. This Yi Yun had also offended Divine General Sanguine Ax!

He could ignore the fact that he had to fight four fists with his two, but how many fists was he up against now?

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